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  1. Zagster bike-sharing pilot program ends

    SGA launched a year-long pilot bike-share program with Zagster in 2017. After reviewing user data from the past year, SGA has decided not to continue the program.

  2. Love Your Body Week- Feb. 19-23, 2018

    Love Your Body Week is a week to start a conversation about self-love, gaining confidence, breaking stigmas and living a healthy and happy lifestyle here at Elon and beyond.

  3. Campus Recreation is hiring

    Campus Recreation hiring has changed to an online process on Phoenix Connect with applications opening on Monday, Jan. 29.

  4. Join Chorale

    Elon's large choral ensemble is open to all Elon students.

  5. Dabrowski research group presents at SERMACS

    SURE student Jenny Kane '18 and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jen Dabrowski presented their research on conversion of biorenewable resources to fine chemicals at the annual Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) in Charlotte, N.C.

  6. Nine students named 2017-2018 Executive Interns

    Through the program, the executive interns attended the fall 2017 Board of Trustees meeting, will travel to Raleigh this spring for Evening for Elon, and have multiple opportunities to further develop their leadership and professional skills through customized sessions with the Student Professional Development Center.