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Students discuss recent service-learning experiences

Students in two classes recounted their recent service-learning experiences in the Elon community and in hurricane-ravaged Mississippi during a session held Thursday, April 27 in Powell building. Details...

As part of Celebrate!, a weeklong showcase of academics and the arts on campus, students talked about their experience of helping others during a Winter Term and Spring semester course.

"We were really able to make a difference," said Jason Pressberg, one of 15 students enrolled in "Katrina, Social Justice, and Civic Engagement," a course taught by Ocek Eke during Winter Term. The class spent 10 days in Waveland and Gulfport, Miss., in January, helping residents put their lives and property back together after Hurricane Katrina. "It was a big job, helping clear debris so the rebuilding can begin," Pressberg said.

Students enrolled in Kim Jones' "Socio-cultural Inquiry" class this spring shared their experience of working with residents of Blakey Hall, an assisted living community for the elderly in Elon. Throughout the semester, the class has organized activities for the residents of Blakey Hall, such as a talent show and craft-making sessions.

David Hibbard,
4/27/2006 5:30 PM