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Bockino's research on journalism education highlighted in two academic journals

The assistant professor of communications recently published articles in the Asian Journal of Communication and the Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.

David Bockino, an assistant professor in the School of Communications, recently published two articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, examining journalism education both stateside and abroad.

Assistant Professor David Bockino

The Asian Journal of Communication published Bockino’s article, “Indian field notes: new institutionalism and journalism education,” in November 2016. Utilizing the theoretical foundations of new institutionalism and a two-year qualitative study, Bockino’s study assessed and explored the influence of the American journalism organizational field on three Indian journalism programs.

Launched in 1990, the Asian Journal of Communication is a refereed international publication that provides a venue for high-quality communication scholarship with Asian focuses and perspectives.

In January, Bockino published a second article, titled “Preparatory Journalism: The College Newspaper as a Pedagogical Tool,” in the Journalism & Mass Communication Educator. Using a national survey of college newspaper advisers, Bockino studied the internal workings of the college newspaper and its value as a pedagogical tool.

Established in 1944, the Journalism & Mass Communication Educator is the largest, highest circulation, and oldest of any scholarly journal in the world devoted to education in journalism, public relations, advertising, mass communication, media studies and related fields. It is published quarterly.

An avid traveler, Bockino published his first book, titled “The Guidebook Experiment: Discovering Exploration in a Hyper-Connected World,” in 2015. The book explores how the proliferation of guidebook material has fundamentally altered the nature of travel. In 2016, Bockino published a Kindle Single, titled "Greetings from Myanmar," examining the Southeast Asian nation’s rise from the ground level.

Tommy Kopetskie,
2/22/2017 12:50 PM