Inventory of the EUA001 Bulletin of Elon College Publication (Special Series), 1905 - 1976 EUA001

Inventory of the EUA001 Bulletin of Elon College Publication (Special Series), 1905 - 1976

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Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
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Title: EUA001 Bulletin of Elon College Publication (Special Series), 1905 - 1976
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Location: The collection is located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Archives and Special Collections at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: This collection includes the special series publications of the Bulletin of Elon College. This unique publication should not to be confused with the other publication with the same title that is the undergraduate academic catalog. The special series publications include the following titles: Alumni Building Number, Alumni Number, Announcement, Athletic Number, Christian Education Number, College Day Number, College Song Number, Commencement Number, Commencement and Patriotic Number, Duke Science Building Number, Illustrated, Letter Number, Library Number, Mid-Vacation Number, New Series, Opening Number, Preparatory Department Number, Religious Education and Christian Methods Number, Reunion Number, S.A.T.C. Number (Students' Army Training Corps), Special Christian Education Number, Special Fund Number, Summer Session, Teachers Normal Number, Theological Department Number, and Vacation Number. The collection is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by the title of the publication. Please see the sections below titled "Historical Note" and "Detailed Description of the Collection" for additional information.
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Historical Note

This collection includes the special series publications of the Bulletin of Elon College. This unique publication should not to be confused with the other publication with the same title that is the undergraduate academic catalog. Descriptions and information about each special series publication is below.

Alumni Building Number

The Alumni Building, also known as North Dormitory, was constructed on Elon's campus in 1912. As stated on the first page (under an exterior photograph of the building) of the December 1913 publication, "This is the handsome structure, first known as the North Dormitory, but rechristened the Alumni Building after the Alumni Association asked to be allowed to pay for it. This Bulletin is issued to assist in the campaign for this purpose. It cost $26,600, but is considered to be cheap at $50,000. Equipped with every modern convenience--it is a perpetual monument, to the love and devotion for the Alma Mater." The booklet contains information relating to the construction of the building, the plans of how to pay for it by the Alumni Association, information about the alumni contributing to the campaign, and pictures of the interior of the building including the gymnasium, the locker room, dorm rooms, science labs, and bath rooms.

Alumni Number

The Alumni Number publication is the alumni directory for Elon in 1921. It includes the names of graduates from 1891 to 1921. According to the foreword in the November 1921 publication, "In May, 1914, the Board of Trustees acted favorably upon the recommendation of the President (William Allen Harper) that the list of the Alumni be omitted from the annual Catalogue and that each five years a special 'Alumni Number' of the Bulletin be issued. The first issue of this five-year special number should have been published in November, 1920. The collection of the material for it was begun in January of that year. The response on the whole has been inspiring. Some Alumni, however, naturally modest and reticent no doubt, have been slow to reply, though three letters went out to each. It is with regret, therefore, that full details respecting some do not appear."


The Announcement publication first appears in April of 1942. It includes information about college courses offered, room and board expenses, a college calendar, and other information to prepare the student for their upcoming semester. The majority of the Announcement publications can be found in the 1960s-1970s within the collection. This publication also provides information about orientation, registration, faculty, athletics, and other important information for students at Elon.

Athletic Number

The Athletic Number publication from June 1926 includes President William Allen Harper's commencement address, "Spiritual Athletes," that he gave to Elon graduates in 1926. The publication also includes pictures of the football team, the coaching staff (with information about each person), the basketball team, the baseball team, and the exterior of North Dormitory (Alumni Building) that housed the campus gymnasium. As President Harper stated in the first sentence of his address, "There is no problem before the American public today more important than the use of leisure." This publication is dedicated to the athletes and athletic staff at Elon, and to the importance of leisure and exercise.

