Inventory of the EUA025 Elon Libraries Collection, 1924 - ongoing EUA025

Inventory of the EUA025 Elon Libraries Collection, 1924 - ongoing

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Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Elon University
2550 Campus Box
Elon, North Carolina

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University
Title: EUA025 Elon Libraries Collection, 1924 - ongoing
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Archives and Special Collections at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: This collection includes documents relating to the library at Elon University. Documents in the collection include (but are not limited to): press releases, flyers, brochures, newspaper clippings, yearly plans, informational booklets, correspondences, floor plans, fact sheets, and reports. The library has existed in four different buildings since 1889, and this collection includes information about the library when it was located in three of the four buildings (Carlton, McEwen, and Belk). The collection is arranged alphabetically by the name of the building where the library was located, then chronologically, and then alphabetically by type of material. Materials date back to 1924 and continue to present day. Please see the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more information about what is included.
Extent: 2 linear feet, 2 archival boxes

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Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

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Copyright Notice

The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], EUA025 Elon Libraries Collection, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Gift or Purchase Note

Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Accession Information

Not applicable

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Processing Information

Processed by Katie Nash, March, 2012

Encoded by Katie Nash, March, 2012

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Historical Note

An academic library has existed at Elon since the school was founded in 1889. The library has been located in four different buildings on campus, three of which are still standing today. The first library was located in the Old Main Administration building and after the building burned in January of 1923, the library was then housed in Carlton building, from 1923/1924 until McEwen Library opened in 1968. The Carol Grotnes Belk Library opened in January of 2000 and the library moved from McEwen Library to the newly constructed Belk Library that year, and remains there today.

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The collection is arranged alphabetically by the name of the building where the library was located, then chronologically, and then alphabetically by type of material.

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Online Catalog Headings

These and related materials may be found under the following headings in online catalogs.

Elon College -- Libraries.
Elon College -- Libraries -- Documentation.
Elon University -- Library.
Elon University -- Library -- Documentation.
Libraries -- History -- North Carolina -- Elon College.
Elon College -- Buildings.
Elon University -- Buildings.
Elon University -- Archival resources.

