Skube profiles Pyle in
LA Times opinion essay


An article by Elon University School of Communications faculty member Michael Skube, an assistant professor who teaches journalism classes, was published in the Los Angeles Times April 6.

In his essay, "The Model Embed," which appeared in the Times opinion section, Skube writes respectfully about a fellow Pulitzer Prize winner, World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle.
The story begins:

On U.S. Highway 36, barely a dozen miles from the Illinois line, the town of Dana sits quietly in the middle of Indiana cornfields. From the highway, you see little more than a cluster of buildings, some silos nearby and a scattering of farmhouses. No billboards bid the motorist to pull off the straight shot of a road. Only a small green sign modestly informs the passing public that this was the birthplace and childhood home of Ernie Pyle.

The name no longer rings many bells. Media celebrities are as evanescent as fireflies, and Pyle would have loathed the idea of his even being a celebrity. But 60 years ago, when the United States was in a different and much larger war, Americans everywhere knew Ernie Pyle. That war was being fought on two fronts, one in Europe, the other in the Pacific, and no journalist was so thoroughly "embedded" with the troops as Pyle. Much of what Americans knew of that war they knew from reading the dispatches that Pyle wrote for the Scripps-Howard wire service. He was read in almost every paper in the country.


To read the complete Los Angeles Times story by Skube, go to:,0,6310671.story




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