Taylor's AIDS documentary
included in Hollywood fest


The creators of the documentary "A Measure of Our Humanity" and two students representing the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 traveled to Hollywood to present the documentary at the second annual Artivist Film Festival April 21-24.

School of Communications alumna Katrina Taylor directed the documentary when she was a student at Elon. "The Artivist film festival created a great opportunity for our message," she said. "It was truly inspirational to be surrounded by such talented and conscientious filmmakers."

Taylor was accompanied on the trip by Tom Arcaro, an Elon sociology professor who directs Project Pericles. Arcaro produced "Measure," three other documentaries and two CDs relating to the issue of AIDS in Namibia as part of Elon's Pericles initiative to provide public service and involve university students in making an impact in the world. TV Services staff member J. McMerty has been instrumental throughout the various production phases of the Pericles AIDS projects, and he also made the trip to Los Angeles.

The festival focuses on human rights, children's advocacy, animal advocacy and environmental preservation. Filmmakers and activists from all over the world gathered at Grauman's Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard to view one or more of the 70 films showcased. The work represented 26 different countries.

The quality and celebrity status of the films were as diverse as their filmmakers. Meryl Streep, Joaquin Phoenix and Oprah Winfrey, who served as narrators for three of the documentaries, were some of the A-listers involved.

Elon Periclean Scholar representatives Danielle Buonocore and Amanda Taylor said they were happy to be included in what they called "the best field trip ever."

"It was sometimes difficult to watch movie after movie about all these serious and vital issues," Taylor said of the festival, "but I found many of the pieces to be so phenomenal and truly inspiring, not just to me but everyone there. It is amazing how one film can affect its audience."

Gender, stigma, poverty, education and justice are identified as key issues related to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Taylor's film is designed to be an educational tool, and many steps have been taken by Elon's Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 to ensure that all four Elon documentaries are available to middle schools and high schools, as well as colleges and universities across the country.



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