Inventory of the EUA028 Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000 EUA028

Inventory of the EUA028 Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000

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Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
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2550 Campus Box
Elon, North Carolina

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Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University
Title: EUA028 Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Archives and Special Collections at Elon University. Please contact the Archives staff for further details about the location.
Abstract: This is a collection of photographs associated with Elon University and the Town of Elon. It includes photographs of founders of the institution, administrators, faculty, staff, students, student groups, and alumni. The collection is arranged alphabetically by name and is housed in 21 file cabinet drawers, 7 oversized flat file cabinet drawers, 1 oversize box, and 2 record storage boxes. Please refer to the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more specific information about what is included.
Extent: 81.5 linear feet, 21 file cabinet drawers, 7 oversize flat file cabinet drawers, 1 oversize box, and 2 record storage boxes.

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Collection is open for research.

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The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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[Identification of item], EUA028 Photograph Collection, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Gift or Purchase Note

Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Not applicable

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Processed by Katie Nash, May, 2013

Encoded by Shaunta Alvarez, November, 2013

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The collection is arranged alphabetically.

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Online Catalog Headings

These and related materials may be found under the following headings in online catalogs.

Elon College -- History -- Photographs
Elon University -- History -- Photographs
Elon College (N.C.) -- History -- Photographs
Elon (N.C.) -- History -- Photographs
Elon University -- Archival resources.

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Related Material

Please consult with the Archives and Special Collections staff or additional information about materials related to this collection.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Drawer 1. A-At.
98 folders.
Abate, Joe
Abernathy, Carolyn
Abernathy, Iris Boland
Abernathy, Rufus
Abbitt, James "Jack Rabbit"
Adams, M.
Adams, Thomas Paul
Adkins, Susie
Admissions Tours on Campus
African American Read-In
African American School Children and Teachers
Agnew, Jimmie
Ahn, Augi Wookyu
AIDS Quilt
Al-Majali, Laith
Alamance Choral Club
Albertson, Mark
Alewynse, John
Alexander, Ed
Alexander, Frank and Harriet
Alexander, J. Wesley
Alexander, Treavis
Allen, Donald Lee
Allen, Jerry
Allen, Lorraine
Allen, Louise Clayton
Allen, Noel Lee
Allen, Sadie
Allen, William
Alley, Laurence A.
Allnutt, Bobbie
Alpha Chi Honor Society
Alpha Chi Omega (Greek Life)
Alpha Epsilon Rho
Alpha Kappa Alpha (Greek Life)
Alpha Kappa Lambda
Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Phi Alpha (Greek Life)
Alpha Phi Omega
Altamahaw-Ossipee Race Track
Alumni Association of Elon
Alumni Banquet 1968
Alumni Day/Reunion 1964
Alumni Day (Weekend) 1974
Alumni Day 1977
Alumni Day 1978
Alumni Day 1979
Alumni Day (Weekend) 1980
Alumni Day (Weekend) 1981
Alumni Day 1983
Alumni Day 1984
Alumni Day 1985
Alumni Day 1987
Alumni Day 2000s
Alumni Ski Trip - February 1985
Amick, Hope
Amick, Thomas Cicero
Amiyr, Rahiim
Anderson, Bob
Anderson, Dan
Anderson, Janna
Anderson, Kerrii
Anderson, Lauren
Anderson, Luke
Anderson, Ralph
Anderson, Wright
Andes, David
Andes, William Jacob
Andres, Courtney
Andrews, Billy
Angel, Jeff
Angyal, Andy
Anthropology Department
Apperson, Melissa
Apperson, Richard (Dick)
Appice, Vinny and Carmine
Apple, Dwight
ARA (Aramark) Catering
Arant, David
Arcaro, Thomas
Archives at Elon
Armfield, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Robert
Arnene, Norm
Arnold, Jo Anne
Arnold, Luther
Arrington, Lara
Art Class - Elon College
Art Experience (Ages 8-14) - 1983
Artley, Malvin
Ashe, Arthur
Athen, Scott
Atkins, David
Atkins, J.O.
Atkinson, Karolyn
Atlanta Theological Seminary - Graduating Class of 1910
Drawer 2. Au-Bas.
69 folders.
Auburn University Gospel Choir
Auman, Lyde Bingham
Ausley, Jayne Ann
Austin, Grey
Austin, Pam
Avizonis, Angele
Avizonis, Konstantinas
Aycock, Stephanie
Backseat Driver (Band)
Bailey, Stephen
Baird, Jim
Baize, Cindy
Baker, Bryan
Baker, David Allen
Baker, Pam (Fireplace Screen)
Ball, Kathy
Ballard, Steve
Ballentine, Margaret Joe
Ballou, Brad
Band - Cary, NC High School
Band - College/University - Pre 1930s
Band - College/University - 1930-1939
Band - College/University - 1940-1949>
Band - College/University - 1950-1959
Band - College/University - 1960-1969
Band - College/University - 1970-1975 No. 1
Band - College/University - 1970-1975 No. 2
Band - College/University - 1976-1979
Band - College/University - 1980-1989
Band - College/University - 1990-1999
Band - 2000-2009
Band - Glencoe Mill, NC
Banes, Ruth
Bangley, John
Banks, F.T.
Banks, Joseph T.
Banks, Lonnie
Baptist Student Union
Barak, Ehud
Barbee, Marion C.
Barbour, Jim
Barbur, P.F.
Barbuto, George
Bare, Junior
Barfield, Rodney
Barker, Bob ("The Price Is Right" Game Show Host)
Barker, Dean
Barker, Leo
Barner, John C. "Jack"
Barner, Pat Kinney
Barnes, Larry
Barnes, Troy
Barney, John W.
Barnhardt, Harriet B.
Barnhill, John
Barnwell, Jim
Barr, Dottie
Bartlett, Linda
Barton, William E.
Baseball Number 1
Baseball Number 2
Basirico, Laurence
Baskerville, Phil
Basketball Number 1
Basketball Number 2
Basketball Number 3
Basnight, Miller
Bass, Barbara Day
Bass, Thomas L.
Drawer 3. Bat-Bo.
110 folders.
Batchelor, T. Nim
Batterman, Elizabeth
Batts, Cory Michael
Batts, Jeff
Bauhof, Brad
Baxter, Robert (Bob)
Bayliff, Babs
Bayliff, C.C. "Buck"
Baynes, Eloise
Beacham, Gina
Beal, Virgie
Beale, Burgin W.
Beale, Janie Lee
Beale, Lena (Mrs. W.G. Farrar)
Beals, Allen
Beaman, Hope
Beamon, Glenda W.
Beane, Kim
Beanie Caps
Bearden, Donna
Beasley, Martha
Beatty, Daniel Cleland
Beck, Allen V.
Beck, Raymond Lynn
Beckett, Laura E.
Beckham, Catherine
Behrman, Richard
Belardi, Matt
Belhassen, Marielle
Belk, Irwin
Bells - Graham College/North Carolina Railroad
Bells - Old Main Administration Building
Bennett, Bill
Bennett, Shelby Dill
Bennett, Janelle
Benson, Robert
Benton, Chris
Benton, Kim
Benton, P.W.
Benton, Ruth
Bergman, Jules
Bergman, Ronnie
Bergman, Sandy
Berry, Bertice
Berry, Jennings
Beskow, Dennis
Best, Billy
Beta Beta Beta
Beta Omicron Beta (Greek Life)
Bethard, Casey
Betts, Edwin Morris
Bhutto, Benazir
Bicentennial - 1976
Bickel, Alexander M.
Biden, Joe
Biggerstaff, James
Biglow, Sue
Bise, Deborah Jones
Bishop, Carrie
Bishop, Emily Kilby
Bishop, Eric
Bishop, J.G. (Josiah Goodman)
Bissett, James S.
Black Cultural Society
Black Excellence Awards Banquet - 2002
Black, Norman
Black, Perry
Black, Roy
Blair, Walker
Blake, Robert Grady
Blalock, Don and Glenda
Blanchard, J.W.
Bland, Lamar
Blass, Kristin
Blom, Jeanna Margaret
Bloodmobile at Elon
Board of Trustees
Board of Visitors
Board, Warren
Bobitt, David
Boelte, Ed
Bohigas, Jose
Bolden, Don
Boleman, Alice
Bolin, Anne
Bollinger, Aaron
Bollinger, Matt
Booker, Greg
Boone, C. Stanley
Boone, Eva
Boone, Fred
Boone, Jo
Boone, W.W.
Bost, Clara Louise McAdams
Boswell, Bill
Boswell, Lillian Walker
Boutchyard, Jack
Bowden, Daniel J.
Bowen, Bryan
Bowery, Wayne
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts
Boyd, Scott
Boyd, Wilhelmina
Boyette, Kelvin
Boy's Club
Bozarth, Howard P.
Bozwell, Ed
Drawer 4. Br-Bu.
106 folders.
Bradberry, Barry
Bradham, Beth Hoffman
Bradley, Hal (Hunk)
Bradley, Tom
Bradshaw, Girard
Brady, Ora Viola
Brady, Tom
Bragg, David
Bragg, Mary Alice
Bragg, Stacy
Branch, Joe
Branche, William
Branham, Suemoll Alcon
Brankley, Joe
Brannock, D. York, Jr.
Brannock, Edith
Brannock, Loula York
Brannock, Ned Faucette
Branson, Barbara
Branson, Brian
Branson, Jesse
Brashear, J.H.
