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About a year ago, the School of Communications established a list of expected values and competencies on which the community places its emphasis. These are titled the "Elon Eleven," and they are posted in each classroom, to remind faculty, students and staff members of common goals.

Dean Paul Parsons came up with a first draft of the values. Faculty members met and discussed the list, making recommendations for final adjustments before the values and competencies lists were posted.

The five values include: 1) Truth, accuracy and fairness; 2) Freedom of expression; 3) Ethical ways of thinking; 4) History and roles of media; 5) The diversity of audiences.

The six competencies are: 1) Write clearly and accurately; 2) Use the tools of technology; 3) Apply theories in presenting images and information; 4) Engage in research and critical evaluation; 5) Understand data and statistics; 6) Think creatively and analytically.

Students have found the categorizing of such goals to be useful.

"Communications is a difficult field to study," said sophomore Krista Naposki. "Some schools focus on theory, while others focus on pure vocational training. By enumerating the School of Communications' values and competencies, students know that they are getting academic and hands-on training."

Junior Ashley Feibish sees the value of the Elon Eleven carrying beyond the university's gates.

"The Elon Eleven represent much more than the ideals put forth by the School of Communications," said Feibish, "they represent what we as students should actively seek to practice not only in our studies, but in the real world. To have these values and concepts posted in the classroom reminds me why I chose to major in journalism."

Feibish said media professionals could take a lesson in this posting of goals.

"I think today's media outlets are suspiciously absent of the things our professors often reinforce, and I aspire to prove to people that the media hasn't completely buried the notion of being truthful, thinking ethically and acknowledging diversity," she said. "It's about being able to visualize these ideals. The Elon Eleven reminds me of why I chose to attend Elon; I knew the people here valued the same things I was hoping to learn more about. It's in every classroom, and it's the mindset of every professor. Knowing the objectives of the job and consistently having them reinforced as stated in the Elon Eleven teaches us not how to think, but what to consider and apply in our actions."



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