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elondocs production program documentaries selected for film festivals

Two Elon University Communications students and elondocs documentarians had their films chosen to be screened at film festivals.

Baden Piland (left) and Liv Dubendorf

Senior Liv Dubendorf’s "Find Your Voice" was recently shown twice as a part of the DocUtah Film Festival. The short will also be screened in California at the upcoming Carmel Art & Film Festival, which will also feature junior Baden Piland’s "I Was Meant To Do This." Piland’s documentary will also be a part of the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.

"Find Your Voice" follows Elon’s all-male a Cappella group as it prepares for its annual spring concert. " I Was Meant To Do This" tells the inspirational story of local musical prodigy Chris Jobe and how he has overcome Cerebral Palsy.

Both short documentaries were produced as a part of the elondocs production program and were featured in Elon University's Cinelon Film Festival, where "I Was Meant to Do This" won the Best Documentary prize.

Colin Donohue,
10/5/2011 6:40 AM