Maurice Levesque

Associate Provost for Assessment and Academic Operations and Professor of Psychology
Alamance Building 216A
2309 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-6455


Ph.D.     Social Psychology, University of Connecticut

M.A.       Social Psychology, University of Connecticut

B.A.        Psychology and History (honors), Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Bates College     

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, Travelers Center on Aging, University of Connecticut

Employment History


Elon University, Associate Provost for Assessment and Academic Operations (1/2014 – present) 

Elon University, Associate Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts & Sciences (1/2009 – 12/2013)

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaison to eight departments in the College (includes involvement in hiring, external reviews, evaluation of budget and new faculty position requests, chair support, and curriculum review)
  • Oversee Student Learning Assessment processes
  • Assist with Chair development for the College and University
  • Oversee faculty professional travel
  • Review of faculty professional development requests
  • Liaison to PBK including the Fund for Excellence
  • Coordinate planning and reporting (Student Learning Reports, Department Annual Reports and Five-year Plans)
  • Assist in the development of policy documents
  • Decisions regarding student issues
  • Serve on Academic Affairs Advisory and Provost Advisory Committees

Elon University, Chair, Department of Psychology (6/2008-12/2008)

Elon University, Director of the Undergraduate Research Program (1/2000-5/2004)


Elon University, Professor of Psychology (9/2007 – present)

Elon University, Associate Professor of Psychology (9/2001-8/2007)

Elon University, Assistant Professor of Psychology (8/1997-8/2001)

Williams College, Visiting Assistant Professor (9/1996-6/1997)

Amherst College, Visiting Assistant Professor (9/1993-6/1996)

Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology

Non-experimental Research Methods and Statistics

Social Psychology

Psychology of Close Relationships

Mentoring and supervision of undergraduate research projects


As a social psychologist I am interested in various aspects of interpersonal relationships. My current research focuses on the study of interpersonal perceptions, with an emphasis on first impressions. I am most interested in whether our first impressions of others are accurate, identifying the conditions that might influence the accuracy of those impressions (e.g., whether our mood, personality, or how much we really think about others moderate accuracy), exploring gender differences in those impressions (e.g., differences between men and women in terms of impressions regarding interpersonal attraction and sexual interest), and whether we are aware of the impressions others form about us (i.e., how well do we know what others think about us?). I also have an interest body image concerns among under-researched groups. I have conducted research on body image with men, gay men, and African American women. The research on men has examined how body image relates to men’s sense of masculinity, psychological well-being (e.g., self-esteem and depression), and behavior (e.g., social activity and high risk behavior).


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Gregoski, M. J., & Levesque, M. J. (2000, March).  Is every friendship unique?  A social relations analysis of friendships.  Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychology Association, Baltimore, MY.



Association for Psychological Science, Fellow

Eastern Psychological Association

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Southeastern Society of Social Psychologists


Phi Beta Kappa (Bates College Chapter)

Phi Kappa Phi (University of Connecticut, Graduate School Chapter)

Psi Chi (Elon University Chapter)

Sigma Xi (Amherst College Chapter)

Gamma Sigma Alpha (Elon University Chapter)

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