Christian Education Number

The November 1925 Christian Education Number publication focuses on the importance of Christian Education Week. The contents of the booklet include the following: Editorials; A Symposium by President William Allen Harper, Ernest Hamlin Abbott, Henry Van Dyke, Francis J. McConnell, David F. Matchett, Board Officials; A Christian Education Building, by Simon A. Bennett; The People's Church, Michigan State College, by N.A. McCune; and "Tendencies in College Administration," by T.M. The November 1926 publication is dedicated to the Mooney Christian Education Building at Elon College. It includes information and addresses that people made during the dedication service of the building in 1926. Specifically, the contents include: Dedication Service; Presentation Address, by Dr. W.S. Alexander; In Memoriam Reverend Isaac Mooney, by Professor Simon A. Bennett; Acceptance Addresses for the Board of Trustees, by Dr. W.W. Staley; For the Student Body, by H.E. Crutchfield; For the College Community, by C.M. Cannon; An Integrated Program of Leadership Training, Its Necessity and How Elon College Provides It, by President W.A. Harper; Dedicatory Address the Prophet and the Teacher, by Dean Walter S. Athearn. Pictures included in the booklet are the exterior of Mooney, Rev. Isaac Mooney, the Orban family, faculty of Elon, floor plans of Mooney, Dr. J.W. Wellons, and Dean Walter S. Athearn.

College Day Number

As stated by President William Allen Harper in the June 1922 College Day Number publication, "To say that this bulletin is issued with the sole thought in mind of aiding our pastors and their local assistants in making the 1922 College Day such a success as will please our Father and contribute all we can by this day to the advancement of His cause." The June 1923 publication offers a bit more information in the Introduction and states, "COLLEGE DAY was celebrated in our churches for the first time during the summer of 1922. Those churches that celebrated the day were delighted with the results and resolved to perpetuate the custom. At the extraordinary session of the Southern Christian Convention in Henderson, N.C., May 1-3, it was decided to designate June, July, and August as COLLEGE PERIOD, so that a church can select the Sunday in that period best suited to local conditions. It is earnestly desired that every church will celebrate the day this summer. 'Christian Education, Christ through education, is the hope of the world,' declared our Southern Christian Convention. College Day, therefore, offers us in every congregation a splendid opportunity to emphasize Christian Education. Can we afford to neglect so great an opportunity and so helpful to the Kingdom of Christ?" Each publication has essays and articles that focus on the importance of Christian education and getting a college degree. Included in the June 1923 publication are a sampling of Elon songs and musical scores.

College Song Number

The College Song Number publications contain only Elon songs and musical scores. As stated in the Introduction of the November 1922 publication, "We make no apology for this issue of our Bulletin. Song has its justification in College life. Elon owes more than she can repay to her devoted sons and workers who have written in song the aspirations of the heart. These songs will carry the Elon spirit in melody to many an alumnus and they will stir the hearts of her succeeding student groups. With grateful appreciation to their authors and congratulations to all who shall sing them, we send forth this first Bulletin of our College devoted entirely to College songs." Reference to the Old Main Administration Building being destroyed by fire in January of 1923 is mentioned in the foreword of the November 1923 publication, "A year ago we issued the initial College Song Number of our College Bulletin. It went up in smoke for the most part on January 18, 1923. So we are issuing another." The songs included in each publication are Here's to Elon; Praises, Elon, Unto Thee; Underneath Maroon and Gold; Maroon and Old Gold; Dear Elon.

Commencement Number

The Commencement Number publications include a lot of information on a variety of topics. The June 1915 publication contains the commencement address given by Fairfax Harrison, President of the Southern Railway. It also includes two essays written by seniors, Mr. Marion Clebon Barbee and Miss Charlotte Beatrice Mason, which were delivered on commencement day. The June 1916 publication also contains essays written by two Elon seniors, Mr. R.F. Brown and Miss Annie Laurie Wicker, which were delivered on commencement day. This year also includes the President's Report from 1916, as well as a sample of programs from different departments and organizations on campus during 1915-1916. The June 1917 publication begins with the commencement program, followed by excerpts from the President's Report from 1917. Also included is information regarding the presentations of Dr. E.L. Moffitt's portrait and President William Allen Harper's portrait. Of interest in this issue is a letter from a member of the Elon Class of 1917, expressing what his life is like during World War I. The introduction in the June 1919 publication states, "By way of introduction, let us say that this Commencement Number should be read by all who seek to comprehend how Elon is expecting to adjust herself to the days of reconstruction ahead. She did her part nobly in the war, sending 601 of her sons to the colors and 15 of them to the altar of supreme sacrifice for humanity's sake." This issue includes President William Allen Harper's baccalaureate address to the Class of 1919, excerpts from the President's Report from 1919, and the commencement program. The June 1925 publication primarily has photographs of Elon's campus, along with an essay by President William Allen Harper titled "Christian Education a Transforming Force." Within the June 1929 publication is information about faculty at Elon and courses offered, in addition to a few photographs of campus buildings and organizations.

