Buffie Longmire-Avital

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Psychology & Human Service Stu 125S
2337 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244
bavital@elon.edu (336) 278-6527

Brief Biography

I am a community psychologist with a public health focus and background in developmental psychology. Broadly, my research interests focus on how psychosocial and cultural factors contribute to health disparities that impact minority communities. My current research is twofold: First, I examine the relationships among psychosocial factors (specifically depression, racial identity, perceived partner availability, and stress) on HIV/AIDS risk behaviors for sexually active emerging adult Black women and men. Second, I am interested in identifying sources of stress for minority communities that play a part in the development of unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. My data collection takes place in non-laboratory settings in partnership with members of the community through various community venues, including online social networking sites. I also incorporate community-based participatory research techniques into most of my projects.


New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (2008) - Ph.D. in Applied Psychology (Concentration in Psychological Development)

Dissertation: Exploring the relations among racial identity, perceptions of family socioeconomic status, and self-esteem for emerging adults.

Lafayette College (2002) - BS in Psychology (Cum Laude)

Honors Thesis: The implications of gender and race: Perceptions of leadership style effectiveness    

Employment History

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Behavioral Science Training (BST) in Drug Abuse Research National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (2008 - 2010)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Hunter College’s Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training (2008 - 2010)

Data Analyst and Program Evaluator: The Door - A Center for Alternatives. Adolescent Health Center and Information Technology (2006 - 2008)

Research and Policy Intern: The Children's Defense Fund - NY (2004)

Courses Taught

Community Psychology - Service Learning

Lifespan Human Development Psychology - Service Learning

Health Psychology

Early Childhood Development Psychology

Non-Empirical Research Methods

General Psychology (Intro)

Grants Awarded

Hultquist Research Stipend, Elon University  (2011)

Diverstity Infusion Program Grants, Elon University: General Psychology and Lifespan Development (2011 - 2012)

Fund for Excellence, Elon University (2012 - 2013) 

Faculty Research and Development Summer Fellowship, Elon University (2013)


Note: Student names in italics

Longmire-Avital, B. (In Progress). “I Asked for the Papers”: How emerging adult Black women request sexual health information.

Longmire-Avital, B. & Walker, J.J. (In Progress). Correlates of high risk oral sex for heterosexually active Black American emerging adult women .

Walker, J. & Longmire-Avital, B. (In Submission). Between resiliency and depression: The roles of racial identity, sexual identity, and social support on well-being for Black LGB young adults.

Miller-Dyce, C., Longmire-Avital, B. (In Press). Learning from teachers: Critically conscious educational leadership for engaging diverse families in title I schools. Book chapter in National Association of Multicultural Education: Leadership Series.

Longmire-Avital, B. & Oberle, V. (In Press). “Condoms are the standard, right?”: Exploratory study of the reasons for using condoms by Black American emerging adult women. Women & Health.

Longmire-Avital, B.  & Miller-Dyce, C. (In Press). Factors related to perceived status in the campus community for first generation students at an HBCU. College Student Journal.

Walker, J. & Longmire-Avital, B., Golub, S.A.(2014, December 22). Racial and sexual identities as potential buffers to risky sexual behavior for Black gay and bisexual emerging adult men.Journal of Health Psychology. Advanced Online Publication.

Darby, A., Longmire-Avital, B., & Chenault, J. (2013). Student motivation in academic service-learning. College Student Journal, 47 (1), 185 – 192.

Walker, J. & Longmire-Avital, B. (2013). The Impact of religious faith and internalized homonegativity on resiliency for Black Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual emerging adults. Journal of Developmental Psychology, 49 (9), 1723 – 1731.  DOI 10.1037/a0031059.

Longmire-Avital, B., Golub, S., Parsons, J.T., Brennan, M., & Karpiak, S. E.  (2012). Financial strain and life satisfaction among aging Black adults with HIV. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, 11(4), 363 – 374.

Longmire-Avital. B & Holder, C., Golub, S., & Parsons, J.T. (2012). Risk factors for drinking among HIV-positive African American adults: Depression, gender, and motivation. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 38 (3), 260 – 266. PMID: 22324798.

Golub, S., Walker, J., Longmire-Avital, B. Bimbi, D. & Parsons, J. (2010). Exploring the Interaction between Religiosity, Social Support & Stress-Related Growth among Transgender Women. Journal of Health Psychology, 15, 1135-1144. PMC2935511.

Longmire-Avital, B., Golub, S. & Parsons, J.T. (2010). Self-reevaluation as a critical component in sustained viral load improvement for HIV+ adults with alcohol problems. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 40, 176 – 183. PMC2939147.

Longmire-Avital, B. (2009). Identity Crises. In Nancy A. Piotrowski (ed.) Salem Health: Psychology and Mental Health. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press.

St. Cyr, D. S.; updated by Longmire-Avital, B. (2009). Adolescence: Cross-cultural patterns. In Nancy A. Piotrowski (ed.) Salem Health: Psychology and Mental Health. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press.

Cooper, R., Longmire, B., & Chin, K. (2006). Keeping what they’ve earned: Working New Yorkers and Tax Credits. Children’s Defense Fund.


Note: Student names in italics

McQueen, C. & Longmire-Avital, B. (March, 2015). Race-Related Stress and its Relationship to Obesity Risk Behaviors for Emerging Adult Black American Women. Annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP). San Francisco, CA (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B. (January, 2015). “I Asked for the Papers”: How Emerging Adult Black Women Request Sexual Health Information. National Multicultural Conference and Summit (APA). Atlanta, GA (Poster).

Oberle, V. & Longmire-Avital, B. (September, 2013). “Condoms are the Standard, Right?”: Exploring STI Protection with Young Adult Black Women. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Symposium on Sexuality and Public Health. New York, NY (Poster).

