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A new curriculum went into effect in the School of Communications this year. In addition to new course names and sequencing, the 52-hour major requires an internship or non-credit work experience, which 75 percent of our students already do voluntarily. Also, the new curriculum waives eight hours of JCM electives for any student who does a double major outside the School of Communications.

During this advising season, we provide students and faculty advisers with the following overview of our transition plan from the old to the new curriculum.


Your OnTrack degree audit continues to show the old curriculum. Of courses, some courses in the old curriculum are no longer offered. For example, the old Corporate curriculum lists JCM 318 Organizational Communications as a requirement. To fulfill this requirement, students must take the replacement course JCM 334 Communications Research.

A master list of old courses matched with equivalent new courses is provided at the bottom of this article. We continue to ask juniors and seniors to comply with the School's 80/65 accreditation requirement (80 or more credit hours outside the School of Communications, with at least 65 of those hours in General Studies or the arts and sciences). The degree audit shows where you stand in relation to the 80/65 requirement. In order to host an accreditation review team, we must graduate the next two senior classes in compliance with the rule.


Your OnTrack degree audit shows the new curriculum.

For freshmen, this is exactly what appears in your 2003-04 Academic Catalog.

For sophomores, we designated the new curriculum on your degree audit because you are very early in our curriculum and we didn't want you and your adviser to spend the next two or three years working with a degree audit showing courses that no longer exist. We did go through sophomore records individually to address any complication (for instance, a few Corporate students took a business course not in the new curriculum, and we are in the process of updating degree audits to give credit for the course).

Also, second-year transfer students with a lot of credit hours have degree audits that reflect the old curriculum.


Here are Winter Term and Spring 2004 courses in the new curriculum (with the equivalent courses of the old curriculum in parentheses). One substitutes for the other.

JCM 200 Comm in a Global Society (formerly 215 Intro to Comm)

JCM 211 Professional Speaking (formerly Presentational Speaking)

JCM 218 Media Writing (formerly Writing and Info Gathering)

JCM 220 Digital Media Convergence (formerly 240 TV Production)

JCM 300 Reporting for Public Good (formerly 225)

JCM 304 Public Relations (formerly 333)

JCM 306 Development of Cinema (formerly 261)

JCM 315 Media and Culture (formerly Media and Society)

JCM 322 Writing for Electronic Media (formerly 335)

JCM 325 Editing and Design (formerly Editing and Layout)

JCM 334 Comm Research (fulfills 318 Org Comm requirement)

JCM 350 Broadcast Performance (formerly 245)

JCM 364 Web Publishing (formerly 387)

JCM 395 Media Law and Ethics (formerly 465)

To view the new curriculum by interest area, go to the"Our Curriculum" link on the site navigation area of this web site and click on the right on Journalism, Broadcast and New Media, Corporate Communications, or Cinema.



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