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Elon Law students establish Pro Bono Board

The Pro Bono Board will support pro bono initiatives at Elon Law, encourage the student body to participate in pro bono endeavors, and recognize students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to pro bono service.

Third year Elon Law students from left, Ashley Clark, Marina Emory, and Melissa Westmoreland led the creation of the Pro Bono Board.

The Board is a stand-alone, student-run, umbrella organization for all student-run pro bono projects at Elon Law. Creation of the Board was the capstone project of three Leadership Fellows: Ashley Clark, Marina Emory and Melissa Westmoreland.

“The inspiration for the Pro Bono Board came from a feeling on campus that students wanted to be involved with pro bono service, the school placed a value on donating time to pro bono efforts, and student organizations were attempting to host events with no centralized organization,” said Emory. “We wanted to bring together all the components of pro bono service under one organization. The Pro Bono Board will allow us to connect students with organizations and events in need of assistance, and not only provide legal services for those most needy in our community, but also foster a spirit of giving back among students.”

“Our collective vision for the board is that it will resonate not only with the students and faculty of Elon Law, but also the community and the persons and organizations that are in need of legal assistance,” said Clark. “The Pro Bono Board will unite students who are interested in helping with those individuals or associations and entities that are financially limited and in need of legal services. The impact that pro bono service can have on students at Elon Law has no boundaries. By participating in pro bono efforts students are not only broadening their legal experience and skill sets, but they are also echoing the message of leadership and community outreach that the school has continued to make its mission.”

Members of the 2012 Elon Law Pro Bono Board include:

  • Ben Snyder, class of 2012 - Co-Director
  • Jason Senges, class of 2013 - Co-Director
  • Stephen Hegedus, class of 2013 - External Projects Co-Coordinator
  • Jack Westall, class of 2013 - External Projects Co-Coordinator
  • Melodie Menzer, class of 2013 - Internal Projects Coordinator
  • Molly Barns, class of 2014 - Public Relations Coordinator
  • Shoshana Fried, class of 2013 - Programs Coordinator

Alexis Martinez-Fedrizzi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, supervised the capstone project that led to creation of the Pro Bono Board. John Jenkins ’13, research assistant for student affairs, contributed research and support for creation of the Board.

Click here for the Public Interest/Pro Bono section of the Elon Law website.


Philip Craft,
11/30/2011 1:38 PM