Commencement and Patriotic Number

As stated in the beginning of the June 1918 Commencement and Patriotic Number publication, "The College year 1917-1918 was a memorable one. An atmosphere of unrest and heart-searching characterized it throughout. A new emphasis was given to life, and a deeper meaning. The explanation is the World War in which we find ourselves. ... Glad to have suffered in freedom's cause and glad also to be in position to invite all who sense their present duty in a complete life-preparation to seek it within her walls, Elon sends forth this her War Bulletin, feeling sure that all who know and love her will rejoice in the ready adaptation to changed conditions which its pages reveal." This publication includes President William Allen Harper's opening address to the student body, as well as his baccalaureate address that was given on May 26, 1918. Of particular interest is a listing of Elon students who fought in World War I and "War Creeds of Elon College Students" for both men and women.

Duke Science Building Number

The Duke Science Building Number publication from May 1927 is dedicated to the opening of Duke Science Building at Elon. The contents include: An Introduction; Dedication Program; Worship, by Dr. W.S. Alexander; The Dukes and North Carolina Education, by Governor Angus W. McLean; Artelia Roney Duke, An Appreciation, by D.R. Fonville; Presentation Address, by Mr. Alex H. Sands, Jr.; Acceptance Addresses on Behalf of the Board of Trustees, by Dr. J.E. Rawles; On Behalf of the Faculty, by Dr. N.F. Brannock; On Behalf of the Students, by Mr. R.M. Hook; Greetings and Congratulations, by Dr. Bert Cunningham; Dedicatory Address, by Dr. R.L. Flowers; Worship, by Dr. P.H. Fleming; and Newspaper Editorials. Also included are photographs of the exterior of Duke Building, James B. Duke, Benjamin N. Duke, Mrs. Washington Artelia Roney Duke, floor plans of the building, science labs, and equipment rooms.


The opening paragraph (written by President Emmett L. Moffitt) in the August 1907 Illustrated publication states, "We send this little booklet--our Special Illustrated Bulletin--for the purpose of giving, in a clearer, more complete and attractive manner, a better idea of what Elon has to offer in the way of buildings and equipment than we could hope to give by means of 'word-pictures,' though they be ever so descriptive and fill ever so many bulletins. We regret that, because of unavoidable delays in beginning the preparation of the booklet, it is incomplete, especially in that it does not present many features of our work that are prominent and important. As will be noted, the Music, Art and Elocution Departments are not represented in any way; whereas, they are among the best to be found in the State, and are being largely patronized--in many instances by those who come to specialize in these departments. These will have to appear later." President Moffitt goes on to outline some of the notable places and improvements on campus during 1907. The 1907 publication contains photographs of campus buildings (both exterior and interior), athletic teams, and the Class of 1907. The August 1909 publication contains much of the same information as the 1907 publication. However, the 1909 publication includes a listing of expenses for students, information about room and board for male and female students, and information about student uniforms. The May 1911 publication contains much of the same information as the 1907 publication. The June 1920 publication is quite different from the previous years, including more photographs of buildings and students, hand drawn sketches and cartoons, and quotes. The issues for the years beyond 1920 include mostly pictures with some text highlighting events, students, academics, and the general life and happenings at Elon College.

Letter Number

There is only one Letter Number publication in this collection, and it is from July 1922. The Letter Number is dedicated to Physical Education and Athletics at Elon College. The publication outlines the importance of Physical Education, the requirements of students at Elon, courses in Physical Education, information about College Athletics, and the 1922 football schedule. The words and music score to the song 'Dear Elon' is printed on the back of the publication.

Library Number

The Library Number publication from November 1924 is dedicated to the opening of the Carlton Library at Elon College. The contents include: Historical (essay); Dedication of the Building; Description of the Building; The Place of the Library in College Life, by Louis R. Wilson, Librarian of University of North Carolina; and The One Thing Needful Now. Also included are photographs of the exterior of the Carlton Library building, the Carlton family, interior shots of the Librarian's office and general reading room, and floor plans of the building.