Brass Clinic - 1964
Brass Clinic - 1978
Brass Clinic - 1979
Brass Clinic - 1980
Bravender, Paul
Braxton, Nell
Braxton, Paul
Bray, Oabe
Bray, Winfred
Breedlove, Pam
Breslin, Scott
Brewer, Rob
Briggs, C.V. "Lefty"
Briggs, Howard
Briggs, Paul F. (Mike)
Bright, Henry
Bright, Mary Dell
Bright, Sandy
Brigman, Brack
Brigman, Whitney
Brinkley, Minnie
Brinson, Madge Green
Britt, Charmin Wynn
Britt, Robin
Brittain, Mary
Brittle, Richie Edwin
Britton, Kim
Brodowicz, Michael
Brogan, Wesley
Bromilow, Neil
Bromley, Rosalind
Brooks, Gene
Brooks, June Clark
Brooks, Larry
Brothers, John
Brown, Carol McBain
Brown, Dwight
Brown, Hilda Heatwole
Brown, Hulen
Brown, Janie
Brown, Leland (Family)
Brown, Robert Frederick
Brown, Susie Ellis
Brown, Tiffany
Brown, Walter M.
Brown, Wayne
Brown, William Moseley
Brown, William Thomas "Bill"
Brumbaugh, Chalmers
Brumbaugh, Pam (Stained Glass Altarpiece)
Bryan, Vivian
Bryant, Debra
Brynes, Bob
Buffett, Jimmy
Buie, Jim
Bula, James
Bullard, George
Bullard, Margaret R.
Bumbry, Michael
Bumgardner, Eva
Burbridge, Ami
Burbridge, John
Burch, Amy
Burchell, Bill
Burgess, J. Vance and Thelma R.
Burke, Eddie
Burke, Frances Sterrett and Elwood T.
Burkot, Alexander Roman
Burlington, NC - Downtown
Burlington, NC - Homeless Shelter
Burlington, NC - Train Depot
Burlington Industries Scholars Program
Burnett, Marilynn Mitchell
Burns (Professor)
Burns, Grant and Pat
Burrow, Susan Miller
Bush, Allen
Bush, George H.W. (President)
Bush, James
Busick, Fred
Butler, Mrs. Harrison
Butler, Mary Griffin
Butler, Stan
Butler, William Edward Jr. "Buster" and Mary
Drawer 5. By-Ch.
89 folders.
Bynes, David
Byrd, C.R., Jr.
Byrd, Luther
Cable School House
Caddell Hughes, Lucy
Caddell, Nancy Margaret
Caddell, Steve
Cagle, Paulanne
Calhoun, Michael "Mike"
Calicchio, Dominic
Cameron, Jerry
Cameron, John
Cammack, Ramsey E.
Camp, Ruth Turner
Campbell, Elaine
Campbell, Evelyn
Campbell, Richard
Campbell, Roy
Campus Scenes
Campus Security
Campus Shop
Cannady, Lisa
Cannon, C.M.
Cannon, Isabella
Cannon, Isabella - Medallions
Cantarin, Carmen
Carden, Dwight
Carden, Macky
Career Fairs
Carelock, Clyde Dean (Trustee)
Carlsen, Kim
Carlton, Barb
Carlton Family
Carlton, Michael G.
Carolina Theatre - Greensboro, NC
Carpenter, Al
Carret, Philip L.
Carrot Top
Carter, David
Carter, Jimmy (President)
Case, Trelles
Cashion, Lynn
Casino Night - 1999
Cass Family
Cass, Stewart
Cassebaum, Anne
Cates, Brooks
Caudill, Estelle Williams
Caudill, Tyrell
Caviness, Sula Patterson
Cea, Kevin
Cecil, Kitty Goode
Cee, Joe
Centennial Cornerstone Opening
Centennial Kick-Off - 1988
Centennial Open House
Cepas, Kostas V.
Chakrabarti, Chandana
Chamblee, Helen
Chambless, Seth
Chandler, Fred
Chandler, Thomas E.
Chandler, Wallace L.
Chant Book and Bible Donated by Royall Spence, Jr.
Chapman, Iris
Chapman, Neils
Chappell, Christy
Charge, Doris Leader
Chase, Bill
Chase, Carole
Chausse, Jean
Cheatham, Bessie Staley
Cheek, Cecil
Cheek, Paul
Cheek, Ruth
Cheek, Thomas S.
Cherish The Ladies
Childs, Floyd
Choral Groups
Chrismon, Frank
Christian Endeavor Society
Christian Publishing Association
Christian, Thomas
Christianson, Dave
Christmas at Elon
Chung, Kwan-Mo (Scupture Event)
Drawer 6. Cl-Com.
68 folders.
Claar, Maxine A.
Clapp, Carl Horner
Clapp, Jerry and Nancy Beale Clapp
Clark, Dwayne
Clark, Jeff
Clark, Martha
Clark, Ralphael
Clarke, John A.
Clarke, William Hagen
Clarke, William L., Jr.
Classes of 1890-1899
Classes of 1900-1919
Classes of 1920-1929
Classes of 1930-1939
Classes of 1940-1949
Classes of 1950-1959
Classes of 1960-1969
Classes of 1970-1979
Classes of 1980-1989
Classes of 1990-1999
Classes of 2000-2009
Clayton, Roy
Clem, Julia
Clem, William M.
Clemons, Bessie
Clinton, Bill
Clio Society
Clock in President's Office
Clouse, Douglas
Clyburn, Louis
Cobb, Eileen
Cobb-Kernodle, Kate Lee
Coble, Betty
Coble, Howard
Coble, R.H.
Cobo, Cecilia
Cobos, Ulrike
Cochran, Janet
Cofield, Terrell W.
Coghill, Pattie Lee
Cogle, Lynette
Cohen, Amy
Colclough, George D. and Sue Watts
Cole, Hal
Cole Parks, Rena
Cole, Siene
Colin, Charles
College Bowl
College Coffee
College Coffees on the Road
Collegiathon (1989-1990)
Colley, J.C.
Collie, Jill
Collins, Thomas A.
Colson, Bryant
Colussy-Estes, Kate
Colwell, Family
Comer, Ken
Compton, Lala
Commencement - Undated
Commencement - 1920s
Commencement - 1940s
Commencement - 1950s
Commencement - 1960s
Commencement - 1970s
Commencement - 1980s
Commencement - 1990s
Commencement - 2000-2009
Commercial Club
Drawer 7. Con-Dec.
100 folders.
Conally, Faye
Condon, Joey
Conklin, Lisa
Connells (Band)
Conner, Susan
Convocation - 1980-1989
Convocation - 1990-1999
Convocation - 2000-2009
Cooke, Irene Johnson
Cooke, Jeanne
Cooke, Allison
Coolio (Musician/Rapper)
Coomey, Trish
Cooney, Gertrude Mason
Cooper, Alyse
Cooper, Janet
Cooper, Johamie
Cooper, Walter L.
Copeland, Joseph
Copeland, Kathy
Copland, Harriett
Copland, Jon
Corbett, Margaret
Corbett, Venessa
Core, Avril
Correll, James L. "Jim"
Cotten, Edward T.
Cotten, W.J.
Council, Jane (Janie)
Coupland, Iris McEwen McCrary
Cournoyer, Tracy
Covington, Betty
Covington, Cade
Covington, Irene Hook
Covington, Julia
Covington, Raymond Paul
Cousing, Dwayne
Cowen, C.C.
Cox, Celia A.
Cox, Ellen
Crabtree, Scott
Craft, April
Craft, Margaret E.
Cralidis, Ann
Crawford, Shirley
Creasey, Chris
Credle, Ike
Crenshaw, Sandy
Crisp, Hughes
Cromlish, Richard (Dick)
Cronkite, Walter
Crotts, Daphne
Crotts, Marcus
Crowder, Adrian
Crowe, David
Crowe, John
Crumpton, J.L. and Pretto Browne
Crush, John
Crutchfield, Moses
Culbreth, Florine Ray
Cunningham, H.H.
Curry, Beverly Matthew Jr.
Currin, Shannon
Curry, Marie
Curtins, Diane
Curtis, Mike
Cuttle, Charles
Dailey, Jim
Dalke, Kathryn
Dalton, Frank
Daly, Dan
Dance at Elon
Dance Committee
Daniel, Edward
Daniel Edwin
Daniel, Resa
Daniel, Violet Hoffman
Danieley, James Earl - Number 1
Danieley, James Earl - Number 2
Danieley, James Earl - Number 3
Danieley, James Earl - Family
Danieley, Rene Maude Iseley
Danieley, Verona
Daniels, H. Burton
Daniels, Mary Benton
Darden, James Fenton and Virginia Dare Jeffreys
Das, Pranab
Das, Tina
Davidson, Dwight M.
Davidson, Edward
Davies, Todd
Davis, Joyce
Davis, Mike
Davis, Tonya
Davis, Wayne
Dearborn, Betsy
Deason, Mary
Debate Club
Decker, Ann Cralidis
Drawer 8. Dek-El.
105 folders.
DeKlerk, Frederik William
Delp, Robert
Delta Gamma Kappa (Greek Life)
Delta Sigma Theta (Greek Life)
Deluca, Tom
DeMatteo, Tony
Denton, Jeremiah
DeShong, Gwen
DeSimone, Mickey
Desolation Row (Band)
Desp, Graham
Devaney, Bill
de Vries, Jennifer
DeWoody, Donna
Diamond, Stephanie
Dickens, Robert L.
Dickerson, Fred
Diehl, Iva Shafer
Digre, Brian
Dillashaw, Gerald
Dillon, Pat
DiMaria, Tricia
Dimont, Keith
Doak, R.S.
Dodson, Linden S.
Dofflemyer, Kenzie B.
