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Social media policy

The Pendulum encourages its reporters to be involved with social media. Student journalists should be invested in their future and creating a personal brand for themselves, while responsibly representing the brand of The Pendulum. We offer the following guidelines to our staff members:

  • All staff members should understand privacy settings for the social media sites that they use and anything that is set to public should follow the guidelines below.
  • Understand that your profile and presence on social networks represents yourself and The Pendulum. As an employee of The Pendulum you are constantly representing the organization and through outlets like social media you are now a journalist 24/7.
  • Using your own name and photo for your social media sites is recommended, but you may choose any avatar you wish so long as it is in good taste and does not misrepresent yourself as someone you are not. If you ever report or re-tweet/re-post anything from your twitter/facebook, you should include in your description/about me page on that social media site that you are a reporter from The Pendulum.
  • All staff members should include a line that states "all opinions are my own and do not represent The Pendulum" in their description twitter, facebook and any other social media sites.
  • If you plan on tweeting an event or details of a story as a reporter for The Pendulum tell an editor in advance.
  • In general, do not post something online that you would not feel comfortable being published in The Pendulum or at as a representation of how you brand yourself as a journalist.
  • If you have a private account, you are encouraged to have two accounts. As student journalists it is advised that you have a public twitter as part of your brand. Even private accounts should still follow the guidelines mentioned here.
  • You must disclose yourself as a reporter for The Pendulum to potential sources that you contact through social media the same way you would if you were meeting the source face-to-face.
  • Do not disclose your political affiliation on your profiles and do not write about your political preferences in updates.
  • Do not criticize a colleague's work or work created by any of the campus media organizations. The Pendulum works towards creating a good relationship with all campus organizations and should support not criticize the work of other organizations.
  • It is acceptable to "friend" sources, but do it evenly. For instance, if you cover the town of Elon Board of Aldermen, if you wish to follow one member on Twitter, you should follow all of them.
  • Respond to people who contact you via social media. If you aren't the appropriate person to answer their questions, refer them to whoever is.
  • All content from The Pendulum or should be shared from The Pendulum facebook page. Staff members are encouraged to promote their work and other products from The Pendulum. All work can be posted on blogs for professional purposes and sharing work via the official The Pendulum page. Content including videos and photos should not be placed in personal albums.

Manipulation of Archives: Policy

The Pendulum and its website, strive to accurately report the events of the day. The online archives serve as a historical record of both university and community news, thus we will neither remove nor hide any material once it is published. This includes information within articles, comments, columns, editorials, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, social media, photographs or graphics.

However, more accurate information may become available over time and in such cases, material may be changed or updated. If a properly documented error is found in an archived story and brought to the attention of the current staff, the original article can be appended with the permission of the current editorial staff and if needed, a follow-up article will be posted and linked to the original. In cases where more accurate, current information becomes available, updates may also be added to the story at the discretion of the current editorial staff to accurately reflect that.

To make a complaint concerning inaccurate or outdated contact, contact the editor-in-chief at with the following information:

  • Name, telephone number, e-mail address
  • URL address of contested article
  • Explanation concerning the content in question and why it is either inaccurate or outdated