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  1. WOMEN'S HEALTH: A Healthier You


    According to the American Cancer Society, mammograms can often detect breast cancer years before a woman can find a lump herself.

  2. Walking for prizes

    Faculty and staff can pick up pedometers from Wellness to start accumulating miles along the rainbow path. If you reach the Wellness Castle by Nov. 23, you will be entered in a drawing.

  3. Community gathers for Ellington Health Center rededication

    Named for retired university physician Robert “Bob” Ellington, a new facility on South Campus integrates university staff dedicated to health and wellness with medical practitioners from Alamance Regional Medical Center and Cone Health.

  4. Dr. Oz Skinny Muffins

    Traditional energy bars are often packed with sugar, which can cause a spike and a subsequent crash. These Jorge Cruise’s Diet muffins are designed to provide sustainable energy that lasts through lunch, thanks to coconut oil, a healthy fat that’s good for your brain, fiber-rich flaxseed and egg protein.

  5. Meet the Wellness staff

    Meet the staff at the Elon Faculty/Staff Wellness Office and learn more about what the center has to offer.

  6. Printable coupon links for whole grain products

    Here are some great deals and printable coupon links for whole grain products that are not only good for you, but are good for your wallet as well. Some are even gluten-free products. Don’t forget to share-share-share these great tips with others.

  7. Coping with grief during the holidays

    Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be particularly difficult during the holiday season. This article shares some suggestions on how to deal with past memories.

  8. Did You Know...?

    If you are covered under Elon’s insurance, taking advantage of the free services offered by the Wellness Center helps keep insurance cost down.

  9. Quit Smart® Smoking Cessation classes at Elon

    Do you feel like a slave to cigarettes? Are the people you love breathing your secondhand smoke? Would you like to feel better, have more energy and save about $1500 a year? You can quit smoking with Quit Smart, Duke University’s unique smoking cessation program that Well U now offers to Elon University employees.

  10. Processed food advertising can destroy your family's health

    Did you know Coca-Cola’s advertising and marketing budget in 2010 was almost $3 billion? Do you know why they have to spend such massive amounts of money to keep convincing you to continue drinking their caramel colored high fructose corn syrup drink?

  11. Conscious Gardening

    Think about gardening in a new way; work with your garden on a co-creative way, asking permission and listening to her.

  12. Flu-fighting Tips

    Looking for ways to stay healthy this winter? Here are some tips to lower your chances of catching the flu or a cold in the coming months:

    • Get Your Vitamin D. Last year, a large analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that people with the lowest levels of vitamin D were 40 percent more likely to have had a recent cold or flu than people with the highest D levels. Sunlight is the best source of D, but most of us avoid the sun or wear sunblock to reduce the risk for skin. Please call Well-U to have your levels checked.

  13. Wellness @ Elon: Making Smart and Healthy Snack Choices

    Want to know how healthy the snacks you eat really are for your health? Looking for ways to eat healthy on a tight budget? Well U, Elon's Wellness Program, offers you a chance to learn about the foods you eat and how they impact your health, as well as how to make healthy snack choices on a tight budget.