Dofflemyer, Sandy
Dolan, Danny
Dole, Elizabeth
Dollar, Jesse
Dollar, Melvin
Dollins, Daniel T.
Domestic Science Class
Donnelly, Stanley Charles
Donoghue, Mary Agnes
Donohue, Colin
Dorton, Lamar
Doser, Marguerite
Dove, Bernadette Carter
Dove, Billie
Downey, Martha
Doyle, Ruth
Dramatics Club (The Elon Players)
Drew, Gail
Driver, Mac
Drtina, Jon
Drugs at Elon
Drum Majors
Drummond, Jim
Dube, Kristin
Duke, Artelia Roney
Duke, Cindy
Duke, James Buchanan (Mr. Bunk Duke)
Duke, Lee
Duncan, William and Kathryn (Bill and Kitty)
Durham, Carl T.
Durham, Dallaw Wesley
Durham, Donald
Durham, Trip
Duvall, Dr. Sylvanus M.
Dyer, Cindy
Dyer, Debra
Dyer, Don
Earl, James
Earnhardt, Christy
Earp, Rev. Ben Joe
Earp, Thomas S.
Easter at Elon
Eastman, Alan D.
Eaton, Carol
Edge Development Gifted Education Project - 1980s - Number 1
Edge Development Gifted Education Project - 1980s - Number 2
Edwards, Amy
Edwards, Annette
Edwards, Dawn
Edwards, Gary
Edwards, John
Edwards, Mary
Ekulona, Khalil
Elder, Cliff (Cal)
Elder, James P. Jr.
Elder, James P. Lecture Reception - 2006
Elder, James P. Lecture Reception - 2006
Elder, James P. Lecture Reception - 2011
Elder, William Wyche
Elderhostel - 1980s
Eldridge, Lucy M.
Eldridge, Pete
Elkins, Paul
Elling, Laura
Ellington, Helen
Ellis, Helene
Elon Blanket
Elon Bus (Express)
Elon Collection Prints
"Elon College Weekly" - 1900
Elon Flags
Elon Homes for Children
Elon Logo (Cross-Stitch)
Elon's Finest
Elon Signs
Elon Singers
Elon Volunteers
Elzey, William
Drawer 9. Em-Foo.
77 folders.
Emanons - Number 1
Emanons - Number 2
Emanons - Number 3
Emmerson, Rachel
Encarnation, Kim
Enderlein, Dale
Engle, Scott
Ennis, Sadie Gunter
Epperson, Roy
Erazier, Paige
Erdmann, Thomas R.
Espino, Maria
Essen, Alice
Euliss, Dan
Euliss, Donna
Euliss, Helen
Euliss, Ray Cooper
Eure, Thaddeus Armie
Evans, Janie
Evans, Rev. Joseph
Evans, Ron
Ever Elon Campaign
Everett, Marietta Moore
Everett, Tori
Evers, Robin
Eviston, Matt
Ewell, Diana
Eyck, Stephen Ten
Eyl, Arland
Faculty Picnic (August 1990)
Farlow, Bouneva
Farmer, John Lovelace
Farrar, Lena Beale
Farrar, Marcia
Farrior, Chris
Federchuck, Julie
Feeney, Richard
Feinberg, Daniel
Ferguson, Linwood
Fesmire, Isaac Len "Foots"
Festle, Mary Jo
Feudale, Fred
Ficken, Carl
Field Hockey
Fields, Bertie Stone
Fields, Clyde
Fields, Hugh
Fighting Christians
Finberg, Doug
Finch, Maggie
Fiorito, Jeanne
Fires at Elon
Fisher, Todd
Fitch, Edna
Fitzgerald, Tony
Fleming, Hamilton J.
Fleming, Nellie
Fleming, P.H.
Flenniken, Lena Russell
Fletcher, Mary Travers
Floyd, Walter L.
Flurchick, Ken
Flying Fickle Finger of Fate
Flynn, N. Alston
Fogleman, Leland Walker
Fogleman, Pearl
Foley, Mark
Fonville, Gail
Fonville, Rudy Moore and Francis Turner
Fonville, Sadie
Food Scenes
Football - Number 1
Football - Number 2
Football - Number 3
Football - Number 4
Football - Flag
Drawer 10. For-Gra.
115 folders.
Ford, Gerald
Ford, Harold
Ford, Wilton and Christy
Fore, Melissa
Foster, Frank
Foster, J. Michael
Foster, Virgil E.
Founder's Day/Week
Foust, Norma
Fowler, Art
Fowler, Betsy
Fowler, Shirley
Fox, Geraldine
Fox, Hazel Walker
Fox, Nancy
Fox, Virgil
Frail, Scott
Francis, Gerald
Francis, Lane
Franks, Becky
Free, Lazelle
Freeland, Red
Freeman, Robert S.
Freitag, Richard Emil
French, Merton
French, Susan
Freshman Mixer - 1999
Frick, Linda Marie
Friday, William (Bill)
Friedman, Thomas L.
Frink, Leigh Ann
Fritz, Amber
Frye, Margie
Frykholm, Pamela A.
Fulgham, Nancy Newman
Fulkerson, Christopher
Fuller, Millard (Habitat for Humanity)
Fundraising at Elon
Gabbert, Jay III
Gaddy, Terry B
Gagnon, Ellen
Gagnon, Jeff
Gammon, Wendy
Gant, Betsy
Gant, Ed
Gant, Roger Jr.
Gantos, Chuck
Gantt, Harvey
Garber, Harold
Gardner, John
Gardner, Maurice
Garrea, Martin T.
Garren, Birdie Rowland
Garrison, Watson
Gaskill, Paul
Gaspeny, Michael
Gay, Beatrice Mason
Gay, Vera
Gazda, Jeff
Geiger, Sheri
Gemmill, Guy
Gentile, Marc
George, Julie
Gergen, David
Gerlach, Dianne Simpson
Gerlach, John
Gerow, Betty
Gersdorff, Graham
Gibbs, Bob
Gibson, Charlie
Gibson, Gerald
Gibson, Irene
Gill, Diane
Gilliam, Doris
Gilliam, Jayne
Ginn, Bill
Glee Club
Glen Raven Community
Glenn, James
Gminder, Albert
Gminder, Maurine S.
Godwin, Mills E.
Golladay, D.C.
Gomez, Anna
Gooch, Eugene
Good, Holly
Goodall, Jane
Goode, Chris
Goode, Gloria
Gordon, Barbara
Gordon, Clyde W. Sr.
Gordon, Eugene
Gordon, Jo Ellen
Gore, Al
Gore, Arabella
Gorman, O.B.
Gorman, W.B. "Country"
Gospel Choir
Goter, Arlene
Gottovi, Peter
Gould, Ken
Gozjack, John
Grady, Don
Graham Cinema
Graham, North Carolina - East Court Square
Graham Normal College
Graham, Walter
Graham, William Edgar
Granowsky, Seena A.
Graves, John S.
Graves, William Lee
Gravett, Howard L.
Gray, Margaret Sabra
Drawer 11. Gre-Ha.
105 folders.
Greek Life General
Green and McClure Store
Green, Jonathan
Green, Tom
Greenspan, Chris
Greeson, Stanley
Gregory, Bettina
Gribble, Kathy
Griffey, Genevieve
Griffin, Keith
Griffin, Sam
Griggs, William J. Jr.
Grimes, Tiffani
Grimley, Gene
Grimson, Roger
Grissom, William A.
Groves, Leslie
Guffey, Bob
Gulley, Coleman C.
Gunn, Howard
Gunn, Margaret Clarice
Gurol, Metin
Gwaltney, Robert A.
Gymnasium Team
Habitat for Humanity - Elon Chapter - Number 1
Habitat for Humanity - Elon Chapter - Number 2
Habitat for Humanity - 1997 - Miami, FL, and Americus, GA
Hackney, Carrie Bell Kernodle
Hackney, Jim
Haenel, Greg
Haff, Richard
Haffey, Wilton S. (Bill)
Haggard Avenue - Elon, NC
Hagigh, Jaleh
Hairland, P.J.
Halberstam, David
Halbert, Kay
Hall, Donald Keith
Hall, Julie
Hall, Lacy G.
Hall, Ollie Kernodle
Hall, Ruth
Hall, Sherrill G.
Halle, Oliver
Halloween at Elon
Hamilton, Frank R.
Hamler, Judy Moore
Hamm, Bradd
Hammond, Ken
Hancock, Pearl Jones
Hancock, R.K.
Hanke, Barb
Hankinson, Matt
Hanson, Dan
Hardage, Laura
Hardcastle, Howard "Hardy"
Hardcastle, Mary Miller
Harden, Michael "Mike"
Harding, Eva Gray Pulliam
Harding, Kim
Hardy Hunter, Christine
Hardy, Clifford
Hardy, David
Hardy, Robert Raymond
Hargis, Phyllis
Harless, Amanda
Harper, Charles W. Jr.
Harper, Estelle Walker
Harper, Herron
Harper, Mary Anne
Harper, Tom
Harper, Will
Harper, William Allen
Harper, William Allen (His Secretary)
Harrell, Alberta Boone
Harrell, Daneiel B.
Harrell, Stanley C.
Harris, Charles D.
Harris, Frank
Harris, Franklin
Harris, Greg
Harris, Keith
Harris, Mark
Harris, Nancy
Harrison-Smith Family
Hart, Thomas P.
Harward, Ned
Hasan, Syed M.
Hassell, Alfred S.
Hassell, Allene
Hassell, Clay
Hassell, Jeanette
Hatch, Betty
Hawkins, Michelle M.
Hawks, Jennie
Hawks, William (Bill)
Haworth, Cheryl
Haworth, Priscilla
Haworth, Richard
Hayes, Frank A.
