Copeland, Barnett and
Hamm complete series


Fifteen journalism historians led by editor David Copeland have compiled an eight-book series titled "The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting." The series' 4,000 pages include insights into history being reported as it was made, with more than 2,000 newspaper and magazine articles and radio and television transcripts that illuminate conflicts from the past 250 years.

The lavishly illustrated series includes more than 500 engravings, front pages, broadsides, sketches, cartoons and photographs. An extensive reader's guide to documents places the annotated primary documents in thematic groupings, making it simple to locate reports on specific battles, topics, people and treaties. The conflicts are thoroughly covered, from their underlying causes through the battles fought, homefront issues, diplomatic initiatives and the aftermath of war. Each article is annotated, the works are arranged chronologically by conflict and the work is fully indexed.

Copeland, the A.J. Fletcher Professor in the School of Communications, was joined by Elon colleagues Brad Hamm and Brooke Barnett in writing segments of the series. Other scholars co-writing the series include Don Shaw, Douglass Daniel, Russell Cook, Shannon Martin, John Coward, W. Joseph Campbell, Amy Reynolds, Debra Reddin van Tuyll, Carol Sue Humphrey, Ralph Frasca, Patrick Washburn and Ross Collins.

The series will be released in June. The pre-publication price is $895.50. To order, go to or call 800-225-5800. Following are the titles of the volumes and names of the writers.

General Editor: David Copeland

Volume 1: The French and Indian War & The Revolutionary War, by David Copeland and Carol Sue Humphrey

Volume 2: The War of 1812 & The Mexican American War, by David Copeland, Carol Sue Humphrey and Ralph Frasca

Volume 3: The Civil War, North and South, by Amy Reynolds and Debra Reddin van Tuyll

Volume 4: The Indian Wars & The Spanish-American War, by John Coward and W. Joseph Campbell

Volume 5: World War I & World War II, The European Theater, by Ross Collins and Patrick Washburn

Volume 6: World War II, The Asian Theater & The Korean War, by Brad Hamm, Don Shaw and Douglass Daniel

Volume 7: The Vietnam War and Post-Vietnam Conflicts, by Russell Cook and Shannon Martin

Volume 8: The War on Terror and The Wars in Iraq (and Index), by Brooke Barnett

Copeland is also the author of "Debating the Issues in Colonial Newspapers" (Greenwood, 2000) and "The Antebellum Era" (Greenwood, 2003), and co-author with Shannon Martin of "The Function of Newspapers in Society" (Praeger, 2003).



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