Andrew Dellinger

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Duke 204D
2320 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-5328

Brief Biography

Dr. Andrew Dellinger joined the faculty of Elon University in Fall 2013. He is currently teaching MTH110, doing statistical analysis for phase I clinical cancer trials at Duke University, and developing new statistical methods for pathway analysis and survival analysis in cancer and NAFLD. He has been at Duke University from 2006-2013 performing bioinformatic and statistical analyses on cancer and human genetic studies. He graduated with his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from NCSU in 2006, with his B.S. in Computer Science from NCSU in 2000, and with his B.S. in Pharmacy from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1997. He is a native of Hickory, North Carolina.


North Carolina State University 
 Ph. D. Bioinformatics, March 2006.
 21 hours of graduate level statistics

 North Carolina State University 
 B.S. Computer Science, December 2000.


 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
 B.S. Pharmacy, May 1997. Licensed Pharmacist 1997-2009 

Employment History

August 2013-present:   Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics, Elon University

January 2011-present:   Senior Research Associate; Dept. of Biostatistics and 
Bioinformatics, Duke University 

April 2006-December 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow; Center for Human Genetics, Duke 

January 2003-March 2006 Research Assistant; North Carolina State University

May 1999-August 2000 Biologist/Programmer; National Institute of Environmental 
Health Sciences 

Courses Taught

MTH 110, Elon University

Guest Instructor, Duke University BIO284 - Molecular Population Genetics

Duke Talent Identification Program course in Human Genetics

Invited lecturer, North Carolina State University, Duke University, NIEHS


Performed statistical analyses on phase I and II clinical cancer drug trials, and contract 
work for pharmaceutical companies. Collaborated with and presented to oncologists, lab 
personnel, and biostatisticians. Script and pipeline development using SAS and R. Used 
mixed models, hazard ratios, survival analyses, longitudinal data analysis, Kaplan-Meier, 
Cox regression, graphics, and macros in SAS, JMP, and R. Report writing to Pfizer, Tracon 

Developed two statistical methods coded in R, including a pathway-based –omics data integration method and interpretation of pathways distinguishing dichotomous variables. Handled multiple tasks and projects, scoping and estimating resources, then executing on the analysis of projects

Led design and deployment of statistical approaches on sequencing, PCR, gene 
expression, copy number variant (CNV), and association (GWAS) data for human genetics 
studies on large datasets. Analyses included data processing, data management, and data 
analysis. Taught and mentored personnel. Software development (planning, coding, 
testing, documentation, and debugging) of SNPSelector (Perl, HTML, SQL, PHP) and a 
Java GUI for CNV analysis and visualization. Script, program, and pipeline development on 
all projects using Perl, SAS, SQL (Oracle and Access), and/or R. 

Studied the evolution of sequence, structure, and function in the Ras protein superfamily. 
Used multiple sequence alignment programs such as BLAST, BLAT, CLUSTALW, and 
DiAlign. Used factor analysis, motifs, data mining, 3D protein models, and multiple 
multivariate statistical methods.

Helped develop a genetic database tool that predicts restriction enzyme fragments at the 
genome level and implements other methods meant to aid genetics research. Developed a 
HTML and Visual web interface for this database.

Grants Awarded

Two NIH funded R21 grants were given to Dr. Yi-Ju Li at Duke University based on aims involving my research.

SPIRE grant offered from UNC-Chapel Hill.

IGERT grant awarded through the institutional grant given to NCSU


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A.E. Dellinger. Copy Number Variation Analysis. Lecture at North Carolina State 
University Department of Genetics 

A.E. Dellinger, M. Yu, Y.J. Li. Data Mining and Visualization of Copy Number Variants in 
Disease Processes. Presented at the Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, 
August 11-12, 2009. 

Invited Speaker, Duke University Center for Human Genetics Research Conference. 
Comparative Analyses of Algorithms for Copy Number Variant Identification. 2009 

Invited Speaker, Duke University Center for Human Genetics Research Conference. 
Using Gene Expression Pre- and Post-Neural Tube Closure to Find Candidate Genes for 
Neural Tube Defects. 2008.[ 
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Presented at the annual meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics, 2008, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.*
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Anencephaly and Spina Bifida Candidate Genes. [Abstract program number 2679]. 
Presented at the annual meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics, 2007.
• A.E. Dellinger, T. Wang, C. Bowes-Rickman, and M.A. Hauser. A Direct LongSAGE tagto-gene Mapping Scheme. Presented at the annual meeting of The American Society of 
Human Genetics, 2006. 
• Invited Speaker, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Factor Analysis for 
the Elucidation of Contributory Factors to Ras Structure and Function. 2005.

Professional Activities

• Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2005-present. 
• Member, American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), 2006-2011. 
• Registered Pharmacist, North Carolina, 1997-2009.

• Copy Number Variant Protocol Committee Member, Center for Human Genetics. 


Reviewer for journals: 
• BMC Bioinformatics 
• Bioinformatics 
• PLoS One 
• Molecular Biology and Evolution 
• Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference 
• Microarrays 


Extensive knowledge of: Java, Perl, SQL, R, and SAS 
• Shell scripts, Windows, Unix/Linux used often for cluster and other computing 
• Knowledge of: C++, Matlab, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, HTML, and Active Server 
• Apache Tomcat used to upgrade and maintain a vital piece of software


• Awarded Poster Presentation at Basic Science Day, Duke University, 2012 
• Travel Award for the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Workshop I: Nextgeneration Sequencing Technology and Algorithms for Primary Data Analysis, 2011. 
• Selected by Rockefeller University for the Advanced Gene Mapping Course, 2008. 
• Assisted in writing and editing, and performing research for the NIH R21 grant 1R21-EY-019086-01, 2008, . 
• Offered SPIRE grant, 2006. 
• NSF IGERT training grant, 2001-2004.