Joel Hollingsworth

Senior Lecturer in Computing Sciences and Chair of the Computing Sciences Department
Duke 101I
2320 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-6241

Brief Biography

Joel Hollingsworth joined the Department of Computing Sciences at Elon in 2001. He has taught many courses across the Computer Science discipline, but specializes in introductory computer science, computer systems (architecture and organization) and mobile computing. He is the mentor for the ACM Programming Contest team from Elon.

He is very active in mentoring undergraduate research, including many honors theses. Most of the undergraduate research works are in mobile computing. His research area include mobile computing, distributed systems, and physical computing. He is very interested in exploring the divide between the virtual and physical worlds. 

Courses Taught

  • Computer Science 1
  • Computer Science 2
  • Programming Languages
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Mobile Computing
  • Computer Systems
  • High Performance Computing


  • Enginnering on the Go: Designing a Game Maker on the Android Platform (SURE/Lumen/Honor's Thesis -- Thomas Price -- 2011-2013)

    Implementing an extensive graphical-based mobile application that allows players to create video games. The game maker exposes young players to STEM topics and the development process without the necessary overhead of computer programming.

  • Catching Fireies: A Persuasive Augmented Reality Application for Android (SURE/Honor's Thesis -- Amy Eubanks -- 2010-2011)

    Implemented a unique Android game using movement-based augmented reality. The game attempts to persuade players to use technology in an outdoor setting.

  • Ad Hoc Embodied Mobile Agents (SURE/Honor's Thesis -- Vic McGlaughlin -- 2008-2009)

    Designed and implemented a 3D mobile agent for iPhone OS. The agent was capable of moving from one iPod Touch to another using an ad hoc network connection.

  • A Framework for the Implementation of Human Cognitive Assessements on a Handheld Device (SURE/Honor's Thesis -- Chris Weitzen -- 2006-2007)

    Implemented a software framework for the creation, modication, and execution of scripted psychological test. The psychological tests take place on a portable gaming console.

Current Projects

  • Acurrate and Timely Absolute Location for Augmented Reality Mobile Applications  (SURE/Lumen/Honor's Thesis -- Colleen Brockmyre -- 2012-2014)

    Designing and implementing a new system for determining absolute location (latitude/longitude) that is more accurate, and updates more frequently, than current GPS systems on mobile devices.

  • Real-life Musical Composition Through Virtual Means: a Mobile Application Controlled Ukulele-Playing Robot (Honor's Thesis -- Christie Dierk -- 2012-2014)

    Designing and implementing both virtual (Android mobile app) and physical (Arduino robot) ukulele players that will be connected together to allow novice musicians to play ukulele songs.


  • D. Powell and J. Hollingsworth. Google and IBM Cloud Make Enterprise Computing Available to all Undergraduate CS Majors. Proceedings of  Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Education. July 2012.

  • D. Powell and J. Hollingsworth. Requiring Web-based Cloud and Mobile Computing in a Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum. The 48th Annual ACM Southeast Conference, March 2011.

  • Kurtz, Fenwick, and Hollingsworth. Teaching Mobile Computing and Developing Software to Support Computer Science Education Cloud. The 42th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, March 2011.

  • D. Powell and J. Hollingsworth. Teaching Web Programming Using the Google Cloud. Accepted at The 48th ACM Southeast Conference, April 2010.

  • J. Hollingsworth and D. Powell. Integrating Mobile Computing with Android in CS II and CS III. To be presented at The 2009 International Conference on Frontiers in Education, July 2009.

  • D. Powell, J. Hollingsworth, and S. Duval. Computer Scinece III - A Required Course on Client-Server Computing. Proceedings of the 46th ACM Southeast Conference, March 2008.

  •  J. Hollingsworth and D. Powell. A NSGA-II, Web Enabled, Parallel Optimization Framework for NLP and MINLP. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, July 2007.


2009 Elon College Excellence in Teaching Award

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