Haynes, Barbara
Haynes, Jim
Haynes, Robert E.
Hayslip, Le Ly
Hazel, Shelly Skeens
Drawer 12. He-Hor.
117 folders.
Headen, Dan
Hearn, Bunn
Heckman, Sandra
Hedrick, Bobby
Hedrick, Steve
Helmstetler, Rebecca C.
Helvenston, Lula B.
Helvey, Laura
Hendrixson, David
Henricks, Judy S.
Henricks, Tom
Henry, Tal Sr.
Henson, Gary
Herbert, Mike
Herbert, William N.P.
Herbster, Ben M.
Heritage Tour
Hernandez, Israel "Izzy" and Susan
Herr, Lucile Johnston
Hess, James and Mildred
Hester, Oka T.
Hiatt, J. Lawrence and Elsie Jones
Hibbard, David
Hickey, Kate Donnelly
Hicklin, Edward M.
Hicks, Tony Lee
Highsmith, Wyatt Richardson and Mary Ruth
Hightower, Vicky
Hill, Martha Tingen
Hill, Michelle Feroe
Hillman, Ed
Hipp, Elizabeth
Hirsch, Edward
Hirsch, Hans
History Day at Elon
Hitchcock, Alix
Hobgood, Homer and Sylvia Grady
Hobson, Walter
Hockey (Off-Ice)
Hoefer, Allison
Hofeditz, Kevin Paul
Hoffman, Vic and Roseanna
Hoffman, Karen
Hoggard, Sue
Hodge, Deborah
Hodge, Jerry
Holeman, Steve
Holden, Bent T. II
Holden, Margaret Winston
Holland, E.E.
Holland, G.G.
Holland, Krissa
Holland, Miriam
Holland, Stuart Ellis
Holleman, Martha Pearl
Holleman, S.A.
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, George Thomas and Gladys Wright Holmes
Holmes, Howard Braxton
Holt, Addie
Holt, Donna
Holt, Donnell S.
Holt, Frank
Holt, Gladys
Holt, Rachel
Holt, Ralph Jr. and Eda Holt
Holt, Ric
Homecoming, Golden Alumni (Class of 1940)
Homecoming - 1950s
Homecoming - 1960s
Homecoming - 1975
Homecoming - 1978
Homecoming - 1979
Homecoming - 1980
Homecoming - 1981
Homecoming - 1982
Homecoming - 1983
Homecoming - 1984
Homecoming - 1985
Homecoming - 1986
Homecoming - 1987
Homecoming - 1988
Homecoming - 1989
Homecoming - 1990
Homecoming - 1991-2000
Homecoming - 2001-2009
Homecoming Dance
Homecoming Kings
Homecoming Kings and Queens
Homecoming Queens
Honor Society - General
Honorary Degree Recipients
Hood, Richard
Hook, Alonzo L.
Hook, Cephas
Hook, Fran Hayes
Hook, Jessie Dawson
Hook, Kenneth Boyd
Hook, Marshall Ward
Hook, Minnie Edge
Hooks, Alvin R.
Hooper, Dewey Glenn (1940 Class Ring)
Hooper, Suzanne
Hooper, W.D.
Hootie and the Blowfish (Band)
Hopkins, Joe Howard
Horman, Todd
Horn, Dan
Hornady, Margaret Christine
Horne, Catherine
Horner, Connie
Horner, Thomas Marland
Horner, William W.
Horney, Logan
Horseback Riding
Horton, Ham Jr.
Drawer 13. How-Ke.
130 folders.
Howard, Judith
Howell, James
Howell, R. Leroy
Howell, Shannon
Howell, Sue Craft
Huang, Dawei
Hubart, Tonya
Hubbard, Louis E.
Huber, Janet
Huey, Josie
Huey, Paul
Huffines, Kenneth H. and Mrs. Heenan Huffines
Hughes, Frank
Hulin, Stephanie
Humphrey, Faye Gordon
Hunt, David
Hunt, Jim
Hunt, Joe
Hunt, Patricia
Hunt, Vickie
Hunter, Fillmore Holt
Hunter, J. Allen
Hunter, Majorie
Hunziker, Donald
Huret, Nathan
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Fran
Hurst, Alfred
Hutcheson, Charles A.
Hutchins, Essie Mae
Ibrahim, Bassam N. "Sam"
Ice Hockey
Inabnit, Mary Ann
Ingle, Dan
Ingle, Helen Parkenson Cannon
Ingle, J.J.
Ingle, John
Ingram, Angie
Interfraternity Council
Institutional Advancement
Investing in Excellence Campaign
Isley, Donna
Isley, Nancy
Isley, S. Carlysle
Israel, Archie G.
Jackman, Edward
Jackson, Fred
Jackson, Mary F.
Jackson, Sidney Francis
Jackson, Smith
Jamal, A.J.
Janelle, Christopher D.
Jeewan, Ginny
Jefferies, Patti
Jeffreys, Warren
Jennette, Walton
Jennings, Burney
Jennings, Maurice
Jernigan, Thomas Kenneth
Jernigan, Virginia
Jessup, Joe
Jiggettts, Vicki
Jividen, Ann
Job Fair at Elon
Jobe, Margaret
Johnson, Barbara
Johnson, Betty
Johnson, Brantley Baird
Johnson, Clayton
Johnson, Clyde Carney
Johnson, D.
Johnson, E. Frank and Martha
Johnson, E.S.
Johnson, Eloise Fishel
Johnson, Harold W.
Johnson, Irene
Johnson, Janell
Johnson, Jerome
Johnson, Leona
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Melissa
Johnson, Oma Utley
Johnson, R.P.
Johnson, Ray
Johnson, Renny
Johnson, Ruth Bethea
Johnston, Debra
Johnston, James William
Johnston, Virginia
Jolly, Billy
Jones, Brock
Jones, Dan
Jones, Darden
Jones, Elijah
Jones Family House (Suffolk, VA)
Jones, Melvina
Jones, Plummer Alston Jr.
Jones, Rick
Jones, Shane
Jones, Tesa
Jordan, Fred
Jordan, Melissa
Joyce, David
Joyner, Vernon
Jumba, Amy
Jump Little Children (Rock Band)
Kappa Alpha Psi (Greek Life)
Kappa Psi Nu (Greek Life)
Kappa Sigma (Greek Life)
Kastings, Gretchen
Kato, Toshio Sato
Kean, Donald
Keck, Mary Patrice
Keck, Nannie Graham and Burch Keck
Keen, Margaret Parks
Keim, Jeff
Keller, Connie
Keller, Thomas Mark
Kelly, Don
Kelly, John
Kelly, Rick
Kelsey Collie Playmakers
Kemp, Andy
Kendall, A.B.
Kennerly, Karen
Kern, Kathy
Kernodle, Charles E. Jr.
Kernodle, Jimmie
Kernodle, John Robert
Kernodle, John T. and Virginia Beale
Drawer 14. Ki-Ll.
117 folders.
Kiaser, Jen
Kier, Laurin
Kilpatrick, Sandra
Kimball, Robert Morris
Kincaid, John
King, Bill
King, Catherine
King, Deborah
King, Elizabeth
King, Joseph Wallace (Reception)
King, Margaret Charlotte Roberts
King, Martin Luther Jr. Commemoration
King, Robert
Kinkade, Scott
Kinney, Pat
Kirby, Marshall
Kirchen, Robert
Kirchen, Terri
Kirkbride, Donald L.
Kiser, Pamela
Kittenger, Eleanore
Kittenger, John R.
Kivette, Camille and Florence Olga Kivette Childress
Klepcyk, Ron
Kline, Sue
Klopman, Susan
Kneubhl-Pelly, Ruth
Knight, John Vincent
Knight, Leon
Knight, Ted
Knowles, Desmond
Koch, Jason
Kornegay, Horace
Koury, Ernest
Koury, John A.
Koury, Maurice
Kucharski, Karen
Lackey, Julia
Lackey, Louisa
Lackey, Sara
Ladd, William
Lailas, Lynn
Lambda Chi Alpha (Greek Life)
Lambert, Guy
Lambert, Laurie
Lambert, Leo
Lambert, Mollie
Lamphier, Vince
Lamura, Mark
Landis, Anna Mary
Landscaping at Elon
Lane, Bob
Lane, Curtis E. Jr.
Langston, Marvin and Jane
Lankford, Eugene
Larocco, Sharon
LaRose, Robert
Larson, Kathryn H.
Lashley, Ann
Latham, Charles Gilbert
Latham, Walter C.
Lawrence, Annie Graham
Lawrence, Dora and Cora
Lawrence, Frank and Bonnie
Lawrence, Leanna Sellers
Lawrence, Walter Phalti
Lawrence, Walter Phalti Jr. and Ruth
Lea, Arthur
Leahy, Mary
Leary, Curtis
Leath, William J.
Ledbetter, Hattie McKinney
Ledford, Alice
Lee, Mattie Lee Smith
Lee, Meredith
Lee, Robert E.
Lekites, Paul
Lembo, Pete
Lemmond, Catherine
Lemons, Effie
Lentz, George
Lenoir, Lindee
Leonard, Grady H. (Daughters Ann and Jane)
Leonard, Mike
LePors, Teresa
Lesme, Scott
Lester, Fletcher Cummings
Levernez, Kristen
Lewis, Bessie
Lewis, Bobby "Fireplug"
Lewis, Carolyn
Lewis, Emma
Lewis, Laura
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth
Lewis, Michael
Lewis, Pat
Lewis, Thomas "Tom"
Lewis, Vernon
Liberal Arts Forum
Lightbourne, Andy
Lightbourne, James H. Jr.