Mid-Vacation Number

As stated in the July 1914 Mid-Vacation Number publication, "The purpose of this number is a composite one. It undertakes to make clear the spirit and life of Elon and to suggest how these interact on each other and enter into the character and tone of the student body. He who deals with spirit and life and character-development deals with mighty issues, yet this bulletin addresses itself to that very task, with poor success it must be admitted and yet with the hope of giving an impression to the thoughtful reader and sympathetic observer of the things for which Elon stands and will ever stand." The July 1914 publication includes a few essays, information about college life and student organizations, college athletics, and buildings on campus. A number of pictures of student athletic groups, student organizations, and places on campus are also included. The July 1915 publication only contains essays. The July 1916 publication includes three speeches that were given at commencement that year, as well as a plethora of pictures showing campus buildings (interior and exterior), and student groups and classes.

New Series

The New Series publications were sent to a large number of students reminding them that it is almost time to get ready to enter Elon College, and start the semester. Specifically, the November 1905 publication includes: essays; alumni information; general information about faculty, student organizations, and campus buildings; expenses; and room and board for men and women. The February 1906 publication includes: essays, information about the literary societies, information about the library, alumni information, and information about campus buildings. The October 1930 publication includes: essays, information about campus buildings, and information about various educational programs at Elon.

Opening Number

There are quite a few years of the Opening Number publication in this collection, which were typically distributed in August or September. Many of the publications include essays and information for students regarding what to bring to college and what they should do when they arrive at Elon. Information about campus buildings, expenses, uniforms, and course offerings are also included. Faculty, alumni, and trustee biographical sketches are also included, in addition to information about registration and events on campus during "freshman week." Each publication highlights similar content, but a lot of new content is added each year. For specific information about what each publication includes, please consult the publication during any particular year to learn more.

Preparatory Department Number

The only Preparatory Department Number publication included in this collection is from April 1912. As stated on the first page, "The Preparatory Department of Elon College is under the control of the same administrative officers as the College itself. All the statements in the Catalogue Number of the College Bulletin relative to location, equipment, government, cost, and the like apply to the preparatory students as well as to the College students, and all questions with reference to the Preparatory Department should be directed to the President of the College." This publication includes information about the importance of the Preparatory Department at Elon, what subjects students study in the Preparatory Department, courses offered, certificate of proficiency, and a variety of photographs of campus buildings and students.

Religious Education and Christian Methods Number

The only Religious Education and Christian Methods Number publication included in this collection is from November 1919. President William Allen Harper states in the introduction, "The Board of Trustees of Elon College, in their May 1919 session, took a long forward step in providing a Summer School of Religious Education and Christian Methods. The first session of the school is to be held May 26-June 10, 1921. Elon conceives it to be her privilege not only to offer education to young people, who come during the regular college year, but to minister as well to those who in the nature of the case cannot enter college for degrees in the Arts and Sciences. In this issue we offer the courses of study for the first year's work only. Courses for the following years will be announced in later bulletins."

Reunion Number

The only Reunion Number publication included in this collection is from February 1907. It includes information about the banquet and reunion that was held at Elon College on June 5, 1907--when students, alumni, and trustees gathered together. Also included is information about the cost of the reunion, entertainment, the purpose, train schedules, the reunion program, and the commencement program.

S.A.T.C. Number (Students' Army Training Corps)

The only S.A.T.C. (Students' Army Training Corps) Number publication included in this collection is from December 1918. As stated in the introduction, "This Bulletin is printed for its historical significance. A Christian College became an armed camp, in the effort to do its part to make the world a decent place to live in. The story of Elon Students' Army Training Corps is told within, without veneer or garnishment of any sort. It is withal a thrilling tale. The men who were in the unit will be tempted to read these pages as a sort of epitaph of their patriotism. Let them remember that how they shall acquit themselves in the unfolding years will reflect lustre on their military profession, brief, but essential and splendidly patriotic as it was." The publication includes general information about Elon's S.A.T.C. unit; a roster of men who left Elon to fight in World War I; the S.A.T.C. curriculum and how students were classified in regards to course of study; an essay about the college soldier; and an essay about Elon and World War I.

