Fellows and Scholarship
Weekend draws hundreds


Elon University's annual Fellows and Scholarship Weekend March 4 and 5 drew hundreds of top high school students who have been accepted for the 2005-06 freshman class. The students were competing for positions in the Journalism and Communications Fellows, Honors Fellows, Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows, Jefferson Pilot Business Fellows, Elon College Fellows and Engineering Candidates programs.

The 82 participants vying for the 30 positions as Journalism and Communications Fellows included high school seniors from 18 states, with SAT scores ranging up to 1480. Many of them are newspaper editors, yearbook editors and TV producers and/or anchors for their school media organizations, and a number of them have already completed some internship work or job-shadowing with professional media organizations in their home towns.

At Elon University, Fellows students participate in special sections of the Elon 101, Communications in a Global Society, Media Writing and Digital Media Convergence courses. They participate in at least one media tour of a major U.S. city, and each is awarded a $750 grant for travel and study abroad. Five Fellows are awarded scholarships of $3,000 per year of study at Elon.

Dozens of School of Communications faculty members and many communications students socialized with Fellows candidates and their families at a three-hour social event the evening of March 4, filling all of the hallways and large spaces of first-floor McEwen. Faculty members met as many of the Fellows candidates as possible at the reception, recording impressions and learning about the students' aspirations. Current Elon students answered questions and told of their personal experiences at Elon.

The Saturday of each Fellows weekend is devoted to an assessment of the candidates. Prospective Fellows attended one of 23 sessions at which top Elon faculty members lectured; the candidates were then required to write essays based on the lectures. Among the lecturers from the School of Communications were Tom Nelson, Brooke Barnett and Michael Frontani. Following the essay sessions, candidates were assigned to each meet individually with an Elon faculty member for a 20-to-30-minute interview.

Fellows and their families were also invited to attend one of two afternoon general-information sessions about the program offered at Elon University's School of Communications.

The candidates' performances will be rated by a faculty committee that includes George Padgett, Ray Johnson, Rich Landesberg and Journalism and Communications Fellows Program Director Kelli Burns.




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