Inventory of the EUA040 Biography Files, 0000 - 0000 EUA040

Inventory of the EUA040 Biography Files, 0000 - 0000

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Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Elon University
2550 Campus Box
Elon, North Carolina

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University
Title: EUA040 Biography Files, 0000 - 0000
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Archives and Special Collections at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: This is a collection of materials that relate to specific individuals associated with Elon University and the Town of Elon. The collection includes biographical information about individuals associated with Elon University and the Town, including some of the founders of the institution, faculty and staff, and alumni. Documents within each folder contain a variety of items, such as newspaper clippings, correspondences, essays and memoirs, and other types of printed materials. The specific date range of this collection is unknown, but the materials begin sometime during the 19th century and continue to the present day. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the individuals' last name and then first name. The collection is housed in 20 file cabinet drawers. Please refer to the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more specific information about what is included.
Extent: 24 linear feet, 20 file cabinet drawers

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Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

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Copyright Notice

The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], EUA040 Biography Files, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Gift or Purchase Note

Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Not applicable

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Processing Information

Processed by Katie Nash, December, 2011

Encoded by Katie Nash, December, 2011

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The collection is arranged alphabetically by the individuals' last name and then first name. The collection is housed in 20 file cabinet drawers.

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Elon College (N.C.) -- History.
Elon College -- History.
Elon University -- History.
Elon College -- Administration.
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Elon College -- Faculty.
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Elon College -- Students.
Elon University -- Administration.
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Elon University -- Faculty.
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Related Material

