Second annual festival
features students' films


The Second Annual Elon Student Film Festival took place May 1 in the McEwen Theater. Twelve films, with running times ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, were screened as part of the festival. Students produced most of the films in the course of their work in classes, but some of the films shown were independently produced. The festival was sponsored by Cinelon, Elon's student film society. Following is a list of participants:

From JCM 358 Spring 2003

"The Moroccan Pigeon." Running Time: 11 minutes. Writer/Director: Alex Baur. Cinematographer: Geoff Pilkington.

"Zahrah." Running Time: 18 minutes. Director/Writer: Ablavi Gbenyon. Cinematographer: Nick Schmidt.

"Top to Bottom." Running Time: 13 minutes. Director/Writer: Trevor Murgio. Cinematographer: Brian Parke.

"Life-Like Celebrity." Running Time: 12 minutes. Director/Writer: Christian Brescia. Cinematogrephy: Gabriel Fowlkes.

Independent Projects

"Ink." Running Time: 8 minutes. Director/Writer: Liz Sessoms.

"An Honest Day's Work." Running Time: 5 minutes. Director/Writer: Carl LaPan.

"Timescape: Sydney." Running Time: 10 minutes. Director/Writer: Ryan Notch.

From JCM 358 Spring 2003

"A Bad Day at Work." Running Time: 30 minutes. Director/Writer: Rady Large. Cinematogrephy: Nate Addlestone.

"Man Who Married Himself." Running Time: 13 minutes. Director/Writer: Keith Papke. Cinematography: Shaun Norris.

"A Long Strange Trip." Running Time: 19 minutes. Director/Writer: Maggie Halloran. Cinematography: Rachell Williams.

"Inconvenience." Running Time: 18 minutes. Director/Writer: Peter Wolf. Cinematographer: Colin Lessig.

"Never Enough Time." Running Time: 18 minutes. Director/Writer: Matt DeFago. Cinematogrephy: Janel Dillard.



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