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Communications faculty, students volunteer in UNC-TV’s pledge drive

Six faculty members and nine students traveled to Research Triangle Park on March 1 to participate in the public television network’s spring fundraising effort, raising more than $16,000 in donations. 

A group of 15 volunteers from the School of Communications and the elondocs production program volunteered at UNC-TV’s spring fundraising drive March 1. Pictured (front, from left) are Lauren Duncan ’18, Katharine Milbradt ’17, Meredith Piatt ’18, Rebekah Richin ’17, Vanessa Bravo, Tucker Jepsen ’16, Naeemah Clark, Don Grady, (back) Gerald Gibson, Adam Hobson ’18, Azurra Catucci ’17, Rachel Kading ’18, Nicole Triche, Hali Tauxe-Stewart’ 18 and Lucinda Austin.
​A group of School of Communications faculty members and students in the elondocs production program participated in UNC-TV’s spring fundraising drive March 1. The fundraiser was held in the public television network’s Research Triangle Park studio.

As part of their participation, the Elon University volunteers answered phones, processed pledge information, and took in more than $16,000 in donations for the statewide PBS member station. There was a friendly competition between the faculty members and the students to see which team would raise the highest average; the students captured a narrow victory.

Among the faculty members on hand were Associate Dean Don Grady, Associate Professor Naeemah Clark, and Assistant Professors Lucinda Austin, Vanessa Bravo, Gerald Gibson and Nicole Triche. The elondocs members in attendance included senior Tucker Jepsen, juniors Azurra Catucci, Katharine Milbradt and Rebekah Richin, and sophomores Lauren Duncan, Adam Hobson, Rachel Kading, Meredith Piatt and Hali Tauxe-Stewart.

​A group from the School of Communications participates in the pledge drive each year.

Tommy Kopetskie,
3/2/2016 4:40 PM