Please consult with the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for additional information about related materials to this collection.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Drawer 1. A-Ban.
116 Folders.
Abernathy, Rufus H.
Abu-Aitah, Nabil
Adam, Chris
Adams, Jerome R.
Adams, Johnathan
Adams, Louis
Adams, Lynne F.
Adams, Ryan
Adams, Shaunta
Agnew, Jimmie
Agyeman-Duah, Baffour
Ahn, Augi Wookyu
Ahn, Hong-Sik
Aiello, Paul
Aitcheson, Marion
al-Majali, Laith
Alamo, Nadia
Albea, Johnny B.
Albergotti, Dan
Albert, Douglas S.
Albert, Tonya
Albertson, Mark R.
Albright, Walter H.
Alewynse, Fay
Alewynse, John J.
Alexander, J. Wesley
Allen, Donald Lee
Allen, Ethel
Allen, Harvey Mebane
Allen, J.B. Jr.
Allen, Lorraine M.
Allen, Noel Lee
Allison, James
Allison, Meredith
Allnut, Bobbie A.
Allocco, Amy
Allred, Cary Dale
Altmann, Kyle
Alvarez, Milena
Amburn, Diana
Amick, Thomas
Anderson, Chelsea
Anderson, Kerrii
Anderson, Lauren
Anderson, Ralph V.
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Steve
Anderson, Tim
Anderson, Wright
Andes, Alfred Wellons
Andes, William Jacob
Andrews, Billy F.
Andrews, Erin
Andrews, Neill P.
Andrews, Thomas Harold
Angyal, Andrew
Ansbacher, Benjamin
Antal, Margie Karen
Apperson, Richard T.
Apple, Alice
Apple, Andrew
Apple, Avery William
Apple, Judy G.
Apple, Howard Douglas Jr.
Apple, Isa Bell Scott
Apple, Isabelle Lowe
Apple, Isabelle Wagoner
Apple, Lana
Arant, M. David
Arcaro, Thomas
Arditti-Davis, Joyce
Argent, Joseph E.
Arkinson, Hollis E.
Arnold, John F. "Jack" Jr.
Arnold, Luther
Artley, Malvin
Artley, Nathan Monroe
Atkins, Charles
Atkins, David L.
Atkins, George W.
Atkinson, Del
Atkinson, James Oscar
Atkinson, James Oscar Jr.
Atkinson, Jennie Willis
Attah, Louis E.
Auman, Donald Glenn
Auman, John Clyde
Auman, Mary Elizabeth
Ausley, Jayne Ann
Austin, Chase
Austin, John
Austen, Kenneth E.
Avery, Jennifer
Avizonis, Angele
Avizonis, Konstantinas
Ayscue, Harriet
Ayers, J.P.
Azam, Farida
Azam, Golam
Babcock, Havilah
Bacot, Hunter
Baez, Hector
Bailey, Deanna
Bailey, Robert Allen
Bain, Rosa
Bakatsias, Giorgios N.
Baker, Bryan
Baker, L.M. "Bud" Jr.
Baker, Martin H.
Baker, Marty
Ballard, Stephen Jay
Ballentine, Margaret Joe
Baltutis, Ian
Bangley, John
Drawer 2. Bar-Bor.
123 Folders.
Barake, Alex
Barbee, Bill
Barbee, Dexter Raymond
Barbee, William Hawhsley
Barber, Herbert Harper
Barbour, James L.
Barbuto, George
Barefoot, Karen
Barfield, Rodney Dowell
Barker, Karlan
Barner, John C.
Barnes, Kenneth
Barnes, Larry Everett
Barnett, Thomas
Barney, Harold L.
Barney, John H.
Barney, John W.
Barnhardt, Harriet B.
Barnhill, John
Barnwell, James A., Jr.
Barr, Dottie and Tracy
Barrett, Floyd
Barrett, Robert Wilton
Barringer, Delores
Bartholomew, Philip
Barton, Dan
Basirico, Lawrence
Baskerville, Phil
Basnight, Marc
Bason, Pat
Bass, Barbara
Bass, Charles C.
Bass, Grace
Bass, Thomas L. Jr.
Batten, Kevin C.
Baunach, Lynne G.
Baxter, Bonnie
