Elon group helps
Africans fight AIDS


A group including Elon students and faculty and staff members spent the winter term in Namibia working toward illuminating that country's fight with AIDS thanks to funding by grants from Pfizer and Project Pericles.

The Elon group premiered a documentary short film about AIDS in Namibia, "The Shining Lights of Opuwu," at the Katutura Community Arts Center (KCAC) during their January visit to the African nation. They also gathered more footage for their five-part documentary series about AIDS in Namibia, titled "Faces of Hope."

To read more about the documentary, go to the site allAfrica.com at http://allafrica.com/stories/200402060425.html for a Feb. 6 article about the Elon premiere.

Jay McMerty, senior video producer, Bryan Baker, senior audio producer, and sociology professor Tom Arcaro teamed up with students Katrina Taylor, Rachel Copeland and Samantha White on the Jan. 11-31 visit to Namibia.

The group gathered video footage for the "Faces of Hope" series, as well as public service announcements for Pfizer, Inc., to inform Namibians about the availability of new medications to fight AIDS. The group also cut an audio CD of songs performed by the AIDS Awareness Club from Opuwo, Namibia.

Plans call for the CD to be sold together with the documentary DVD, with proceeds benefiting HIV and AIDS efforts in Africa. More information about Project Pericles can be found by visiting http://www.elon.edu/community/pericles/.



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