Special Christian Education Number

The only Special Christian Education Number publication included in this collection is from January 1919. The theme of the publication is "The Making of Men." As stated in the Foreword, "The addresses composing this treatise on the place of religious instruction in college life have the one virtue of having been prepared for actual college audiences in a small college famous for its high moral tone and positive religious influences. The title given them is suggested by the first address, The Making of Men, in which it is shown that education's real business is to make men--men in character as well as in body, mind, and culture." There are a total of twelve chapters in this publication, and the titles of each chapter/address is: The Making of Men, chapter one; The Crises of Life, chapter two; The Safety of Young People, chapter three; Coveting the Best Gifts, chapter four; The Soul's Most Serious Question, chapter five; Striving for the Mastery, chapter six; The More Abundant Life, chapter seven; The Ingredients of True Living, chapter eight; Life's Basic Principles, chapter nine; The Use of Talent, chapter ten; The Contributions of College Life, chapter eleven; and Achieving Manhood's Goal, chapter twelve.

Special Fund Number

The only Special Fund Number publication we have in this collection is from March 1912. A Special Fund was created at Elon by President Emmett L. Moffitt in order to solicit funds from alumni and friends of the College in order to pay for North Dormitory; renovations to the power plant; renovations to West Dormitory; and other general projects and renovations on campus. The publication includes information about the various buildings and renovations that would benefit from the money in the Special Fund; a list of donors and subscribers to the Special Fund; photographs of the buildings and spaces on campus that needed to be renovated; information about what the fund means to Elon College; and a statement of appreciation from President William Allen Harper. As stated in the section that lists the donors and subscribers, "We herewith append the names of those who subscribed to the Special Fund, with the amount of each subscription. A copy of this Bulletin is being sent to each one of these big-hearted friends, and we trust that they will accept this further public acknowledgement of their generosity as evidence of the deep gratitude of our hearts for their liberality, loyalty, and sacrifice."

Summer Session

The Summer Session Number publication begins in 1944 and ends in March 1961. These publications include listings of college administrators and faculty; information about expenses and room and board; a calendar of events relating to registration and exams; descriptions about Elon and the campus; and course descriptions and offerings.

Teachers Normal Number

The Teachers Normal Number publication is intended for students who are pursuing course work and a career as a teacher. As stated on the first page of the November 1911 publication, "The Normal Course for Teachers is conducted primarily for teachers and those who are preparing to teach. The purpose is to give substantial training in the subjects that are required to be taught in the public and high schools of the State, and to give such courses in the History of Education and in methods as will enable the teacher to build his science and art of education upon an approved and solid basis." The publications from November 1911, 1912, and January 1914 contain much of the same content, with slight variations each year. The information this is mentioned in the majority of the publications include: a list of faculty and administrators at Elon; reasons why to attend Elon's Teachers' Normal Course; expenses and room and board costs; course information and descriptions; information about requirements and degrees; general registration and orientation information; college publications; quotes and excerpts from letters by various superintendent's in North Carolina discussing the importance of teacher education; student organizations; and campus buildings and spaces (including information and photographs).

Theological Department Number

The only Theological Department Number publication in this collection is from April 1915. As stated in the introduction, "The College has never issued such a Bulletin as the present one before. We hope our friends will read it with pleasure and profit. Its purpose is to give dignified publicity to a call made upon the churches of the Southern Christian Convention by the Portsmouth session of that body--a call for free-will offerings to be taken by the churches for the endowment of a Department of Theology in the College. That call is printed in full elsewhere in this Bulletin." The contents of this publication include essays titled, A Word from the Convention's President, by W.W. Staley; History of Elon College--1889-1915; What an Experienced Newspaper Correspondent Says of Elon, by Mamie Bays; What has Elon Done for the South?; The Elon Spirit, by Rev. J.O. Atkinson; Elon Songs; The Educational Equipment of the Ministry, by Rev. F.G. Coffin; and A Call to the Ministry.

Vacation Number

There are only three Vacation Number publications in this collection and they are from July 1911, July 1912, and June 1913. As stated in the July 1912 publication, "It is the custom of the College to publish at least four bulletins each year and from time to time to add the number special bulletins of universal interest. The Vacation Number is a regular issue of the Bulletin, which appears in June or July of each summer. After careful consideration it has been decided to make this issue of the Vacation Number representative of the Elon Spirit, as far as may be." The Vacation Numbers contain mostly essays related to Elon, the Christian Church, and the importance of education, with occasional photographs of campus buildings and spaces appearing in some issues.