Baxter, Robert Clifton
Baxter, Teddy Ireland
Bayliff, C. Conway "Buck"
Baynes, Eloise
Bayol, Ben
Baytos, Kelly
Beaman, Hope
Beamon, Glenda
Beasley, Todd
Beck, Allen V.
Beck, Raymond Lynn
Beckham, Joe Clifton
Beckman, Michelle
Beedle, Barry
Beedle, Jennie A.
Beeler, Caitlin
Behrman, Richard
Beisinger, Leota
Beisinger, Robert Charles
Belk, Irwin "Ike" and Carol Grotnes
Belk, James S.
Belk, Joe
Belk, John Montgomery
Bell, Jo Anne
Bell, Joy Denise
Bell, Keith
Bello, Fernando J.
Belsole, Nicole
Belvin, Bertie S.
Bennett, Anthony
Bennett, Paul
Bennett, Shelby D.
Benton, Percy W. Jr.
Berry, Jennings Warren Jr.
Berry, Lydia
Berry, Thomas
Berry, Winford Jennings Jr.
Beskow, Dennis
Best, Billy
Betts, Edwin Morris
Betts, Mary Hall
Beveridge, Thomas
Bingenheimer, Elaine
Bishop, Carrie
Bissett, James (Jim)
Bittner, Denise
Black, Alana
Black, Alice M.
Black, Katherine
Blackburn, Clinton Joseph
Blackstone, William
Blake, Robert Grady
Bland, J.P.
Bland, Linda
Bland, Robert Lamar
Blank, David L.
Blanton, Sankey L.
Bledsoe, M. Tony
Bliden, Elon
Bloch-Schulman, Stephen
Blount, Orlanda Curtis
Blumenfeld-Jones, Donald
Board, Warren
Bodle, David L.
Bohigas, Jose M.
Bohrer, Judith Ingram
Bolden, Don
Boleman, Alice S.
Bolin, Anne
Bolton, Elizabeth
Bonatti, John
Bond, Mitzi
Boney, Tom and Jean Sandifer
Book, Constance
Booker, Kate
Booker, Zach
Boone, Becky
Boone, C. Stanley
Boone, D.L. Sr.
Boone, Fred
Boone, Jack
Boone, Nina-See Melvin, Mary Louise
Boone, William H.
Boozer, Katina
Bordeaux, Janice
Borden, Cheryl
Drawer 3. Bos-Cap.
131 Folders.
Bost, Clara Lois McAdams
Boswell, Marolyn E.
Bowden, Carlyle
Bowden, Daniel J. (D.J)
Bowden, Lorene Owens
Bowden, Regina J.
Bower, Bonnie
Bowery, Wayne
Bowman, J. Fred
Bowman, Randall
Boxill, Jeanette M.
Boyd, Eliza
Boyd, Helen
Boyd, Wilhelmina
Boyette, Barbara
Boyle, Kevin
Boyle, Kyndall
Bozarth, Howard P.
Brady, Elbert Carl
Bradberry, Barry
Bradford, Ralph
Bradford, Russell T.
Bradshaw, Joseph L. Jr.
Bradshaw, Thomas C.
Bragg, David
Branche, Patricia Jones
Brannock Family
Brannock, Edith
Brannock, Loula York
Brannock, Madge
Brannock, Ned Faucette
Branson, Brian
Branson, Jesse
Bravender, Paul E.
Bray, H. Winfred
Braye, Steve
Bridgers, Ralph
Bridges, Eddie C.
Bridgman, Phillip M.
Briggs, Charles Vernon "Lefty" Jr.
Briggs, Howard
Bright, Marydell
Bristol, Kathryn
Britt, Byrd
Britt, C. Robin
Britt, Daniel
Brittain, Jean Lenior
Brittain, Katherine "Kay" May
Brittain, Mary
Britton, Rose G.
Broadway, Mikael N.
Brock, Herman
Brogan, Wesley
Bromilow, Neil
Brookhouse, Christopher
Brooks, Bonnie Moore
Brooks, Eugene H.
Brooks, James "Jimmy" Charles
Brooks, Jeanne R.
Brooks, June Clark and Ricky
Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Stephen B.
Brown, Bill
Brown, Clarence J.
Brown, David W.
Brown, Dwight D.
Brown, Janie P. and Mickey
Brown, Jeffrey Alan
Brown, Laurie Alcon
Brown, Patty
Brown, Walter "Buster" M. III
Brown, William Moseley
Brown, William T.
