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  1. Windham gives invited talk at Notre Dame on grammar and literacy

    The title of the Oct. 10 talk by Scott Windham, associate professor of German in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, was “Why we (still) need grammar instruction but (still) need to do it better: Grammar instruction and literacy in the L2 classroom.”

  2. Loy Farm Tour

    Celebrate Campus Sustainability Week with a Loy Farm Tour on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m.

  3. Kirby Wahl publishes article on accents

    The article by Wahl, professor of performing arts, and Artemis Preeshl, a visiting faculty member in the Department of Performing Arts last year, was published in the Voice and Speech Review.

  4. Elon Law immigration clinic undergoes leadership change

    When Assistant Professor Heather Scavone steps down from Elon Law in October for a legal position in the federal government, Katherine Reynolds, Elon Law’s Clinical Practitioner in Residence, will serve as interim director of the Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic.

  5. A lack of justice for victims of the Khmer Rouge

    Forthcoming publications by Sara Ochs, a Legal Method & Communication Fellow at Elon Law, and subsequent presentations to international scholars will explain how a "hybrid" tribunal designed to prosecute war criminals in Southeast Asia is on the verge of collapse.

  6. Bowman awarded archivist certification

    Randall Bowman, archivist and assistant librarian, has been recognized for his expertise and experience with the historical preservation of archival materials.


  7. Elon responds to Hurricane Florence

    The Elon community is ready to mobilize in response to the many disaster recovery efforts under way in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Read this message from Student Life Vice President Jon Dooley.

  8. Fulkerson joins NACAS South Board

    As the leading organization supporting all campus services, NACAS is the community-of-choice for strategic leaders who advance campus environments to improve the quality of life for students.