Cinelon film festival
features 13 works


Elon's student film society, Cinelon, presented the Third Annual Elon Student Film Festival, featuring more than three hours of student-produced short films April 22 in the lower-level theater in McEwen School of Communications building.

Participants and their films, in the order of showing, were:

1) "Dick & Jane" (DVD), Alyssa Martin, 18 min.

2) "Fed Up" (DVD), Maurice Locklin, 13 min.

3) "Message in a Bottle" (DVD), Lauren Durr, 22 min. Durr won the Best Editing Award for this film, and Monica Arone won the Best Actress Award for her roles in this film and in Sean Hennen's film "A Resting Place."

4) "Sacrifice" (DVD), Danielle Concepcion, 15 min.

5) "Blinded" (DVD), Mike Shipman, 13 min.

6) "A Resting Place" (DVD), Sean Hennen, 13 min. Hennen won the Best Director Award for his work on this film, and Arone won the Best Actress Award for her role in it.

7) "Drat the Hat & The Violinist" (Mini-DV), Mario Gallucci, 7 min.

8) "Claymation" (Mini-DV), Peter Wolf, 4 min.

9) "Scratching Marco" (VHS), Colin Lessig, 28 min. Lessig is winner of the Best Film Award and Best Cinematography Award, and Phillip Ward won Best Actor for his role in this film.

10) "No Experience Necessary" (VHS), Patrick Griffin, 13 min.

11) "DiVergeNce" (VHS), Rachell Williams, 23 min. Williams won the Best Cinematography Award and Best Sound Award for this film.

12) "Not Just a Place" (DVD), Stefan Hvostik, 4 min.

13) "Parousia" (DVD), Jeff Weber, 7 min.



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