Brown, Wilmer
Browne, Scott
Browne, Shannon
Browning, Charles L.
Broyhill, Suzanne M. and Joel T.
Brucato, Peter F. Jr.
Brumbaugh, Chalmers S.
Brumbaugh, Pam
Bruno, Bonnie S.
Bruno, Jerry
Bryan, Affie Griffin
Buchanan, Ronald
Buckmaster, Matthew
Buechler, Scott
Buff, Steve
Bujan, Vincent R.
Bulard, George
Buongiorno, Gregg W.
Burbridge, John J.
Burchard, Helen
Burgess, Chester W. III
Burke, DeLacy Blair
Burnham, Cardon V.
Burns, Warren
Burton, Bob
Burton, Sara H.
Burton, Thomas Lindsey
Bush, B. Allen Jr.
Bush, George Herbert Walker Campaign - 1992
Bush, James
Bush, Marshall
Busija, Edith C.
Butler, Anita
Butler, Ann Stewart
Butler, Ben
Butler, William "Buster" Edward Jr. and Mary
Byerly, Maggie
Byrd, Luther
Byrd, Mandy
Caddell, Moses Dixon
Caddell, Steve
Cahill, Ann J.
Cahill, Moir
Calhoun, Bessie Staley
Calhoun, Mike
Calicchio, Dominic
Callahan, Gaylor F.
Calloway, Dan
Cammack, Ramsey E.
Campbell, Kendra Kyann
Campbell, Lou Gurtie Carter Faust
Campbell, Jonathan
Campbell, Roy
Cannon, Isabella
Cannon, Jeffrey Scott
Cantrell, Joyce L.
Capps, Dewey
Capra, Raymond and Alexia
Drawer 4. Car-Cop.
120 Folders.
Card, Orson Scott
Carden, Karen R.
Carden, Lonnie Mack
Carignan, Michael
Carlton Family
Carmen, Fleta H.
Carpenter, James Albert
Carpenter, Jeff
Carret, Philip L.
Carrico, Charles
Carroll, Brian P.
Carroll, Margaret
Carroll, Mary
Carter, Annmarie
Carter, Jimmy
Carter, John Marshall
Carter, Nira
Case, Trelles
Casey, Dorothy M.
Cass, Stewart Thornton
Cassady, John Ferrell
Cassebaum, Anne
Cassidy, Tom
Cates, Brooks
Cates, Nicole Bonhomme
Caulkins, Tamara Lee
Causey, Elinor Argenbright
Causey, Jimma
Cave, Brian S.
Cayton, Donald E. Jr.
Celikkal, Babaros
Cepas, Kostas V.
Chafetz, Stuart
Chalko, Chris
Chandler, C.S.
Chandler, Donna
Chandler, Drury B.
Chandler, Ted and Teresa
Chandler, Thomas E. and Lynn
Chandler, Wallace L.
Chapman, Jon
Charles, Marion Oats "Oatsie"
Chase, Carole
Cheatham, Bessie Staley
Cheatham, Dolores Holt
Cheek, Paul H.
Cheek, Paul "Lefty"
Cheek, Ruth L.
Chen, Han-Ming "Frank"
Choung, Yoon S.
Chrismon, Albert F.
Chrismon, Anna
Chrismon, Frank
Chrismon, Horace W.
Chrismon, Lana Apple
Chrismon, Lane Levon
Chrismon, Myrtle Wyrick
Chrismon, Newton
Chrismon, Thomas J.
Chuk, Jonathan
Chung, Kwan-Mo and Sungshin Women's University in Seoul, Korea
Churchill, Kim D.
Ciardella, Margaret C.
Clapp, Bill
Clapp, Jerry and Nancy Beale
Clark, Jeffrey
Clark, Martha Anna
Clark, Matt
Clark, Paul
Clarke, Phillippa
Clarke, William L. "Bill" Jr.
Claytor, Bill
Claytor, Mary
Clemmons, Dave
Clendenning, Jessica
Clinton, Bill and Hillary
Clouse, Francis D.
Clyburn, Louis
Coad, Susan R.
Cobb, James Venner
Cobb, Leota Frazier
Cobb-Kernodle, Kate Lee
Coble, Stephen Edward and Ashley Jean
Cochran, Janet F.
Cody, Sue
Cofield, Terrell W.
Coffin, William Sloane Jr.
Coghill, Pattie
Coker, Jeffrey
Coker, Shawn
Colclough, George D. and Sue Watts
Colclough, George W.
Colclough, Mary Sue
Cole, Brandon
