Guiniven essay looks
at an 'I-view' world


The continuing battle over the structure of the Social Security system was the impetus for a recent column for the Greensboro News & Record by School of Communications faculty member John Guiniven.

In an essay carried in the Ideas section of the Jan. 30 issue, he uses the latest proposed changes in Social Security to illustrate the fact that an economics-based worldview is taking root in dangerous ways. "So quickly and pervasively did the economic worldview take root," he writes, "that important issues were accepted by consensus: free trade is good; the market economy benefits everyone; globalization should be embraced; if the stock market rises, it has been a good day for America. Questioning the veracity of those positions did not find its way into the recent presidential campaign, where each candidate tried to outdo the other in promising us a world of no sacrifices."

He continues: "Something happened while we were at the mall these past three decades. We became so happy with our 'I-view' of the world, so comfortable in our roles as consumers in an economy, that we forgot our obligations as citizens in a society ... the debate over Social Security should provide us with an opportunity to re-examine our worldview and could determine how we will deal with other issues down the road ... Do we stay faithful to our charge to be 'We the people?'"



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