Kim Pyne

Assistant Professor of English
Alamance Building 305B
2338 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-5732

Brief Biography

Kim Pyne is the coordinator of Elon's English Teacher Licensure program, preparing the next generation of seocndary and middle grades English teachers. She teaches senior pedagogy courses and works closely with students during their full-time teaching internship (student teaching), as well as teaching a variety of other literature and composition courses, including "Hogwarts for Muggles: The Phenomenon of Harry Potter" (ENG 272) and the winter term study abroad literature and history course in Ireland (ENG 253/GST295). 

Ireland students (and Pyne) at Poulanass Falls

She is also the Assistant Director of Academic Programs for the Elon Academy, a non-profit college access and success program for students in the local public high schools. In this role, she oversees academic curriculum, recruits, trains, and supports summer faculty, and currently teaches college planning courses in summer and year-round programs. A former English teacher in the Alamance-Burlington Schools, her current teaching, service, and research centers on issues of racial, ethinic, and socioeconimic equity in public and higher education.

Elon Academy, Alpha class

Outside of Elon, she works as volunteer staff at the Conservators' Center, offering tours and educational programs about wildlife and wildlife conservation and acting as lead handler for a small pack of grey wolves and the people who work with them. From tiger rescue to teaching literature, she tends to enjoy the divergent directions her work takes her.

Pyne with arctic wolf



Ph.D. in Education (Culture, Curriculum, and Change)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Areas of Specialization: English Education, Teacher Education, Critical Multiculturalism, Social Foundations, Educational Technology, Qualitative Research

M.A. in English (Literature)
Purdue University
Areas of Study: Holocaust Literature, Contemporary Drama, Contemporary Poetry

B.A. in English (Secondary Teacher Licensure)
Minors: Theatre Arts, Philosophy, & History
Elon College

Courses Taught

English Department, Elon University
ENG 363 Teaching Literature: Canons, Cultures, and Classrooms
ENG 355 Fantasy Novel
ENG 272 Hogwarts for Muggles: The Phenomenon of Harry Potter
ENG 253/GST 295 Ireland: An Introduction to Literature, Culture, and History (Study Abroad)
ENG 110 College Writing

Education Department, Elon University
EDU 481 Student Teaching
EDU 421 Methods of Teaching Middle Grades and High School English
MED 540 Literature for Children & Youth: Analysis and Application (M.Ed. program)

Education Department, Meredith University
EDUC 232 Foundations of American Education

School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill
EDUC 116 Re-Inventing Teaching (M.Ed. Program)
EDUC 245 Methods & Materials for Teaching Secondary/K-12 English II (M.A.T. Program)
EDUC 244 Student Teaching Practica
EDUC 023 Teachers & Texts: Issues in Education
EDUC 022 Language, Cultures & Classrooms

English Department, Purdue University
ENGL 101 General Composition
ENGL 102 Research Writing


Research Interests

English teacher education
Adolescent literacy
College access and success; college readiness
Critical multiculturalism & equity in education

Ongoing projects:

With Darris Means -- "After Access:  First Year College Narratives"

This study follows ten first-generation, low-income students beyond their experiences in an intensive college access program and through their first-year of college. Taking a phenomenological approach, it seeks to better understand the nature of the first-year experience for these students, investigating the ways in which they make meaning of their successes and struggles, as well as their shifting definitions of their college-going selves. The study adds to research on underrepresented populations in the transitional first year, and it also to informs college access and success initiatives by centering attention on the complex narratives told by those who experience the first year from the inside.  The project is in the data analysis and report stages.

With Mary Alice Scott and Darris Means -- "Transformation at the Intersections: Investigating a Youth Participatory Action Research Project"

This study is part of a year-long youth participatory action research (YPAR) project with underrepresented youth as part of the Elon Academy academic program. Students conducted qualitative research on issues of college access in their local community, specifically focusing on the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status and other social locations to map the complexity of college access issues across the lived experiences of students both inside and outside of a college access program. This meta-study  focuses on three sets of questions. First, how do students’ multiple social locations present barriers to and opportunities for college access and success?  Second, do students’ perceptions of barriers to and opportunities for college access and success change as a result of collaboration in a participatory research project? If so, how? And third, do students develop academic skills and capacities that will increase their odds of graduating from college through the process of participating in an authentic inquiry project?  This project is in the data analysis and report stages

Grants Awarded

Scott, M.A., Pyne, K., Means, D., Long, D., & LaPlante, K. (2011). Elon Academy Book Project, $5,050 grant received from Elon University’s Associate Provost Office. For publicaton of a research manuscript by high school students with a financial need and/or no family history of college. Available at online here.

Carpenter, J. Pyne, K. & Richardson, J. (2011).  Shared Classroom Experience as Methods Text. $4,500 grant received from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. For collaborative investigation about shared classroom observations and teaching in a pre-service teacher Methods practicum. 

Long, D., Means, D., Flinn, L., Williams, L., & Pyne, K. (2010). Elon University Summer Bridge Programs, $20,000 federal grant received from the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities. For creating summer bridge programs for students with a financial need and/or no family history of college.

Moore, J. Pyne, K., & Patch, P. (2010). Assessing Student Learning in a Modified Section of ENG 110.  $2500 grant received from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. Teaching and Learning.

Long, D., Means, D., & Pyne, K. (2009). Elon Academy Transitions to College Program, $14, 972 federal grant received from the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities. For developing a transition to college program for students with a financial need and/or no family history of college.


Pyne, K.B. & Means, D.R.  (2013).  Underrepresented and in/visible: A first-generation Hispanic student's narratives of college.  Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

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