Ketevan Kupatadze

Senior Lecturer in Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures
Carlton Building 312
2125 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-5846


Ph.D. (2007) Emory University, Department of Spanish. Thesis: “Hospitality as a Sign of Cosmopolitan Morality.” Researches the possibilities of rethinking cosmopolitan thought through its relationship with the tradition and the practice of hospitality from a Spanish American perspective in the works by Manuel Puig, Juan José Saer, Ricardo Piglia, Rodrigo Fresán, Ignacio Padilla, and the project “Año 0”

M.A. (2001) Georgia State University, Department of Modern Languages. 

Certificate in Translation (2000), Georgia State University, Department of Modern Languages. 

Certificado basico de espanol de los negocios (1999), Universidad de Alcala, Spain. 

Diploma (B.A.) Tbilisi State University, Department of Western European Languages and Literature. 

Employment History

Lecturer, Elon University, since 2007

Visiting Professor, UNCC 2006-2007

Courses Taught

Courses Taught at Elon University

            SPN 375: Topics in Translation

            SPN 374: Topics: Spanish-American Culture

            GST 110: Global Experience

            SPN 316: Advance Study of Spanish through Film

            GST 337W: Hospitality in Politics, Society and Literature

            Spanish 350: Introduction to Literary Analysis

            Spanish 322: Advanced Grammar and Composition (Course Coordinator)

            Spanish 221: Intermediate Spanish I (Course Coordinator)

            Spanish 121: Introductory Spanish I

            Spanish 122: Introductory Spanish II

            Elon 101

Grants Awarded

CATL Scholar Award for 2011-12 Academic Years, Elon University. Project Title: Rethinking     the value and nature of Advanced Composition and Grammar courses in Foreign   Languages

Dean's Summer Fellowship, Elon University, 2011.

Dean's Summer Fellowship. Elon University, 2009.

Hultquist Award. Elon University, 2008-2009. 



Kupatadze, Ketevan."The Theme of Hospitality in Manuel Puig’s Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages". Dissidences. Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism. Web. 15 Dec. 2008.

            BOOK CHAPTERS

Kupatadze, Ketevan. “Magic of the City: Travel Narratives of the Project Año 0.” Topodynamics of Arrival. Essays on Self and Pilgrimage. Ed. Gert Hofmann and Snjezana Zoric. New York and Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2012. 203-16. Print.


World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Maureen Ihrie and Salvador A. Oropesa. 3 vols. Westport, CT: Greenwood/ABC Clio, in press. Expected date Spring 2011.





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2004    “Journey to Africa.” UCLA International Conference for Graduate Student Literary Translators. University of California, Los Angeles, CA. English translation of a short story by Georgian writer Nugzar Shataidze

Professional Activities


2011    Elon's Research Seminar. Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer.

2011    Foreign Language Research group.

2011    Faculty Writing Residency. CATL, Elon University.

2009    Business Translation Course. International House, Barcelona, Spain.

2009    Faculty Writing Residency. CATL, Elon University.

2008    Summer Intensive Course for Teachers of Spanish as a Second Language. International House, Barcelona, Spain.

2003    ACTFL/OPI Familiarization, and Implications/Applications. Workshop with Lucía Caycedo Garner. Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

2003    Archival research conducted in the Filmoteca de San Sebastian (Spain).2003    Introduction to paleography and general archival research methodology in Salamanca (Spain).