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Juliann Sivulka, whose best-selling books on advertising and culture are used at universities in this and five other countries, was a guest lecturer in John Guiniven's Media Relations course during Winter Term; the students in Kelli Burns' Media Writing course were also invited to sit in on the session.

Sivulka is an assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. She was recently a Fulbright Visiting Lecturer at the University of Tokyo and Japan Women's University, and she stopped at Elon to visit with her friend Guiniven on a return trip to Japan.

Sivulka is best known as the author of the books "Soap, Sex, and Cigarettes: A Cultural History of American Advertising" and "Stronger than Dirt: A Cultural History of Advertising Personal Hygiene in America, 1875 to 1940."

Sivulka shared a survey of the history of American advertising in her visit at Elon, showing a number of the ads she features in her lavishly illustrated books. "Advertising both shapes and reflects our society," she said. "Advertising has helped bring change, but advertisers also have to connect, so their ads reflect society and tell you something about our popular culture and everyday life."

She explained the title of her most popular book by saying, "Soap was one of the first packaged goods to be advertised; sex has long been a selling tool; the cigarette habit was sold to us through advertising, so all of these elements are important when you talk about advertising."

Sivulka has worked as a consultant on advertising-related programs produced for the History Channel and has served on the advisory board for the three-volume Encyclopedia of Advertising. She was profiled in "Contemporary Authors 2003."



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