Cole, Robert
Cole, Tommy
Cole, William Aaron Jr.
Coleman, Joseph Todd
Coleman, Ronald Dean
Coley, James
Collins, Fletcher
Collins, Marilyn
Colton, Adam
Coltrane, George Allen
Colussy-Estes, Kate
Coltrane, Lela Hayworth
Comer, James Logan
Compton, Lala
Cone, Jane
Conklin, Lisa
Conklin, Megan
Cook, Hobart
Cook, Irene Johnson
Cooksey, Lois C.
Cooper, Alyse
Cooper, David H.
Cooper, Janet
Coosner, Jason
Copeland, David
Copland, James R. III
Drawer 5. Cor-De.
97 Folders.
Corbett, Vanessa
Corbitt, Margarete
Corbitt, Sara
Cornelius, Polly Butler
Corwith, W.F.
Cotton, Ronald
Cotton, Urysla
Cotton, W.J.
Cottrell, Allin Findlay
Council, Debra P.
Council, Janie
Coupland, Iris McEwen McCrary
Courtney, Emogene Spangler
Coveney, Martin Reid
Covington, Irene Hook
Covington, Julia W.
Covington, Raymond Paul
Covington, Martin Cade Jr.
Cowan, Amy
Cowan, Cathy Waldrup
Cox, Douglas
Cox, Lenneous Issac
Cox, Stella
Coyne, Anthony Moncrief
Craft, Margaret E.
Craig, Kathryn G.
Cramer, Sarah Maness
Cranfill, Josh
Craven, Jo
Crawford, Ann R.
Crawford, Glenda
Creech, Terry D.
Crellin, Paul
Crenshaw, Cayce
Creswell, R.J.
Crewe, Ashlee
Crew, James C.
Crider, Anthony
Crittenden, Ann
Cronkite, Walter
Crowe, David M.
Crowe, Leslie
Crumpton, J.F. and Pretto Browne
Crutchfield, Moses
Cunningham, Cheryl
Cunningham, H.H.
Cunningham, Mary Shaw
Curlazza, Jimmy
Currin, B. Madison
Currin, John G. Jr.
Curtis, Marshall
Cykert, Linda
Dahlen, Tracey
Dalodom, Anuwat
Dalton, Denise D.
Daniel, Edwin L.
Daniel, Helen (Mrs. W.M. Coffin)
Daniel, Violet Hoffman
Danieley, Heidi B.
Danieley, James Earl
Danieley, Rena M.
Danieley, Verona Daniels
Daniels, Diane K.
Darden, James Fenton and Virginia Dare Jeffreys
Darden, J.M.
Das, Pranab
David, Joyce
Davidson, Dwight
Davidson, Edwin
Davidson, Forrest Murray
Davis, Adam
Davis, Drew
Davis, Leary
Davis, Nancy A.
Davis, Richard A.
Davis, Tiffany
Day, Edward Ray
deFord, Beth
de Klerk, F.W.
de la Fe', Robert (Bob)
deVictoria, Esther
Deagon, Ann
Deane, Paul D.
Deason, Mary H.
DeGraff, David R.
Dellinger, James
Delong, Terry
Delp, Robert
Dempster, Mildred P.
Demuth, D. Jean (Miss)
Denning, John Delano
Denton, Dale
Denton, Jeremiah
Denton, Samuel Burrell
DeShield, McKinley A. Jr.
Detrick, Frances
Devaney, Bill
Drawer 6. Di-Fi.
117 Folders.
Dickerman, Christie
Dickey, James
Diesslin, Lisa
DiGiulian, Anthony
Digre, Brian
Dillashaw, F. Gerald
Dimont, Keith
DiRosa, Samantha
Dobbs, Hazel White
Dodge, Ava L.B.
Dollar, Melvin
Dollins, Daniel C.
Donde, Josh
Donnelly, Stanely Charles
Doty, Colton
Dowd, Christy
Dowd, Katherine "Katey"
Doyle, Ruth L.
Drake, Jerry L.
Driscoll, Ron
Driskell, Kathleen M.
Drtina, Jon A.
Drummond, James
DuBuisson, David
Dudaronak, Yuliya
Dudka, Leonard T.
Dudley, Kenneth Harrison
Duffy, William "Will"
Dugre, Neal
Dula, Vivian
Duncan, Mark
Duncan, William H. and Kathryn M.
Durham, Alton
Durham, Dallas Wesley
Durham, Trip
Durham, Wayne W.
Duvall, John