Lijiang, Han
Liles, Anita
Lilly, Gregory A.
Lindley, Charles Clinton
Lindley, Susan
Lindley, Tyree
Lindsay, Geraldine
Lindsay, Helen Jackson
Lindsay, Robert William
Lindstrom, Peter
Lineberger, Alex
Literacy Project (1990)
Little, Carolyn
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
Lloyd, Rexanne Ayers
Drawer 15. Lo-May.
119 folders.
Locicero, Jack
Locklear, Ricky
Loftin, John
Lofton, Lara
Loggins, Kenny
Long Family Homestead
Long, Bessie Richardson
Long, Lizzie Jane Faucette
Long, Marjorie
Long, Patricia
Long, William "Bill"
Long, William Samuel
Longest, Frances
Looney, June
Lorenzetti, Lynette
Lotzia, John F. Jr.
Louka, Lukia
Love, Ann
Love, Charles
Love, Gilbert Paul
Love, Grace Thompson
Love, J. Spencer
Love, Martha
Love School of Business
Love, Spencie
Love, William G.
Lovejoys, The
Lovell, Jim
Lowder, Jerry
Lowe, Colleen
Lowry, Charles
Loy, Cheryl
Loy, Elizabeth Apple
Loy, Jerry
Loy, Lee
Loy, William Duncan
Lubling, Yoram
Lucus, Jon
Luke, Jay
Lunsford, Ernest
Lupinacci, Carol
Lupo, Chip
Lyday-Lee, Kathy
Lynam, Charles
Lynam, Sion Milton
Lynch, Zeb
Lyon, Frank
Mabe, Larry
Mace (University)
Macey, Erin
Mackenzie, Jeff
Mackintosh, Mary Graham Lawrence
MacMillan, Doug
Macy, Chad - Rememberance Cross
Madden, Joey
Madren, James W. Sr., and Majorie Moore Madren
Madren, Mrs. Jimmie (Majorie Moore Madren)
Maffis, Betty
Mafko, Kate
Maggio, Ralph A.
Maher, Julianne
Mail Room
Maintenance Department
Majorettes 1940-1949
Majorettes 1950-1959
Majorettes 1960-1969
Majorettes 1970-1979
Majorettes 1980-1989
Mancuso, Bob
Mane, Bobby
Maness, Betty
Maness, Bill
Maney, Doris
Maningo, Jocelyn
Manley, Dana
Mann, Garland O.
Mann, Philip and Mary Sue
Mann, Rex
Mann, Robert
Mansfield, Margeret
Mantz, Alice "Weegee" and Jeff
Mapp, Estella
Maraire, J. Nozipo
Marder, Stephen Lewis
Marin, Daniel
Markham, Monte
Marlette, Frances R.
Marlette, Wade and Ruth
Marmarata, Ann
Maroon and Gold
Marr, Robert B.
Marshall, Noble
Martin, Beatrice
Martin, Leo D.
Martin, Michelle
Martindale, Linda
Martinez, Maria L.
Marvin, Molly
Mason, Beatrice
Mason, Dorothy Stafford
Mason, Phil
Massey, Felicia
Massman, Bethany
Matherly, Jimmy
Matlock, Jacqueline "Jackie"
Matlock, Norma
Matthews, Warren
Mauldin, Erma
Mauldin, Meryle
Mauldin, Steve and Erma
Maxwell, Amy
May, C.V. Jr.
May Day Celebrations
Mayes, Tom
Mayfield, Alma Kimball
Mayfield, Robert E.
Maynard, Grace
Maynard, Joie and James (Jim)
Maynard, Reid
Drawer 16. Mc-NC.
163 folders.
McAdams, Jo
McAdams, Joseph Mark and Kate Vance Strader McAdams
McAfee, Elizabeth "Liz"
McBee, Robert
McBrayer, Dean
McBride, Richard
McCabe, Frank
McCain, Edwin
McCall, Barbara
McCandless, Mary Lou
McCants, Clyde
McCauley, Bruce
McCauley, Ione
McCauley, Larry
McCauley, Mary Elizabeth
McClain, Larry
McClearn, Duane
McCloud, Bernetta A.
McClure, Chad
McCollum, Mae
McCormick, Debbi
McCormick, James B., M.D.
McCrary, Suzanne
McCullough, Gavid
McDaniel, Eugene "Red"
McDaniel, Norman A.
McDaniels, Pete
McDonald, Christine
McDonald, Pearl S.
McDowell, Tim
McDuffie, Albert
McDuffie, Tyrone
McElroy, Scott
McEwen, Iris Holt
McEwen, James Henry
McGee, Brenda
McGee, Kathy
McGeorge, Rich
McGhee, Kebbler
McGregor, Calvert C.
McIntyre, Bille
McIver, C. Almon "Mon"
McKay, Helen
McKee, Jan
McKeithan, Karen
McKeon, Jack
McKinnon, Bob
McKinnon, James Jr.
McKirdy, Colin
McKnight, Terri
McLean, Beverly Boal
McLendon, Hubert Franklin "Mac"
McLennon, D.C.
McLoud, Ray
McMerty, Jay
McMichael, Dalton
McMillan, Kristin
McNeal, Frankie
McNeela, Catherine
McNeil, John Paul
McNulty, John
Means, Darris
Melchor, Brie
Melchor, Lynn
Melhorn, Marci
Melton, Buck
Meredith, Jessee
Meredith, Judy
Mertz, Mary
Metcalf, C.M. "Mickey"
Metz, G.E.
Metzger, Jon
Michaels, Calvin A.
Middleton, Janie Angel
Midgette, Nancy S.
Midyette, Lyn
Migenes, Julia
Migninolo, William F.
Milas, Larry
Miller, Allison
Miller, Ari
Miller, Dana
Miller, Kimberly
Miller, Williams R.
Millings, Ruth K.
Millis, Barbara
Ministerial Association
Mir, James
Mitchell, John
Mittelstaedt, Joel
Model, Robert
Moffett, Alexander
Moffett, Eleanor
Moffitt, Emmett Leonidas
Moffitt House
Monley, Trac
Moncure, James A. and Jane Belk
Money, Virgil
Montemurro, Peter
Montgomery, Reid and Martha
Moody, C. LeGrande
Moody, Shannon
Moody, Tammy
Moon, Samuel
Moore, Beth
Moore, Dan K.
Moore, Emma
Moore, Fletcher
Moore, Sam
Moore, Tim
Moravian Love Feast at Elon
Morgan, Andrew
Morgan, Pat
Morgan, Voight F.
Morgan, W.C.
Morley, Kara
Morningstar, William "Bill"
Morphis, Robert
Morris, James W. III
Morris, Thelma
Morrison, Dale S.
Morrison, Danny
Morrison, Karen
Morrison, R.W. (Dick)
Morrow, David
Morrow, Nancy
Morrow, Vanessa
Morse, Christopher
Morton, Rogers
Moseley, Furman
Moser, Beryl McPherson
Moser, Bob
Moser, Robin
Mosher, Patti
Mosley, Edward Kennedy
Moss, Marvin
Moury, Dan
Move-In Day
Muir, John
Muldrow, Frances
Mulford, Edward
Mullen, Ken
Mullen, Whitney
Muller, Richard
Mumford, Rebecca
Munro, Richard
Murdock, Phil
Murphy, Jack
Murphy, Jim
Murphy, Tara
Murphy, Thorist
Murray, Ocie
Music at Elon
Myers, Charles
Myers, John
Myers, Joyce Brown
Myrick, Fred F.
Myrick, S.S.
Nall, George
Nance, Paul and Frances
Nascar Connection with Elon
Nawa, Angela
Drawer 17. Ne-Pou.
176 folders.
Neagle, Win
Neal, Melissa
Neal, Patricia Elizabeth
Necci, Robin Johnson
Neese, Artie
Neese, Duane
Neese, Junius
Neese, Sara Kaufman
Nelson, Alfred William "Tank"
Nelson, Carolyn
Nelson, Cheryl
Nelson, Emily
Nelson, Janice
Nelson, Thomas P.
Nethery, Marion and Arnold
Neubauer, Suzy
Newcomb, Jeremy
Newhall, Ashton
Newlin Hardware Building Supplies
Newman, Alma
Newman, J.U. and Patty Long
Newman, Lila Clare
Newman, Urquart
Newsom, David Odell
Newsome, Jessie
Newton, Louise
Nichols, John
Nicholson, Pauline
Nicks, John
Nicol, Kathy
Nicoletti, Gina
Niederlander, Jeannette
Niemiec, John
Ninety-Ninth Birthday Party at Elon
Niquette, Chris
Nizer, Marck
Noah, Clara
Noon, Martin
North Carolina Environmental Group Fair
Northcutt, Daisy Lee
Norton, Valerie
Novak, Kathy Jo
Nowell, Bob
Nutt, Mike
O'Brien, Penny
O'Connell, Margie
O'Kelly Avenue
O'Neill, Sally Ann
O'Roark, Frances
O'Shea, Brian
Oakes, Sara and Scott
Oakely, Carol
Old Stand - Suffolk, VA
Oliver, Donna Hill
Olschner, Evelyn Lilly
Omega Psi Phi (Greek Life)
Omicron Delta Kappa
Operation Desert Storm - 1990-1991
Orban, Michael Jr.
Orbert, Annette
Organization Fair--1999
Organs at Elon
Outing Club
Overcast, Ed
Overing, Ruth Vinal
Overton, James
Owen, Elsie
Owen, Hunter
Owens, Donyell
Owens, Phillip L.
