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Elon psychology student gives talk at Twin Lakes Retirement Community

Senior psychology major Kimberly Duggins gave a talk May 3 at Twin Lakes Retirement Community where she shared the results of her Honors research project with Twin Lakes residents, many of whom were participants in her research study.

Duggins' study compared older and younger adult memory for crime information. Her research advisor, assistant professor Amy Overman, participated in the Q&A session following the talk. 

Duggins and Overman plan to submit the research for publication in a peer-reviewed journal later this year.

Duggins is an Honors Fellow, a Joseph Powell SURE Fellow, a J.E. Rawls Undergraduate Research Scholar, a Perito Awardee, and a Seena Granowsky Outstanding Research Student Co-Awardee.

Eric Townsend,
5/4/2010 12:37 PM