Duvall, Sylvanus M. and Evelyn Millis
Dwyer, Diana S.
Dykers, Carol R.
Ealer, Katelyn
Eanes, Timothy Page
Eastman, Alan D.
Eastman, Kevin L.
Eaton, Helen Enos
Eberhart, Mary Catherine
Eckard, Miles L.
Ector, Mary
Edgecomb, Nancy L.
Edmund, Natalie
Edwards, Isabell
Edwards, John and John Kerry Presidential Campaign - 2004
Edwards, Thomas
Eisenhower, Dwight David
Eland, Brandon
Elder, James P.
Elder, W. Clifton and Elizabeth C. Elder
Elder, William Wyche
Eldredge, Lucy M.
Eley, Alexander Rudolph
Elgar, Martha
Ellington, Helen
Ellington, Robert N.
Ellis, Alex
Ellis, Helene
Ellis, Raleigh
Ellis, William D. (Bill)
Elliston, Kelly
Elvyn, Myrtle
Elzey, William J.
Eng, Edward
Enoch, Kathleen
Enoch, Sarah Kathleen Wilson
Ent, Carolyn A.
Epperson, Roy
Epting, Kim
Erdmann, Thomas R.
Errett, Darlene R.
Esparza, Ricardo M.
Espino, Maria Antonieta
Etheredge, Margaret
Euliss, Daniel B.
Euliss, Helen
Eure, Darden J.
Eure, Thad
Evans, E. Paulette
Evans, Gary
Evans, Janie
Evans, Mary Ellen M.
Evans, Tracey
Eviston, Matt
Eyl, Arland W. Jr.
Fadaam, Ahmed
Fahnrich, Barbara
Faison, Margaret B.
Farrell Family (Descendants of Dr. Francis Farrell)
Feamster, R. Wayne
Feinberg, Daniel
Felten, Peter
Fenn, Elizabeth A. (Lil)
Ferguson, Alexander L.
Ferguson, Edward Lester
Ferguson, Linwood
Ferrell, Jane Jackson Moize
Ferrell, Joseph
Ferrier, Lindsay
Festle, Mary Jo
Ferrell, Jane
Ficken, C.F.W. Jr.
Fields, Clyde
Fields, Hugh M.
Fields, Michelle
Finch, Douglas W. Jr.
Fischer, Victoria
Fisher, Charles
Fitzgerald, Charlotte K.
Fitzgerald, Jeri A.
Drawer 7. Fl-Go.
146 Folders.
Flake, Wesley L.
Fleck, Robyn Anne
Fleischmann, Kyle
Flemming, Mark
Fleuren, Elizabeth
Flinchum, Betty
Flinn, Thayer
Flood, Thomas
Flora, John B.
Florance, Vivan P.
Floyd, Annie Gordon
Floyd, Christopher "Chris" Randall
Floyd, Henry Teme
Floyd, James L.
Floyd, Joseph S.
Flynn, Anna Mae
Flynn, N. Alston
Fogleman, James Uriah
Folger, Steve
Folwell, Dalton
Fonder, Dustin
Fonville, DeRoy R. Sr.
Fonville, Donald Ragsdale
Fonville, Rudy Moore and Frances Turner
Fonville, Sadie V.
Ford, Alice M.
Ford, Dianne
Ford, Gerald
Foreman, James Michael
Formato, Lynne Kurdziel
Foster, Mrs. J.L.
Foster, Phil
Foster, Sarah E.
Fournier, Emily
Foushee, Carson
Fowler, Martin
Fowler, Robert H. Jr.
Fox, Geraldine
Fox, Hazel Walker
Fox, Mark
Fox, Virgil
Foxx, Kerry
Francis, Gerald
Frank, MacGregor S.
Fratoe, Mike
Freeman, Jerrid
French, Merton
Freymoyer, Mary Rebecca
Frick, Donna J.
Frick, Francesca and Joe
Frick, Jenny
Fritz, Jacob Luther Jr.
Fromson, Paul
Frontani, Michael R.
Fryar, Nancy Young Jordan
Frykholm, Pamela A.
Fulcher, Clayton
Fulgham, Nancy Ann Newman
Fulkerson, Christopher
Futrell, Stephen
Gaddy, Bobbi Brooks-See Brooks, James Charles "Jimmy"
Gaffigan, Michael Thomas
Gainey, Justin
Gainor, Holly
Galbraith, Gail M.
Galligan, Katalin Y.
Gallucci, Jim
Gallucci, Kathy
Gallucci, Kathleen Kubicki
Gang, Richard
Gant, Allen
Gant, Martha Miles
Gant, Roger Jr.