Oxford, Gerry
Padgett, George E.
Page, Robert C. III
Paintings/Glass Work at Elon
Palmer, G. Melvin
Palmer, Kelli
Palmer, Parker
Panhellenic Council
Pardue, David
Pardue, Lou
Parents' Council
Parents' Weekend
Parham, Alan
Parham, Tom and Margaret
Paris, Patti Preston
Parker, Tim
Parks, Rankin
Parks, William
Parson, Michelle
Parsons, Bennie
Parsons, Dennis Fleet
Parsons, Paul
Paschal, Garland
Passmore, Thomas
Patillo, Margaret
Patterson, Betsy
Patterson, Jana Lynn
Patterson, John
Patton, Denese
Patton, Susan
Paul, Brenda
Paul, Kenneth
Payne, Ida May
Payne, Matt
Peach, Sally
Pearson, Dawn
Peavy, Lana
Peel, Henry
Peel, James Claudius
Peel, Jason
Pelley, Bob
Pendulum, The
Perkins, Nan
Perkins, Theodore
Perrine, Wayne
Perry, Eugene
Perry, Joyce
Perry, L.J. "Hap"
Perry, Richard "Rick"
Peters, Robert F.R.
Peterson, Glenn
Peterson, Sara
Petlick, Sarah
Pewter Communion Set
Phelps, Thomas
Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Beta Sigma (Greek Life)
Phi Kappa Phi
Phi Mu (Greek Life)
Phillips, Christine
Phillips, Dale
Phillips, Glenda
Phillips, Phyllis
Phillips, Wayne E.
Philologian Society
Phoenix Logo
Phoenix Mascot
Phoenix Phans
Phoenix Rising Sculpture
Physical Fitness
Physical Plant
Physicians in Alamance County, NC
Pickard, J. Kevin
Pickens, Jim
Piecemakers Quilting Guild
Pierre, Brian
Pi Gamma Mu
Pi Kappa Phi (Greek Life)
Pi Kappa Tau (Greek Life)
Piland, W.W.
Pilot Training Program
Pinn, Marc
Pinnix, Clementine P.
Pipan, Richard
Plemmons, W.H. "Bill"
Plewes, Steven A.
Plummer, Robin
Poe, Eugene Preston
Poe, Stefanie
Poel, James
Poindexter, Robert
Pointer, J.J.
Pointer, Jane
Poliseno, Alison
Pollack, Jim
Pollock, Ron
Ponder, Anne
Poore, Louis (Cadet)
Porter, Gail
Porter, Lori Norwood
Poston, Kathleen
Potts, Wilma
Poulson, Linda
Drawer 18. Pow-R.
147 Folders.
Powell, Annabelle Council "Beth"
Powell, Anne Ellington--Master Artists Series
Powell, Caroline
Powell, Colin
Powell, James Bobbitt
Powell, Jim
Powell, Melville Tyrone
Powell, Phil
Powell, Rex G.
Powell, Sally
Powell, Scott
Powell, T.E. Jr.
Powell, T.E. III
President's Medallion
Presidents at Elon
Preston, Pattie Anderson (Mrs. Paris)
Prevette, Judy
Preyer, Emily
Preyer, L. Richardson
Price, Agnes
Price, Reynolds
Priestley, Gerard
Priestley, Mary Ellen Evans
Proctor, Loue Marie
Project Pericles Scholars
Proxmire, Williams (Senator)
Pryce, Bonnie Lynn
Psiphelian Society
Pugh, Ruth
Public Relations Committee
Pyle's Defeat
Queen Noor of Jordan
Quindlen, Anna
Quinn, Daniel
Quinn, Ingrid
Radcliffe, Katie
Radovich, Anthony "Toney"
Rainey, Darrin
Rakestraw, B. Paul and Eva Sykes Rakestraw
Ralph, Robbins
Rambo, Lynne
Rand, Titus
Rao, R.D.
Rape Awareness Program
Raper, Tammy
Rascoe, John
Ratliff, Janice Wright
Ratyburn, Netum
Rawls, Japheth E. Jr.
Rawls Parker, Mary Sue
Rawls, Pocahontas "Hontas"
Rawls, Wallace
Rawls, Walter C.
Ray, Manly
Reddington, Doug
Reddish, Paul
Reed, Tully
Reese, Jane
Reese, Helen
Regeaky, Lee
Region V Science Fair
Register, Kenneth Davis
Registration for Classes
Reiber, Agnes
Reice, Teme
Reid, H. and Virginia Ezell
Reid, Sandra
Reisher, Greg
Repe, James
Residence Hall Rooms
Revell, Marion
Reynolds, Ferris
Reynolds, Lisa
Reynolds, Mary
Rhodes, Elbert
Rhodes, J. Franklin "Frank"
Rhodes, Larry
Rhodes, Mark Z.
Rhodes, Warren G. "Dusty"
Rhyne, Sarah Hambright
Rich, Lela Faye
Rich, Leona
Rich, Ollie Mattie Burgess
Rich, William G.
Richardson, Howard
Richardson, Virginia
Richmond, L'Tanya Burch
Richter, Mark
Riddick, Betty Jean
Riddle, Cathy
Riddle, James "Jimmy"
Riedel, E.R.
Riheldaffer, Grace Hall
Riley, Shannon
Ring, Frances J. "Mother"
Ring, G. Everette
Rippy, William D.
Ritt, Martin
Ritter, Jamie
Rivers, Jennifer
Robbins, Bessie Holmes
Robbins, Eddie
Robbins, Elizabeth
Roberson, Steve
Roberts, Berta Moring
Roberts, Frank
Roberts, J. Frank
Roberts, J. W.
Robertson, Jeanne
Robinson, Christine Y.
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Kelly
Robinson, Mike
Robinson, Nataira
Rodgers, Michael
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Lee
Rohn, Robin
Rohrer, Nichole
Rollings, Grace Myrth
Rollings, Roy
Romer, Jane
Ronk, Alan
Ronstadt, Linda
Roselle, Laura
Rosen, Carl
Rosen, Robert
Rosenbloom, Richard
Roser, Kristen
Ross, Richard "Ricky"
Ross, William
ROTC at Elon
Rothwell, Sharon
Rountree, John Hinton and Clara Sharpe
Rowe, Michele
Rowell, Tyrone
Royster, Vermont Connecticut
Rubeck, Fred
Rudd, Amy
Rudd, Patrick
Ruscoe, Donald
Russell, Jerry
Ruth, Mary Collidge
Ryals, George L.
Ryals, Lynn
Ryan, Pat
Drawer 19. S-So.
157 Folders.
Sabin, Christina Elizabeth
Saecker, Wellington M. Jr.
Safley, Rachel
Sahlmann, Fred
Sain, Thomas B. and Nancy Kernodle Sain
Salter, Janie
Salty, Staci
Sanchez, Maria
Sanders, Allen
Sanders, Frank
Sanford, John D.
Sanford, Mike
Sanford, Terry - Governor of NC
Sasnett, Carl P.
Sasnett, Evelyn Richardson
Sasnett, H. Harris
Saunders, Annette
Saunders, Beth
Saunders, Belton
Saunders, Dot
Savage, Betsey
Savage, Louise
Sawyer, Frances
Scarboro, Annie Gregory
Schadt, Melissa
Scholl, Brenna
Scholz, Rev. Herbert
School of Law - People
Schwind, Jean
Schulz, John
Scott, Della Lee Cotten
Scott, Elena
Scott, Kathleen W.
Scott, Michelle
Scott, Ralph Henderson
Scott, Robert
Scott, Samuel E.
Scott, William "Billy"
Scott, William T. Sr.
Sculpture/Pottery/Art at Elon
Seabury, Ruth Isabel
Seal of Elon
Sears, Tommy
Sechrest, Zondal Myers
Sechrest, E.E.
Semans, Mary Duke Biddle Trent
Senat, Joey
Senette, Steve
Service Projects
Seward, Alan Bruce
Seward, Evelyn Yates
Sexton, Neil
Seymour, Wayne
Sharp, Allison
Sharpe, Barbara
Sharpe, William G.
Shaw, Edward and Muriel
Shaw, John Duncan
Shaw, Phil
Shaw, Roy
Shaw, Vickie
Shearer, John A.
Shearer, Norma
Shelton, Judy F.
Shinault, Trey
Shipp, Bertha Paschall
Shipton, Clarence and Doris Leonard
Shirley, Richard H. "Dick"
Shoffner, Chris
Showfety, Emil T.
Shreves, Melvin L.
Shreves, Peggy
Shultz, Chuck
Shumar, Audrey
Sides, L.R.
Sigma Alpha Omega (Greek Life)
Sigma Gamma Rho (Greek Life)
Sigma Kappa (Greek Life)
Sigma Phi Beta (Greek Life)
Sigma Phi Epsilon (Greek Life)
Sigma Pi (Greek Life)
Sigma Sigma Sigma (Greek Life)
Siler, James
Siler, Jana
Simmons, Barry
Simmons, Ric
Simmons, William (Bill)
Simons, Mark
Simpson, Essie Truitt
Simpson, Paul ("Hardrock") and Ruby Brown
Simpson, Richard Bowers
Sims, Aisha
Sinclair, Mabel Alexander
Sipes, Bobby
Sizemore, Susan
Skeleton in Science Lab
Skidmore, Merrol James
Skipper, Henry
Skipper, Luverne Porterfield
Skrosky, Rich
Slade, Jason
Slaughter, Mary
Sloan, Bill
Sloan, William Wilson and Bessie Pickett
Slotke, Karen
Small, Julie
Smith, Angie
Smith, Carter
Smith, Charles "Charlie"
Smith, Dean (Coach of UNC CHapel Hill Basketball Team)
Smith, Elizabeth Riddick
Smith, Elwood McCarley
Smith, Eric
Smith, Fred B.
