Project Pericles team
will travel to Namibia


A team of six Elon faculty, staff and students involved in Project Pericles will travel to the African nation of Namibia Jan. 11-31 to continue work on several video documentaries about HIV/AIDS on the continent. (To see an earlier feature story on this Pericles-funded work, click here.)

J. McMerty, senior video producer, and Bryan Baker, senior audio producer - both staff members who work on projects in the School of Communications - will join a group led by Tom Arcaro, a professor of sociology and director of Project Pericles at Elon. They will be aided by students Katrina Taylor, Rachel Copeland and Samantha White.

Taylor is a communications major. Copeland and White are Periclean Scholars, members of a select group of Elon students who are currently focusing on the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The Elon group will gather interviews and footage for use in documentaries. The documentary series, titled “Faces of Hope,” will examine the problem of AIDS in Africa from a variety of viewpoints. During the January trip, the Elon team will interview key staffers with Catholic AIDS Action,children who have been orphaned by AIDS and a traditional healer.

The group will also gather video for use in public-service announcements for Pfizer, Inc., to inform Namibians about the availability of new medications to fight AIDS.

The Elon group will cut an audio CD of songs performed by the AIDS Awareness Club from Opuwo, Namibia. Plans call for the CD to be sold together with the documentary DVD, with proceeds benefiting HIV and AIDS efforts in Africa.

"The mission of the Periclean Scholars is to inform Americans about the problem of AIDS in Africa and Namibia," Arcaro said. "By doing that, we hope to help out in whatever way we can. Not only do the Periclean Scholars help out locally, by informing citizens in our community about the problem, they also make a contribution globally."

Elon is one of 10 colleges and universities nationwide to join Project Pericles, an initiative sponsored by the Eugene Lang Foundation. Pericles challenges the leadership at educational institutions to provide learning experiences that will "instill in students an abiding and active sense of social responsibility and civic concern."

A select group of Elon students is chosen as Periclean Scholars each year. They take a specially designed course during their sophomore, junior and senior years, providing them with the tools necessary to become effective citizens not only in their local communities but in the larger world.



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