Gantos, Chuck
Gardiner, Julian and Mary
Gardner, Jack
Gardner, James E. Jr.
Gardner, Ned
Garren, Christine E.
Garrison, Betty
Garrison, Blanche
Garrison, Nathaniel "Nat" Sr.
Garrison, Thomas Roach Jr.
Gaskill, Paul L.
Gatti, Evan
Gay, Leland I. and Edna M. Winn Gay
Gay, Robert M.
Gbakima, Aiah A.
Gergen, David
Gerlach, John
Gerow, Betty K.
Gerow, James Anthony
Gerringer, J.B. (Uncle Buck)
Gerringer, Vera
Gerstmyer, Robert H. M.
Geyer, James W.
Gibney, Daniel J.
Gibson, Don B. Jr.
Gibson, Gerald
Gibson, Irene
Gignoux, Peg
Gill, Diane Carol
Gill, Russell
Gillespie, Frances Lee
Gilliam, Frederick K.
Gillis, Amanda Jane
Gilmore, Kevin
Gilreath, Brian
Ginn, William R.
Gipple, Leslie P.
Girdwood, Thomas
Glasco, Sarah
Glass, Douglas W.
Glassmann, Danny
Glenn, James
Glenn, Lody
Gminder, Albert
Gminder, Maurine S.
Gnivecki, Perry L.
Godsey, Ann Elizabeth
Godwin, Mills E.
Goff, P. Kevin
Goins, Jack F. Jr.
Goldstein, Karen
Golemon, Jennifer Alice
Goliszek, Andrew
Golombek, Joe
Gooch, Ruben L.
Gooch, Damon
Gooch, Eugene
Good, Holly M.
Goodman, Bradley M.
Gordon, Barbara
Gordon, Clyde W. Sr.
Gordon, Eugene (Judge)
Gordon, Jo Ellen Palmer
Gordon, Logan V.
Gore, Al and Tipper
Gore, Arabella
Gortney, William E.
Goshen, Michelle
Goslin, Martin Leland
Goos, Paige
Goter, Arlene
Gottovi, Nancy C.
Gough, Andrew "Andy" Clark
Drawer 8. Gr-Hel.
124 Folders.
Grady, Don
Graham, Jean
Graham, Walter
Graham, William Albert
Graham, William Edgar
Grams, Rollin G.
Granger, Lanson
Granowsky, Seena A.
Grant, Linward O.
Grant, Michael
Graves, John S.
Graves, Teresa
Gravett, Howard L.
Gray, Elmon T.
Gray, Patricia Jane
Green, Jaki Shelton
Greene, Betty
Greene, Nathaniel
Greene, Ronald W.
Greene, Travis
Greenfield, Ida Maude
Greeson, Stanley
Griffin, Charles A.
Griffin, Johnson
Griffin, Kimberly C.
Griffin, Sam C.
Griggs, William J. Jr.
Grimley, Gene
Grimson, Roger C.
Griska, Joseph M. Jr.
Grubbs, William
Guffey, Jeffrey Allen
Guffey, Robert
Guiniven, John
Gumm, C. Thomas
Gunby, Norris Jr.
Gunn, Ira Raper
Guzman, Jonesi
Gwaltney, Cecil W. Jr.
Gwaltney, Robert
Hackney, James Parks Sr.
Hackney, James Ralph Jr.
Hadley, Phyllis P.
Hadler, Janet
Haenel, Greg
Haff, Mildred
Haith, Frank
Hall, Alvin Darnell
Hall, Charles G.
Hall, Donald Keith
Hall, J. Rice
Hall, Keith
Hall, Lacy G.
Hall, Martha
Hall, Nancy M.
Hall, Ollie Kernodle
Hall, Sherrill G.
Halle, Oliver
Halpin, Daniel P.
Hamby, Dorothy C.
Hamill, Caitlin
Hamilton, Paul
Hamilton, Thomas R.
Hamler, Judy
Hamm, Brad
Hammond, Kenneth W.
Han, Kyong Soon
Hance, Crystal
Handwerger, Gretchen
Harbart, Sylvia Dean
Harden, Michael T.
Hardy, Christina
Hargis, Phyllis Ford
Hargrove-Leak, Sirena
Harper, Charles W. Jr.
Harper, Estelle Walker
Harper, Kenneth Leon
Harper, Lou
Harper, R. Dalton
Harper, William Allen
Harrell, Daniel Bryant
Harrington, Charles "Butch" Norton Jr.
Harris, Charles D.
Harris, Franklin
Harris, Greg
Harris, Keith F.
Harris, Lindsey
Harris, Mark
Harris, