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Meet the new Communications Fellows


Each spring, 20 high school seniors are selected to become Communications Fellows. New Elon students who were chosen for this group agreed to supply a bit of biographical background. Here, you can meet the new Fellows:

Austin Jameson is from High Point, N.C. He was a columnist for the High Point Enterprise for two years, writing opinion stories focused mainly on politics and taboo social issues. "My goals at Elon," he said, "are to be at the top of my game by senior year, hopefully editor-in-chief of the Pendulum and hosting a political talk show on the Elon radio station. Since Elon is so big on internships, I hope to intern for the CIA division on Political Science during my junior year, and double majoring in Journalism/Communications and Political Science should help me attain this."

Stephanie Perea is from West Chester, Pa. While she was in high school, she hosted her own after-school radio show and created commercials and announcements for the student-run morning TV show. "At Elon," she said, "my goal is to become as knowledgeable in the field of corporate communications as possible while getting lots of hands-on experience. At this point, my dream internship would be at a large PR firm helping to promote and sell another company or product."

Katie Bobb is from Duluth, Ga. She says she plans to study Broadcast Journalism at the School of Communications. Two summers ago, she worked in a brief internship role with an Atlanta-area local TV station's news team and she says she is looking forward to other broadcast internships, possibly at CNN or MTV. She says she plans to become an active member of the Elon student television group and learn the skills that she will need to become a television producer.

Sarah Hartman is from Atlanta. She says she is interested in studying corporate communications at Elon. She recently worked for a short time in the corporate communications section AFC Enterprises. "My goal at Elon," she said, "is to find a specific career in the communication area that I am passionate about. My dream internship would involve doing some sort of work in the communications department of a major corporation."

April Duffy
is from High Point, N.C. She was a teen columnist for the High Point Enterprise for two years and was active in her high school's art and drama programs. "I plan to get the most out of college by joining clubs, studying abroad, taking advantage of Elon's academic and cultural facilities (especially in the School of Communications) and meeting new friends," she said. " I think it would be awesome to intern with Disney or DreamWorks but anyplace that's fast-paced, intelligently run and full of challenges would make an exciting internship."

Ben Peacock is from Mooresville, N.C. He worked as the sports director and as a regular anchor for the Mooresville News Network, a local-news show that was aired regularly by the students in his high school's TV production class." Here at Elon," he said,"I hope to continue being involved in similar projects and grow as a person. I am extremely interested in lining up a NASCAR internship that would involve getting the chance to go to all the races on the weekends."

Jake Potter is from Westbrook, Maine. He has done play-by-play work for a company that broadcast high school basketball games over a local AOL-Time Warner station, and the local WB affiliate. "My goals are to become the main basketball play-by-play announcer, have my own TV and radio shows, write for the paper and generally rule the world," he said. His dream internship would be to work at ESPN or NBC in New York.

Caitlin Moscatello is from Fair Haven, N.J. She worked on her high school newspaper and literary magazine. After the terror attacks in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, she was a part of Alliance of Neighbors, an organization formed to bring her community back together after the loss of more than 107 of its residents. She also took courses in writing and media theory at Syracuse University. "My goals at this point," she said, "are to continue in the Elon journalism/communications fellowship and get involved with campus media. I hope to continue in grad school and work for a production company or magazine." She said her ideal internship would be with a big network or a publication in New York City.

Avery Poor is from Jonesborough, Tenn. He worked as the anchor at his high school television news station in addition to doing some production work, and he also completed a short internship with the "voice of the Hornets" in Charlotte. "My goals at Elon," he said, "are to get involved in the excellent campus media and to meet many lifelong friends. My dream internship would have to be on ESPN's 'Sportscenter,' or with the crew that produces ABC's 'Monday Night Football.'"

Matt Belanger is from York, Pa. He was a reporter for his high school newspaper, covering many controversial issues including school board elections and the construction of a new high school. He won first- and second-place awards in the National Federation of Press Women writing contest and three keystone awards, the highest honor offered to students by the Pennsylvania Free Press Association. "I hope to become actively involved with ESTV and The Pendulum," he said, "and I am looking forward to pursuing a degree in Broadcast Communications." He said his "dream" internship would be at NBC News in New York. He would like to become a television news anchor.

Jerod Hollyfield is from Knoxville, Tenn. He has had a lifelong interest in film and writing, and wrote and directed several short films in high school. He served as the youth director of the Valleyfest Film Festival, interned for Euphoric Productions and was editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper. His 94-minute film, "Walls," was screened by Regal Cinemas in Knoxville."I plan to concentrate on attaining a triple major in Communications, Journalism and English Literature while being active in Elon's Communications programs and other activities," he said. He said he would like to complete an internship for New Line Cinema and work with his favorite filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson of "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia" fame.

Aric Scott Berg is from Waynesboro, Va. He has written and directed many short films over the past few years, including "The Moletrix" and "The Given, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Funny Stick Arm Men." "My goals at Elon," he said, "include working hard to maintain excellent grades, striving to become a leader in the world of new media and communications with my fellow Fellows, and gaining a new appreciation for the world in general. My dream internship would be to work under a great director such as Spielberg, the Coens, Lynch or Scorsese."

Adrienne Winston is from Silver Spring, Md. She worked for several years in several posts at her high school newspaper, becoming managing features editor and receiving a school award for excellence in journalism. She is a recipient of a Hearst Scholarship from the Elon University School of Communications."My dream internship," she said, "would be at Vibe magazine, because that is where I would ultimately like to end up as editor-in-chief, if I don't create my own magazine."

Neeley House is from Hendersonville, N.C. She worked on her high school newspaper for three years, and was entertainment editor her senior year. "At this time I believe I want to major in corporate communications," she said, "but I would love to work on The Pendulum. I am thankful for all the opportunities that Elon has already offered me as a Communications Fellow. Hopefully during my time at Elon I would like to travel overseas and study communication systems in other countries."

R. Scott Myrick is from Woodbridge, Va. He says he has wanted to be a TV news reporter since the age of 5. He was an on-camera reporter for a news magazine geared toward high school students at a local public-access station. He was also the creator, executive producer and principal anchor on his high school's TV news program. He has worked for Mills TV, a television network seen throughout shopping malls around the world. "My dream internship would be at the Washington Bureau of ABC News," he said,"working in the justice unit or for ABC News 'Nightline.'"

Sean Hennen is from Wheeling, W.Va., and plans to major in Communications with an emphasis in film. He has been writing short- and feature-length screenplays in his spare time for two years. "I can't wait to get through my basic core classes and get started on the necessary courses for Communications like screenwriting, film production and film theory," he said."My dream internship would be at a company like DreamWorks in Los Angeles or right here on the east coast at Screen Gems in Wilmington, N.C."

Jessica Patchett is from Concord, N.C. She held a number of public relations positions for several youth councils, athletic teams and clubs during the course of her high school years. She says her "passion is writing." At this point, she says she plans to complete a double major at Elon University in Journalism and Religious Studies. "I would love to intern for a publication such as Mother Jones or Harper's Magazine," she said.

Kevin Kindle is from Ponte Vedra, Fla. As a young teen, he made a variety of short films, music videos and a documentary of one of his summers. He also anchored and produced his school's TV productions. "At Elon, I hope to learn the skills that will make me a better filmmaker and communicator," he said. "I don't expect to limit my goals to film, so I'm sure my college experience will help me achieve all of them. My dream internship would be to be part of the crew on the Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tour."

Bethany Boyd is from Raleigh. She worked as a photographer and editor for her high school yearbook, participated as head editor for the school's first literary journal and contributed articles for the monthly newsletter. She has also had several poems published by local literary magazines, and has won the Fine Arts Literary Society Award for her short stories. "I plan to become an active member on the Pendulum staff and the Phi Psi Cli team this year," she said, "and I'm looking forward to pursuing a degree in Journalism." She said her "dream" internship would be to travel abroad, studying the communications techniques and systems of other countries.

Scott Muthersbaugh is from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He was the videographer for his high school football team, and worked with his local Adelphia cable TV company. He also completed an internship with the pre-game-show staff for the Cleveland Indians."During my time at Elon," he said, "I am hoping to be a part of the Elon Blaze Ultimate Frisbee team, and at some point I would like to be the anchor on the Elon version of 'The Daily Show.' My dream internship right now would be with the United States Secret Service, which is also my top career choice at this point."



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