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The collection is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by the title of the publication.

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Related Material

Please consult with the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for additional information about related materials to this collection. All issues in this collection have been digitized and can be seen here:

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1. 1905-1930.
63 Folders.
November 1905. New Series.
February 1906. New Series.
February 1907. Reunion Number.
August 1907. Illustrated.
August 1909. Illustrated.
May 1911. Illustrated.
July 1911. Vacation Number.
August 1911. Opening Number.
November 1911. Teachers Normal Number.
March 1912. Special Fund Number.
April 1912. Preparatory Department Number.
July 1912. Vacation Number.
August 1912. Opening Number.
November 1912. Teachers Normal Number.
June 1913. Vacation Number.
August 1913. Opening Number.
December 1913. Alumni Building Number.
January 1914. Teachers Normal Number.
July 1914. Mid-Vacation Number.
August 1914. Opening Number.
April 1915. Theological Department Number.
June 1915. Commencement Number.
July 1915. Mid-Vacation Number.
August 1915. Opening Number.
1916. Illustrated.
June 1916. Commencement Number.
July 1916. Mid-Vacation Number.
August 1916. Opening Number.
June 1917. Commencement Number.
August 1917. Opening Number.
June 1918. Commencement and Patriotic Number.
August 1918. Opening Number.
December 1918. S.A.T.C. Number (Students' Army Training Corps).
January 1919. Special Christian Education Number.
June 1919. Commencement Number.
August 1919. Opening Number.
November 1919. Religious Education and Christian Methods Number.
June 1920. Illustrated.
August 1921. Opening Number.
November 1921. Alumni Number.
June 1922. College Day Number.
July 1922. Letter Number.
November 1922. College Song Number.
June 1923. College Day Number.
August 1923. Opening Number.
November 1923. College Song Number.
September 1924. Opening Number.
November 1924. Library Number.
June 1925. Commencement Number.
September 1925. Opening Number.
November 1925. Christian Education Number.
June 1926. Athletic Number.
September 1926. Opening Number.
November 1926. Christian Education Number.
May 1927. Duke Science Building Number.
August 1927. Opening Number.
July 1928. College Day Number.
August 1928. Opening Number.
June 1929. Commencement Number.
August 1929. Opening Number.
1930. New Series.
August 1930. Opening Number.
October 1930. New Series.
Box 2. 1932-1976.
65 Folders.
1932. Illustrated.
March 1932. Illustrated.
August 1933. Opening Number.
August 1935. Opening Number.
August 1936. Opening Number.
1937. Illustrated.
August 1937. Opening Number.
1938. Illustrated.
August 1938. Opening Number.
August 1939. Opening Number.
1940. Illustrated.
August 1940. Opening Number.
August 1941. Opening Number.
April 1942. Announcement.
August 1942. Opening Number.
August 1943. Opening Number.
1944. Illustrated.
1944. Summer Session.
August 1944. Opening Number.
1945. Illustrated.
1945. Summer Session.
August 1945. Opening Number.
1946. Summer Session.
1947. Summer Session.
1948. Summer Session.
1949. Illustrated.
1949. Summer Session.
1950. Illustrated.
1950. Summer Session.
1951. Summer Session.
1952. Illustrated.
1953. Summer Session.
1955. Summer Session.
1956. Summer Session.
March 1957. Summer Session.
March 1958. Summer Session.
March 1959. Summer Session.
March 1960. Summer Session.
1960-1961. Announcement.
March 1961. Summer Session.
1961-1962. Announcement.
1962-1963. Announcement.
1963-1964. Announcement.
September 1964. Illustrated.
1964-1965. Announcement.
December 1965. Illustrated.
1965-1966. Announcement.
1966-1967. Announcement.
September-October 1967. Illustrated.
1967-1968. Announcement.
July-August 1968. Illustrated.
1968-1969. Announcement.
1969-1970. Announcement.
1970-1971. Announcement.
1970-1971. Illustrated.
1971-1972. Announcement.
1971-1972. Illustrated.
1971-1972. Announcement.
1972-1973. Announcement.
1973-1974. Announcement.
August 1974. Announcement.
September 1974. Announcement.
1974-1975. Announcement.
August 1976. Announcement.
October 1976. Public Programs.