Gregory Haenel

Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Biology
McMichael Science Building 224E
2625 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-6283


BS Environmental Zoology, Ohio University

PhD Biology, University of Pennsylvania

Employment History

Post-Doctoral Researcher, PI. Dr. Henry John-Alder, Department of Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Part-time Faculty, Biology Department, Villanova University

Lecturer, College of General Studies, The University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Fellow, Department of Biology, The University of Pennsylvania

Courses Taught

BIO112: Introductory Population Biology  

BIO114: Population Biology Laboratory

ENS111: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENS113*: Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory

SCI 251 IS: Science in England

BIO318: Comparative Structure and Function of Vertebrates

BIO318L: Comparative Structure and Function of Vertebrates Lab

BIO344*: Evolution

BIO344L*: Evolution Lab

BIO374*: Herpetology

BIO370*: Herpetology

BIO370L*: Herpetology Lab

BIO379IS*: Darwin’s Footsteps – Evolutionary Biology in the Galapagos Islands

HNR 271 *Honors: Evolutionary Psychology

GST334W (ENS373LS)*: Natural History, Ecology and Environmental Issues of Latin America

BIO335IS: Field Biology in Peru

BIO101: Topics in General Biology

BIO102: General Biology Laboratory

BIO105: Current Issues in Biology

BIO105H*: Current Issues in Biology Honors


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