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Students organizing gear drive to support kids they met abroad

Twenty-eight Elon students who studied abroad in the Dominican Republic have returned to Elon determined to find ways to continue to support their new friends.  

Recently 28 Elon students studied abroad in the Dominican Republic where the main  focus was baseball. One member of the group, club baseball member Drew Forte, explained “One of the most fun days we experienced was playing baseball with kids from a local Little League. They have so little equipment and still love the game even though they have to make do without real bases, new baseballs, and old bats. We brought some gear with us to donate, but they could use a lot more. They are in need of bats, balls, cleats, gloves, batting helmets and gloves, pants, hats, so anything baseball/softball related would be greatly appreciated. You know how much we love baseball and what a difference it would make if we couldn't play without balls or mitts or bats.”

Several members of the group, Drew Forte, Stephen Monick, Grant Flick, Katie Soraghan, Danielle Fowler, and Alex Komrovsky organized a gear drive to collect donated gear to send to the Dominican Republic. Family members, friends and Elon Club baseball alumni have donated money and gear to the cause. Please contact Drew Forte at dforte2@elon.edu if you would like to help with their efforts.  The group is hoping to ship all gear by March 18.

Nicole Bergen,
3/12/2015 11:15 AM