Meet the 2004-2005
Communications Fellows


Kyle Andersen is from Berwyn, Pa. He plans on majoring in communications with a concentration in broadcast while at Elon University. During his high school years, Kyle worked extensively with the school's television studio for all four years, assuming tasks that were centered mostly in an executive capacity, but he still has a love for hands-on work. He eventually wishes to produce or direct for television or teach American history at a high school. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Ben DeLoose is from Springfield, Va. He said he expects to major in communications with a concentration in cinema at Elon University. "There's nothing I love more than watching a good movie and just thinking about it," he explained. "I consider what was done well, what wasn't, how I would have done it if I were the director or editor or cinematographer." Ben worked with the production team for his high school television organization and is an Eagle Scout. He plans to move to California following graduation to work in the film industry.

Calley Grace is from Hershey, Penn. Her enthusiasm for public relations and business attracted her to the field of corporate communications. She says her dream is to work as a public relations executive or an event planner for a non-profit organization. Calley says she wants "a fast-paced and challenging working environment" and adds that public relations is just the field to suit her personality. She was editor-in-chief of the Cougar Chronicle, her high school's newspaper. As an Elon freshman, she is an active member of the Service Learning Community and participated in the winter term Global Village.

Justin Hite is from Herndon, Va. He is majoring in journalism at Elon University. While he was a student at Westfield High School, Justin worked on his school newspaper as the assistant sports editor for two years. He now writes articles for Elon's student newspaper, The Pendulum, and plays on the Elon roller hockey team. He hopes to write for the Washington Post someday as a sports columnist. "I've wanted to write my whole life and I think it's something I'm extremely good at," he said. He also expects to study in Japan for a full semester next year.

Kristen Kennedy is from Florence, S.C., and she dove right in to participation in campus media at Elon. Her involvement with two ESTV programs, "Straight Talk" and "Phoenix14News," will enhance her broadcast resume. She aspires to be a reporter and eventually work her way up to an anchor position. Kristen is majoring in communications with a concentration in broadcast to focus her interests on the industry. "I love reporting, and bringing news to the public is an essential aspect of the media," she said. She is active in the Service Learning Community and serves as a recruitment counselor during recruitment week.

Adam Leonard is from Mooresville, N.C. While he was in high school, he worked with the school's TV production team for two years, reporting news and making videos such as "Public Service Announcement: Don't Eat Things You Find on the Floor." His Senior Project prior to graduation was an hour-long documentary. He is a communications major with a broadcast concentration, and he works on ESTV's new show, "The College Insight." He plans to work somewhere in the television or film industry after graduation.

Catherine Marshall is from Birmingham, Ala. She plans to major in communications with a concentration in broadcasting at Elon University. She also intends to minor in theater arts. While she was in high school, she worked extensively with her school's Stage and Sound Crew program, and she logged stage managing experience by handling the behind-the-scenes work for the school musical both her junior and senior years. Her love of theater first drew her to broadcasting because, she says, broadcasting is like "live theater for the camera."

Drew Martin is from Stillwater, Minn. While he was in high school, he worked with both his school's newspaper and the school's broadcast-news show. Drew expects to major in communications with a concentration in broadcast or film at Elon University. He's already working in campus media with "Phoenix14News." He says his dream job is to be an on-air personality for a popular television show. "The communications field suits me well and serves as a nice outlet for my extroverted personality," he said.

Michael McCormick is from New York City. He says he expects to major in communications with a concentration in cinema at Elon University. "While at Elon, I plan to take full advantage of what the School of Communications has to offer," he said. Mike is also taking advantage of Elon's extensive international programs, and said he plans to study abroad in Ireland next year.

Kris Moody is from Saco, Maine. He hasn't yet decided what his major will be, but says he is leaning toward broadcast or journalism. In high school, he played on the varsity baseball and soccer teams. At Elon, Kris enjoys playing football and racquetball in his free time with his friends. He said he'd like to incorporate his passion for sports into his career. "I've always thought that if I couldn't play professional sports, writing or reporting about those who do is the next best thing," he explained.

Krista Naposki is from Milford, Conn. While she was in high school, she held the position of editor-in-chief for her school's newspaper. She now serves as one of the two news editors at Elon University's newspaper, The Pendulum. She said she plans to combine her interest in athletics with her journalism major and she expects to work for a health magazine or similar publication after graduation. "I am an athlete and my intense and competitive attitude fuels my writing," she said.

Sara Pollock hails from Virginia Beach, Va. She is an Elon University communications major with a concentration in corporate communications. She said that after graduation she plans to work in Washington, D.C., for a public relations firm that specializes in crisis management. "I like the idea of working to improve the image of an organization, particularly one that has faced a major crisis," she said. Sara tutors students through the Boys and Girls Club and Mis Amigos.

Jeff Rickel is from Pittsburg, Pa. He hasn't yet determined which concentration he'll zero in on in communications. Unsure of what to focus on in the field of communications, Jeff has instead expressed his passion for rock stardom. "I want to be a rock star," he confessed. Until he finds the inspiration that sparks him to write the one breakthrough song that changes the world, he will spend his time tuning up his communications skills. He is now working in campus media as a DJ for WSOE, which fulfills his passion for music.

Brittanie Schroyer is from Hunt Valley, Md. She was editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook and is currently on the yearbook staff here at Elon. She is also involved in Campus Outreach, Alpha Chi Omega and PRSSA and works for the Pendulum as a photographer. She plans to minor in photography, but has not yet decided whether to major in journalism or corporate communications. She said her ideal job would be as a photographer for National Geographic, but thinks that she might actually end up doing public relations in the magazine industry. "I just want a job that I can do well and enjoy going to every morning,"she said.

Brittany Smith is from Raleigh, N.C. While she was in high school, she wrote for her high school newspaper. She is now one of the two news editors at Elon's paper, The Pendulum. After earning her degree in journalism, Brittany hopes to work for either a newspaper or magazine. "There is no way I can work in a cubicle from 9 to 5 every day," she said. "I love to write and be active in my community; journalism will let me do that." In addition, Brittany is involved with Methodist Fellowship and Habitat for Humanity.

Theodore Rolfvondenbaumen is an international student who has lived in several countries including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has not yet declared a major, but is very interested in cinema, psychology, creative writing and journalism. In high school, Theodore was involved with the school newspaper, reporting stories about rugby, cross country and track. After graduation, he would like to become a professional writer or journalist. "Growing up in England has provided some great opportunities and stories. I would love to be able to share them with the world some day," he said.

Erin Winterbottom is from Kennett Square, Pa. While in high school, she wrote for the award-winning Indian Post and has decided to major in journalism. She now is a member of the Elon chapters of Habitat for Humanity and Alpha Chi Omega, and she writes for Elon's weekly paper, The Pendulum. She also volunteers regularly whenever and wherever she can. She continues her education in journalism in hopes of writing for an top newspaper such as the New York Times or for a weekly newsmagazine like Time. "I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do with my future; working at a fashion or women's magazine is also appealing to me," she said.


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