Chinese film festival
featured Oct. 21, 22


The School of Communications will host a Chinese film festival Oct. 21 and 22. Authentic Chinese films focus on average people facing average problems; they are the opposite of Hollywood or Hong Kong films that create fantasies of heroic people in heroic situations.

Each of the four festival films is about 90 minutes in length and each carries English subtitles. The final three films will each be followed by a 30-minute question-and-answer session with six Chinese filmmakers - including a film director, an actor, and the president of Emei Film Studio - Elon's guests during the film festival.

All showings will be in the McEwen 011 film-screening theater.

Thursday, Oct. 21

3 p.m. "The Accused" In a remote mountain village, a woman hangs herself in front of the house of the town leader. Someone sends an anonymous letter to the provincial government questioning the character and authority of the leader. We get a picture of a leader who keeps social order, but at what cost?

7 p.m. "The Well" Like the coffee pot in the workplace today, the well is the gathering place in a rural Chinese community. The story focuses on a bright career woman ensnared in the expectations of marriage and society. The film exposes the power of tradition and people's resistance to change.

Friday, Oct. 22

3 p.m. "Shangri-La Town" The mayor of a rural town is arrested, and the event provokes turmoil in the townspeople. Some are ambivalent; others shift their loyalties this way and that. The film is reminiscent of a Chekhov play in that it delves deeply into the lives of the characters.

7 p.m. "My Lucky Flower" This love story is set against the backdrop of the mountains and great plateau of Tibet. By focusing on a military commander and a female soldier during the 1950 march by the People's Liberation Army into Tibet, the film chronicles the hardships of the time and the hope and patriotism of the new China.



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