Smith, H. Shelton
Smith, Howard C.
Smith, J. Harold
Smith, Jim
Smith, Kristin
Smith, Leon Edgar
Smith, Leon Edgar and Ella Ora Brunk
Smith, Lillie
Smith, Mark
Smith, Martha
Smith, Molly
Smith, Peggy
Smith, Peter Wentworth
Smith, RaDonna
Smith, R.O.
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Ruth
Smith, Stan
Smith, S.M.
Smith, Stephen W.
Smith, Sylvia
Smith, T.L. - House
Smith, Turner E.
Smith, Vicki
Smoking Cessation Clinic (1991)
Smokovich, Marybeth
Snuggs, Henry L.
Snyder, Ricky
Snyder, Walstein Welch "Wally" and Nell Gray Mann "Nellie"
Soccer Number 1
Soccer Number 2
Soccer Number 3
Society for Advancement of Management (SAM)
Softball Number 1
Softball Number 2
Soliday, Joanne
Somers, Vickie (Martin)
Sommers, Linda
Sonn, Franklin
Sony Studio Three-Chip Cameras
Southerland, Howard
Drawer 20. Spa-The.
151 Folders.
Spangler, Brian
Spann, Deborah
Sparks, Cathy
Sparks, Johnny
Sparling, Beth
Spaulding, Lee and Dorothy Edward
Special Olympics
Spelman, Kathy
Spence, Royall Jr.
Spence, Royall Sr.
Spencer, Jasmine
Spencer, Marilyn
Spencer, Randy
Spiegel, Ed
Spike Lee - Movie Production
Spikes, L.E.
Spivey, Ellen
Sprague, Austin Dever
Sports Hall of Fame
Squire, Megan
Stadler, Mona
Stadler, Virgil L.
Staley, William W.
Stamps, Michael
Stanger, Cynthia
Stanko, Joe
Stanley, Dr. Joseph Taylor
Stanley, Sherrika
Stardust Orchestra
Staton, Wendell
Stearns, Carol Wilson
Steele, John
Steere, Arthur
Steere, Dwight M.
Stefani, Gwen (No Doubt Musical Group)
Stein, Jeff
Stein, Kim
Stephens, Michelle
Stephenson, Abram Clements
Stephenson, Fred
Stephenson, Mary Rawls Jones
Stephenson, Sharon Smith
Stevens, Betsy
Stevens, Bob
Stevens, Edith
Stevens, Paula
Stevens, Suzanne
Stevens, Wyatt Millard
Stevenson, Bruce
Stevenson, Penny
Stevenson, Scott
Steverson, Ben
Stewart, Carl and Lynn Moore
Stewart, Lance
Stewart, Trey
Stinson, Normon and DeLouris - House
Stockard, Jane Stewart
Stoffel, William J. Jr.
Stogsdil, Tom
Stokes, Durwood Turrentine
Stone, Craig
Stone, Dan
Stone, John III
Stone, Luciele
Stone, Marvin
Stone, Wallace
Stoner, William G. "Bill"
Storms - The Day the Oaks Broke, June 16, 1989
Storms - Wind Storm, Elon University, May 21, 2001
Story, Hatcher P.
Story, Samuel Wilbur Lee Jr.
Stovall, Jim
Stovall, Nathan
Strange, Jessie Lee Brown
Strauch, Arnold C.
Streaking at Elon
Street, David
Strempek, Barth
Strum, Theo
Stryker, Mary Hall
Stuart, Burton
Student Christian Association
Student Government Association
Student Life Staff Retreat
Student Union Board
Study Abroad Program
Stutts, Barbara
Subway (Restaurant)
Such, Dick
Suckow, Doug
Sugar Grove (Rock Band)
Sullivan, Beulah Hensley
Sullivan Greg
Sullivan, John G.
Summers, Fleda
Summers, Gail
Sunbathers - Elon College
SURF - Student Undergraduate Reserach Forum
Surratt, D.T.
Surry, Bob
Sutherland, Rosa Brannock
Swan, Chris
Sweat, Jonathan
Sweet Signatures
Sweets, Rodney
Swicegood, Charles
Swint, Thyra
Switzer, Stan
Sykes, Cindy
Sykes, Kay Jeffreys
Symphonic Winds
Synn, Wohni
Take Back the Night
Talbert, Robert
Talley, Jamie
Talley, Jennifer
Tapp, Teresa
Target, Thomas
Tate, Gladys
Tate, Monica
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Greek Life)
Tau Zeta Phi (Greek Life)
Taylor, Barbara
Taylor, Beth
Taylor, George
Taylor, Jen
Taylor, Joseph Anthony
Taylor, Mary Alice
Taylor, Maude
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Nikia S.
Taylor, Paul Richard
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Tessie
Taylor, Tonya
Teaching Fellows
Teague, Neil
Television Services at Elon
Teller, Rick
Tennant, Shannon
Terrell, Clem
Terrell, James
Terrell, Melissa
Terrell, William B.
Thatcher, Margaret
Theatre Arts Events Number 1
Theatre Arts Events Number 2
Drawer 21. Tho-War.
154 Folders.
Thomas, Beth Raines
Thomas, C. Avery Jr.
Thomas, Clifton J. and Myra Perry
Thomas, Jean Loy
Thomas, Julie
Thomas, Lee
Thomas, Lowell
Thomas, Lucille Green
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Meg
Thomas, Ray
Thomas, Rich
Thomas, Sarah
Thompson, Azariah G. "Azzie"
Thompson, Eugene Herbert
Thompson, Mabel M.
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Stefan
Thornqvist, Roland
Tibetan Monks
Tickle, Bonnie Dix
Tiemann, Thomas
Tillotson, Carolyn
Timberlake, Debbie
Timmons, Andy
Tingen, Martha
Tinman, Bethany
Todd, Margarett Corbitt
Tolley, Jerry
Tom Sawyer-Huck Finne Tennis Classic
Tomanchek Family
Tomlinson, Jake
Toney, James
Tootoo, Karen Benne
Totten, Anthoony
Town of Elon - BP Gas Station
Town of Elon - Brown and Company
Town of Elon - Carnival Fair
Town of Elon - City Hall
Town of Elon - Fire Station
Town of Elon - History
Town of Elon - Laundry Mat
Town of Elon - Post Office
Town of Elon - Private School
Town of Elon - Railroad Tracks
Town of Elon - Sidetrack Grill
Town of Elon - Subway (Restaurant)
Town of Elon - Train
Town of Elon - Train Station
Town of Elon - Wilburn's Service Station
Townsand, Eric
Townsend, Todd
Trautwein, Larry
Trees of Elon
Trelenski, Sam
Trisciani, Tony
Trogdon, Lillian Shoffner
Trout, Robert "Bob"
Troxler, George
Truitt, Adelia Jones
Truitt, Bob
Truitt, Cora Annie Sharpe
Truitt, Dolores
Truitt Family
Truitt, Herman
Truitt, John Galloway Jr.
Truitt, John Galloway Sr.
Truitt, Reuben Ayers
Truman, Harry S. (Honorary Degree)
Tucker, Donna
Tucker, George
Tulchinsky, Peter
Turkey Trot
Turner, Anthony
Turner, Dennis
Turner, Lloyd Levi
Turner, Ray
Turner, William (Bill)
Tutu, Desmond
Tweed, Arline Lindsey
Twiddy, Baxter
Typing Class
Ulrich, Michael
United States Air Force Symphony Orchestra
Updyke, Leona
Updyke, Worden
Updyke, Elizabeth Jane
U.S.S. Lexington - Naval Ship
Utt, Kenneth Claude and Angie Henry
Utterback, Paul
Utz, Jack
Valentine's Day at Elon
Van Buskirk, Fred and Margaret
Van Cleve, A. R. and Jewel Truitt
Van Horn, Drew
Vance, John
Vandalism at Elon
Varney, Sid
Vaughn, David
Vaughn, Mike and Bonita
Velie, C. James
Vercella, Diana Barbara
Vetter, Stephen
Vickers, Earl Wright Jr.
Vickers, Gladys Simpson
Vickers, Virginia Ann Joyce
Vickery, DeWitt D.
Viereck, Amanda Michelle
Vietnam War
Vincentini, Laura
Virginia Group, The
Von Doenhoff, Albert
Vore, Duane N.
Voorhees, Drusilla Dofflemyer
Vuk, Thomas A.
Wade, Ashley
Wade, Jonathan
Wade, Sam
Waff, Susan
Waggoner, James M.
Wagoner, Steve
Walden, Ray
Walker, Annie
Walker, Claude L.
Walker, Dorothy Hunter
Walker, Jack
Walker, Jo Nelle
Walker, Maddie Lee
Walker, Paul Curtis and Muriel
Walker, Robert
Walker, Sue
Walker, William
Walker, William V. and Susie Elder Walker
Walker, Zachary T. III
Wall, Linwood
Wall, Sherri P.
Wallace, Ann
Wallace, Terri Crowson
Wallen, Tim
Walt Disney World - MGM Studios
Walters, Jeff
Walters, W.T
Walters-Bowers, Sharon
War Memorial Stadium - Greensboro, NC
Ward, Marie W.
Ward, Nancy
Ward, Max
Ward, Michael
Ward, Robert
Warler, Bruce
Warman, Janet
Warren, Heather
Drawer 22. Was-Wil.