Pebole, M., Unger, B. & Longmire-Avital, B. (November, 2012). When the Gym Stresses You Out: The Mediating Role of Fitness Stress on the Relationship between Depression and Mood-Based Eating. State of NC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium. Durham, NC (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B. (October, 2012). HIV Risk and Depression: The Mediating Role of Partner Selection for Black American Women. Advancing Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research – Canadian Institute of Health Research. Montreal, Quebec (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B. (August, 2012). How Sociocultural Views Influence Perceptions of Sex Partner Availability for Black Women. American Psychological Association. Orlando, FL (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B. (November, 2011). Why Compromise (?): Assessing Sexually Risky Decisions for Heterosexual Black American Women. The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Huston, TX (Poster)

Darby, A., Chenault, J., Longmire-Avital, B., & Knight-Mckenna, M. (November, 2011). Student Motivation in Academic Service-Learning. The International Association for Research on Academic Service-Learning and Community Engagement. Chicago, IL (Poster)

Longmire-Avital, B. (August, 2010). Prevalence and correlates of depression for African- and Caribbean-American emerging adults. American Psychological Association. San Diego, CA (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B., Holder, C., Golub, S., & Parsons, J.T. (April, 2010). Risk factors for drinking among HIV-positive African American adults: Depression, motivation, and gender. Society for Behavioral Medicine. Seattle, WA (Paper).

Longmire-Avital, B., Golub, S., & Parsons, J.T. (April, 2009). Self-reevaluation and self-liberation as critical components in sustained viral load improvement for HIV+ adults with alcohol problems. Society for Behavioral Medicine. Montreal, Canada (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B. (June, 2009). Mental health correlates of substance use for Black and Caribbean Emerging Adults. College on Problems of Drug Dependence. Reno, Nevada (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B., Nanìn J. Grov, C., Bimbi, D., & Parsons, J.T. (August, 2009). Exploring the Relations among Barebacking Behaviors and Barebacking Identity. American Psychological Association. Toronto, Canada (Poster).

Walker, J., Colon, J., Holder, C., Longmire-Avital, B. Nanin, J., Bimbi, D. & Parsons, J. (August, 2009). Exploring the Interaction between Religiosity, Social Support & Stress-Related Growth among Transgender Women. American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada (Poster).

Nanìn, J., Longmire-Avital, B., Grov, C., Bimbi, D., & Parsons, J.T. (August, 2009).  Behavioral Correlates of Barebacking Identity among Urban Gay and Bisexual Men of Color. National HIV Prevention Conference. Atlanta, GA (Paper).

 Longmire-Avital, B. (October, 2009). Highway to socioeconomic status: Education, race, and perceived family SES among Black college students. Society for the Study of Emerging Adults. Atlanta, GA (Poster).

Longmire-Avital, B., Golub, S., Parsons, J.T., Brennan, M., & Karpiak, S.E.  (November, 2009). Financial strain and life satisfaction among aging Black adults with HIV. American Public Health Association. Philadelphia, PA (Paper).

Longmire, B. (May, 2007). Exploring the Relations among Perceptions of Family Socioeconomic Status, Racial Identity, and Self-Esteem for Black American Emerging Adults. Cross-University Mentoring Conference. New York, NY.

Kim-Gervey, C., Hughes, D., & Longmire, B. (March, 2006). How Ethnic Identity Moderates the Relationship Between Discrimination and Psychological Well-being for Urban Minority Early Adolescents. Society for Research on Adolescents. San Francisco, CA.

Cooper, R. & Longmire, B. (February, 2005). The Dangers of Refund Anticipation Loans for EITC Filers. Children’s Defense Fund-NY Tax Conference. New York, NY.

Longmire, B. (October, 2002). The Impact of Student’s Value Systems on Their Sense of Community on a College Campus. Midwest ECO Conference. Kalamazoo, MI.

Longmire, B. (May, 2002). The Implications of Gender and Race, Perceptions of Leadership Style Effectiveness. Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Bethlehem, PA.

Professional Activities

Ad hoc Reviewer

Journal of Health Psychology

Journal of Homosexuality

American Journal of Drug and Alchol Abuse

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Special Issue Edition -- Women and HIV

Special Guest Editor for Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentorship: The Inclusion of Students from Historically Underrepresented groups in Undergraduate Research

Service Activities

Poverty Simulation Faculty Coordinator


Psychology Department Internship Committee

Psychology Department Curriculum Assessment Committee

Chair, Clinical/Counseling Assistant Professor Position Search Committee

Social Science Curriculum Committee

College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Search Committee

Advisory Boards

Poverty and Social Justice Minor Advisory Board

Public Health Studies Advisory Board

The Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society

Health Professions Advisory Board


Academic Service-Learning Fellow (2011-2012) - Elon University

Loan Repayment Program (LRP) for Health Disparities Research (2010 - 2012) - National Institutes of Health (NIH) – National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD)

National Research Service Award, T32-DA0 7233-25 (20018 - 2010) - Postdoctoral Fellowship Public Health Solutions at National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) - National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Leaska Dissertation Research Award  (2007) - New York University, Steinhardt School Culture,       Education, and Human Development

Ford Foundation Dissertation Diversity Fellowship, Honorable mention & Alternate (2006) - The Ford Foundation

Monroe Stein Memorial Scholarship (2004)New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Pre Doctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention (2003) - National Science Foundation (NSF)

George Wharton Pepper Prize, Nominee (2002) - Lafayette College

Leroy D. Nunery 77’ Intellectual Citizenship Award (2002) - Lafayette College

Psi Chi, National Honor Society for Psychology (2001) - American Psychological Association

United Parcel Service Scholar (2000) - UPS

EXCEL Scholar (2000) - Lafayette College