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Phoenix Fit Program offers personal training with a twist

Offered to faculty and staff, the Phoenix Fit Exercise Program is designed to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing like a good workout to start off your day! Phoenix Fit participants work to strengthen their cores.

Forget jogging on the treadmill. The Phoenix Fit Exercise Program, held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 to 8:00 a.m. in Jordan Gym, offers the benefits of personal training partnered with the fun of group exercise. Open to all faculty and staff, Phoenix Fit is led by senior Exercise Science majors Justin Moreau and LJ LaPorta under the supervision of head coordinator Liz Bailey, lecturer in health and human performance.

Phoenix Fit follows a circut structure that keeps participants moving, and the trainers work with participants to modify the circut for individual needs. When asked about his Phoenix Fit experience, faculty member Doug Purnell says the program has helped him in the wake of an ankle injury. "It's easy to push yourself if you want to," says Doug, who is grateful that the program will enable him to get back into running.

Another participant, Marylin Slade, says the Phoenix Fit program makes her feel like she has a personal trainer. "I love the one-on-one. It's just what I need," she exclaims. Participants monitor their heart rates, blood pressure and weekly progress with the help of the trainers. Upbeat music and a friendly environment add to the positive atmosphere of Phoenix Fit.

Phoenix Fit participants push themselves to new heights.

Beverly McQueen loves the variety that Phoenix Fit provides. "I used to do the machines in the gym, but I got bored," she says. "With Phoenix Fit, you're not doing anything for too long." The fast-paced circuit structure of Phoenix Fit provides a dynamic workout. Activities include light stretching, walking or jogging, strength training with light weights and resistance bands, and a variety of other exercises designed to keep participants in action.

Coordinator Liz Bailey says she would love to see more faculty and staff participate in Phoenix Fit. Stop in to one of the sessions to see how Phoenix Fit can change your life!

Sarah Collins,
11/20/2014 1:00 PM