101 Folders.
Washburn, Ann
Washburn, Doug
Wassel, John and Gloria
Water Polo
Waters, Christopher
Waters, Norman B. "Muddy" and Marguerite Harris Waters
Waters, Randy
Waters Rex
Watkins, Betty
Watkins, Faye
Watson, Dudley
Watson, Mary
Watson, Ural and Selma Walters "Polly" Watson
Watt, Annette
Watts, Ann Brewbaker
Watts, Daniel Thomas Sr.
Watts, Fred
Watts, Thelma R.
Watts, Tom (Daniel T. Jr.)
Waugh, Jay H. Jr.
Weaval, Teresa
Weaver, Akilah
Weaver, Linda
Weaver, Margaret
Webster, Samuel T.
Wellford, Jane
Wellman, Manly Wade
Wellons, Rev. James Willis
Wellons, Lillian Alice
Wells, Keith
Welsh, Leo
Wentz, Henry and Ella Mae Morgan Wentz
West, Albert
West, John
West, Laura
Westafer, Walter
Westbrook, Linda
Westenhiser, Tom
Westmorland, John
Weston, Anthony
Weston, Bertha Bell
Weston, Robert Wayne
Wheeler, John
White, Alan J.
White, Dr. Chris
White, H.E.
White, Jack O.
White, Joseph D.
White, King
White, M. Christoper
White, Pat
White, Quinten
White, Sherley
White, T.E.
Whitesell, John C. and Madge Fleming Moffitt Whitesell
Whitley, Carolyn
Whitley, George Robert
Whitley, Lloyd
Whitt, Duane
Whitt, Grayson
Whitted, Al
Whitten, Dolphus
Whittinghill, Maurice
Whittington, Gerald
Wicker, Dan
Wicker, Robert
Wicker, Walton Crump
Wicker, Walton Staley
Wiesel, Elie
Wiggins, Norman Adrian
Wilder, Jason
Wilkins, Louis
Williams, Alton
Williams, Ben
Williams, Carol
Williams, Evangeline McIntyre Carr
Williams, Jeanne Freeman
Williams, Jo Watts
Williams, Kristina
Williams, Lauren
Williams, Michael (Mike)
Williams, Sylvia
Williams, Tamara
Williams, Tawanna
Williams, Terry
Williams, Wade
Williams, William L. Jr.
Williamsburg, VA
Williamson, Eddie
Williamson, R.L.
Wills, Kyle
Wills, Terry
Willson, Lawrence Bonhoeffer
Wilson, Eugenia Green
Wilson, Dani
Wilson, Faye
Wilson, Katie
Wilson, Minnie Johnston
Wilson, Roger B.
Wilson, Shirley "Red"
Wilson, Woodrow W.
Drawer 23. Wim-Z.
71 Folders.
Wimsatt, Mary Ann
Winston, Martha
Winter Scenes (Ice/Snow) on Campus
Winters, Patrick
Wirt, Gary
Wisseman, Graham Rowland
Wisseman, Mary
Wodisrisaki, Sak
Wolfe, Nancy
Wolfe, Sallie
Womble, Jennings Van Buren
Woods, C. Carl Jr.
Woods, Christopher
Woods, Madge
Woods, Margie
Woodson, Julia
Wooten, Ann
Wooten, Betty
Wooten, George
Wooten, Kristi
World War I - General (1917-1918)
World War I - Elon (1917-1918)
World War II - Elon (1941-1945)
Worst, Chris
Wright, Daniel W.
Wright, Dave
Wright, Matt
Writing Program at Elon
WSOE - Elon Radio
Wyatt, Charlotte
Wyrick, Cheryl Haworth
Wyrick, James Alvin
Wyrick, Melvin O. and ruby Inez Huffines
Xu, Sixiong
Y.M.C.A. at Elon
Y.W.C.A. at Eloon
Yancey, Robert "Bobby"
Yarborough, Barbara
Yarborough, Rufus
Yates, Gladys
Yates, Tammy
Yeager, Cory
Yeager, Frances Council
Yelton, Nathan
Yesulaitis, Patricia
Yntema, Brady
Yoder, Ed
York, Guy Aytch
Young, Andrew
Young, James Fred Number 1
Young, James Fred Number 2
Young, James Fred and Phyllis Young
Young, Margaret Sue Johnston
Young, Phyllis
Young, Wilburt Hugh
Yow, Debbie
Yow, Kay
Yow, Sharon
Yu, Wei
Zaiser, Greg
Zang, Margaret
Zarrelli, Chuck
Zarzar, Rudy
Zeller, Karen
Zeta Phi Beta (Greek Life)
Zeta Tau Alpha (Greek Life)
Zhu, Hongqing
Zink, Alvin John III
Zinn, Carolyn
Zint, Jimmy
Zumwalt, Elmo Russell III
Box 1. Oversize flat. Panoramics A-Z.
4 Folders.
Churchman's Fellowship - 1960
Classes of 1920-1929
Ministers - Men's Church Group at Elon - 1920s
Unidentified - People
Box 2. Unidentified.
59 Folders.
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1940-1949
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1950s-1960s
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1970s-1980s
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1970-1979
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1980-1989
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 1990-1999
Unidentified Academic Classroom Settings - 2000-2009
Unidentified Buildings - Undated
Unidentified Buildings - 1982
Unidentified Buildings - 1990-1999
Unidentified Buildings - 2001-2009
Unidentified Construction - 1950-1969
Unidentified Construction - 1990-1999
Unidentified Events - 1970-1979
Unidentified Events - 1990-1999
Unidentified Events - 2000-2009
Unidentified Faculty and Staff - 1990-1999
Unidentified Faculty and Staff - 2000-2009
Unidentified Music and Theatre Performances - Undated
Unidentified Music and Theatre Performances - 1980-1989
Unidentified Music and Theatre Performances - 1980s-1990s
Unidentified Music and Theatre Performances - 1990-1999
Unidentified Music and Theatre Performances - 2000-2009
Unidentified People - Undated
Unidentified People - 1920-1929
Unidentified People - 1930-1939
Unidentified People - 1940-1949
Unidentified People - 1950s-1960s
Unidentified People - 1960s
Unidentified People - 1970s-1980s
Unidentified People - 1980-1989
Unidentified People - 1980s-1990s
Unidentified People - 1990-1999 Number 1
Unidentified People - 1990-1999 Number 2
Unidentified People - 1990-1999 Number 3
Unidentified People - 1990-1999 Number 4
Unidentified People - 2000-2009 Number 1
Unidentified Students - Undated Number 1
Unidentified Students - Undated Number 2
Unidentified Students - 1920-1929
Unidentified Students - 1920s-1930s
Unidentified Students - 1930-1939
Unidentified Students - 1940-1949
Unidentified Students - 1950s-1960s
Unidentified Students - 1950-1959
Unidentified Students - 1960-1969
Unidentified Students - 1970s-1980s
Unidentified Students - 1970-1979
Unidentified Students - 1980s-1990s
Unidentified Students - 1980-1989 Number 1
Unidentified Students - 1980-1989 Number 2
Unidentified Students - 1980-1989 Number 3
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 1
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 2
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 3
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 4
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 5
Unidentified Students - 1990-1999 Number 6
Box 3. Unidentified.
5 Folders.
Unidentified Students - 1995-2001 Number 1
Unidentified Students - 1995-2001 Number 2
Unidentified Students - 2000-2009 Number 1
Unidentified Students - 2000-2009 Number 2
Unidentified Students - 2000-2009 Number 3
Cabinet 1, Drawer 1. Oversize flat file cabinet. A-Ca.
9 Folders.
Athletic Captains
Band - Concert
Band - Marching
Bartlett, C.F. - Raleigh, NC
Berry, Thomas
Burlington, NC - Downtown
Cannon, Isabella
Cabinet 1, Drawer 2. Oversize flat file cabinet. Cl.
8 Folders.
Classes of 1890-1899 Number 1
Classes of 1890-1899 Number 2
Classes of 1900-1919 Number 1
Classes of 1900-1919 Number 2
Classes of 1900-1919 Number 3
Classes of 1900-1919 Number 4
Classes of 1920-1929 Number 1
Classes of 1920-1929 Number 2
Cabinet 1, Drawer 3. Oversize flat file cabinet. Cl-F.
8 Folders.
Classes of 1930-1939
Classes of 1940-1949
Classes of 1950-1959
Cilo Society Number 1
Clio Society Number 2
Danieley, James Earl
Eure, Thad
Cabinet 1, Drawer 4. Oversize flat file cabinet. G-Mc.
7 Folders.
Gym Team
Hedrick, Bobby
Holmes, H.B. (Professor)
Home Economics Class
Kappa Psi Nu
Mason, Drewrey
McClure, C.R. "Chad"
Cabinet 1, Drawer 5. Oversize flat file cabinet. Mi-P.
7 Folders.
Ministerial Association
Phi Psi Cli Staff
Philologian Society Number 1
Philologian Society Number 2
Pi Kappa Tau - 1965-1968
President's Own Orchestra/Band
Psiphelian Society
Cabinet 1, Drawer 6. Oversize flat file cabinet. R-W.
10 Folders.
Railroad Hotel - Company Shops - Burlington, NC
Sigma Phi Epsilon - 2005-2006
Smith, Leon Edgar
Battery B. 1st Service Batallion - South Carolina National Guard (Ft. Monroe, VA, April 1924)
Southern Railroad Train Depot - Burlington, NC
Theatre Arts
Track Team
United States Air Force Orchestra
Watts, Daniel T. Sr.
World War I - Elon
Cabinet 1, Drawer 7. Oversize flat file cabinet. Unidentified.
3 Folders.
Unidentified People Number 1
Unidentified People Number 2
Unidentified Places