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The expertise of School of Communications faculty member Connie Book in the area of digital television was featured in a Dec. 13 interview with Raleigh News & Observer reporter Thad Ogburn and in a Feb. 4 article in the new incarnation of Life magazine - now a weekly newspaper insert similar to the old standby Parade Magazine.

The News & Observer piece was headlined "Book Aims to Give Viewers Clear Picture on TVs: Q&A with Connie Book, communications professor at Elon University."

Ogburn mentions Book's text "Digital Television: DTV and the Consumer," which was inspired by her research. Following is a segment of the interview:

Q. What do you think the future will hold for TV?

A. The Japanese just showed for the first time ultra-high-definition TV. It's a virtual experience. Imagine feeling like you're at a NASCAR race without leaving your living room. ... We're probably about 15 or 16 years away from ultra-high-definition TV being available to U.S. consumers.

Q. What's your advice for picking the best TV today?

A. I tell people to look at two different areas - where you want to put the TV and what you are going to watch. Location will determine whether you want an old-style "tube" TV, a projection screen or a panel TV, like a plasma screen. ... As far as what you watch, if you are a big movie buff or you like prime-time TV ... it would be worth your money to invest in high-definition. Most of those shows are broadcast in high-definition. But if you mainly like to watch the news or home-and-garden shows, most of those aren't in HDTV.

Q. Are DVDs high-definition?

A. Actually, they are enhanced-definition. High-definition takes so much bandwidth it's not available now on DVD. Maybe next year.

Q. As part of your research, you and your students found that salespeople aren't always knowledgeable about the TVs they sell. Talk about that.

A. Nine out of 10 times, the salespeople weren't able to accurately provide correct information. ... The people who do the best job tend to be those at local companies. ... Some other stores don't have aggressive training programs for their employees.



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