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Wellness Land Pedometer Program Results

Elon faculty and staff are getting rewarded for their hard work and new healthy habits from the Wellness Land Pedometer Program.

​​Congratulations to all the Wellness Land Winners!

Prizes will be ready for pick up on Wednesday, Dec. 3. Hours for pick up are 9-11 or 2-4 p.m..

Out of 140 participants, 71 people walked at least 225 miles to be entered into the prize drawing.





















And a special congratulations to the top 10 Wellness Land participants with the most miles:

John Cole - 1863.965 (training for triathlon)

Michael Vaughn - 456.51

Carrie Ryan - 411.701

Cherry Chandler Thompson - 396.71

Anupama Pal - 384.88

Vicky Siler - 384.57

Doug Purnell - 376.12

Nancy Ward - 365.36

Sara Peterson - 363.966

Campus Hiker Myers - 352.65

*Participants were able to use an exercise conversion chart.

Sarah Collins,
12/2/2014 3:05 PM