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Related Material

Please consult with the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for additional information about related materials to this collection.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1.
123 Folders.
General Information.
Belk. Undated. Bookmark.
Belk. Undated. Card Catalog.
Belk. Undated. Correspondence.
Belk. Undated. Five Year Plan.
Belk. Undated. Floor Plan.
Belk. Undated. General Information.
Belk. Undated. Greeting Card.
Belk. Undated. Photographs of Furniture and Work Spaces.
Belk. Undated. Research Notes.
Belk. Undated. Stickers.
Belk. 1995. Correspondence.
Belk. 1996. Correspondence.
Belk. 1996. Financial Documents.
Belk. 1996. Schedule of Events.
Belk. 1996. Space Requirements.
Belk. 1997. Correspondence.
Belk. 1997. Financial Documents.
Belk. 1997. Floor Plans/Maps.
Belk. 1997. Furniture Information.
Belk. 1997. Meeting Minutes.
Belk. 1997-1998. Booklets.
Belk. 1997-1998. Gift Naming Opportunities.
Belk. 1998. Budget.
Belk. 1998. Correspondence.
Belk. 1998. Deed of Gift.
Belk. 1998. Financial Documents.
Belk. 1998. Floor Plan/Map.
Belk. 1998. Flyer.
Belk. 1998. Furniture Information.
Belk. 1998. Invitations.
Belk. 1998. Program.
Belk. 1998-1999. Signage Information.
Belk. 1999. Agendas.
Belk. 1999. Correspondence.
Belk. 1999. Financial Documents.
Belk. 1999. Floor Plan/Map.
Belk. 1999. Furniture Information.
Belk. 1999. Gift Naming Opportunities.
Belk. 1999. Invitations.
Belk. 1999. List.
Belk. 1999. Meeting Minutes.
Belk. 1999. Newspaper Clippings.
Belk. 1999. Planning Guide.
Belk. 1999. Press Release.
Belk. 1999. Prints and Drawings.
Belk. 1999. Program.
Belk. 1999. Reports.
Belk. 1999. Request for Proposal.
Belk. 1999. Shelving Information.
Belk. 1999. Speech.
Belk. 1999-2000. Budget Information.
Belk. 1999-2000. Fact Sheet.
Belk. 2000. Bookmark.
Belk. 2000. Brochure.
Belk. 2000. Correspondence.
Belk. 2000. Invitations.
Belk. 2000. List (reception guests).
Belk. 2000. Newspaper Clippings.
Belk. 2000-2001. Report.
Belk. 2001. Emergency Manual.
Belk. 2001. Poetry.
Belk. 2001-2002. Report.
Belk. 2002. History Plaque Information (on Colonnades outside Belk Library).
Belk. 2002. Report.
Belk. 2002-2003. Goals.
Belk. 2003. Correspondence.
Belk. 2003. Planning Guide.
Belk. 2003. Schedule of Events.
Belk. 2003-2006. Fact Sheet.
Belk. 2004. Brochure.
Belk. 2004. Emergency Manual.
Belk. 2004. Instruction Program.
Belk. 2004. Survey.
Belk. 2004. Survey Results.
Belk. 2004-2005. Survey Results.
Belk. 2005. Bookmark.
Belk. 2005. Emergency Manual.
Belk. 2005. List (Afghan on third floor).
Belk. 2005. List (donors of rooms).
Belk. 2005. Newspaper Clippings.
Belk. 2005-2006. Staff Directory.
Belk. 2006. Brochure.
Belk. 2006. Correspondence.
Belk. 2006. Emergency Manual.
Belk. 2006. Five Year Plan.
Belk. 2006. Flyers.
Belk. 2006. Newspaper Clippings.
Belk. 2006. Policies.
Belk. 2006. Press Release.
Belk. 2007. Budget Information.
Belk. 2007. Calendar.
Belk. 2007. Correspondence.
Belk. 2007. Policies.
Belk. 2007. Postcard.
Belk. 2007. Press Release.
Belk. 2008. Brochure.
Belk. 2008. Correspondence.
Belk. 2008. Invitation.
Belk. 2008. Postcard.
Belk. 2008. Press Release.
Belk. 2008. Report.
Belk. 2008. Survey Results.
Belk. 2009. Correspondence.
Belk. 2009. Five Year Plan.
Belk. 2009. Journal. North Carolina Libraries.
Belk. 2009. Newspaper Clippings.
Belk. 2009. Press Release.
Belk. 2009. Schedule of Events.
Belk. 2010. Brochure.
Belk. 2010. Correspondence.
Belk. 2010. Invitations.
Belk. 2010. Menu.
Belk. 2011. Application. John Cotton Dana Award.
Belk. 2011. Bookmark.
Belk. 2011. Brochure (Sadao Watanabe art).
Belk. 2012. Bookmark.
Belk. 2013. Announcement.
Belk. 2013. Librarian Proposal Packet.
Belk. 2013. Organizational Charts.
Belk. 2014. Bookmark.
Belk. 2014. Correspondence.
Belk. 2014. Renovation Summary.
Box 2.
100 Folders.
Carlton. Undated. Correspondence.
Carlton. Undated. Floor Plan.
Carlton. Undated. Instructions for Students.
Carlton. 1924. Booklet.
Carlton. 1925. Newspaper Clippings.
Carlton. 1935. Report.
Carlton. 1961. Correspondence.
Carlton. 1963. Report.
Carlton. 1968. Newspaper Clippings.
Carlton. 1989. General Information.
McEwen. Undated. Bookmark.
McEwen. Undated. Brochure. Library Services.
McEwen. Undated. Case Study.
McEwen. Undated. Correspondence.
McEwen. Undated. General Information.
McEwen. Undated. Guide (for students).
McEwen. Undated. Financial Documents.
McEwen. Undated. Floor Plan.
McEwen. Undated. Flyer.
McEwen. Undated. Handout. Searching Card Catalog.
McEwen. Undated. Questionnaire.
McEwen. Undated. Schedule of Events.
McEwen. Undated. Survey.
McEwen. 1965. Magazine Clippings.
McEwen. 1966. Bulletin.
McEwen. 1966. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1967-1968. Booklet.
McEwen. 1967-1968. Pamphlet.
McEwen. 1968. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1968. Fact Sheet.
McEwen. 1968. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1968. Schedule of Events.
McEwen. 1968. Speech.
McEwen. 1969. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1970-1971. Guide.
McEwen. 1970-1971. Schedule of Events.
McEwen. 1972. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1972. Program.
McEwen. 1972-1973. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1974. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1974. Survey Results.
McEwen. 1974-1975. Policies.
McEwen. 1974-1978. Report.
McEwen. 1975-1980. Budget Information.
McEwen. 1975. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1975. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1975. Order Form.
McEwen. 1978. Budget Information.
McEwen. 1978-1979. Report.
McEwen. 1978-1979. Statistical Report.
McEwen. 1979. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1979. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1979. Report.
McEwen. 1979-1980. Statistical Report.
McEwen. 1980. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1980. Newsletter.
McEwen. 1981. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1981. Library Instruction.
McEwen. 1981. Newsletter.
McEwen. 1981. Report.
McEwen. 1982. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1982. Newsletter.
McEwen. 1982. SACS Recommendations.
McEwen. 1984. Magazine Clipping.
McEwen. 1986. Brochure. Government Documents.
McEwen. 1986. Brochure. Public Services.
McEwen. 1986. Brochure. Special Collections.
McEwen. 1986. Brochure. Walking Tour.
McEwen. 1986. Fact Sheet.
McEwen. 1986-1987. Report.
McEwen. 1987. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1988. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1988-1989. Report.
McEwen. 1989. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1989-1994. Schedule of Events.
McEwen. 1990. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1991. Librarians' Council.
McEwen. 1991-1992. Fact Sheet.
McEwen. 1992. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1992. Prints and Drawings.
McEwen. 1993. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1993. Questionnaire.
McEwen. 1994. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1994. Library Committee. Meeting Minutes.
McEwen. 1994. List (Accession).
McEwen. 1994-1995. Fact Sheet.
McEwen. 1995. Budget Information.
McEwen. 1995. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1995. Newspaper Clippings.
McEwen. 1995. Planning Guide.
McEwen. 1995. Report.
McEwen. 1996. Booklet (Center for Information Technology).
McEwen. 1996. Correspondence.
McEwen. 1996. Furniture Information.
McEwen. 1996. Report.
McEwen. 1997. Furniture Information.
McEwen. 1997. Furniture Inventory.
McEwen. 1998. Invitations.
McEwen. 1998. Report.
McEwen. 2006. Newspaper Clippings.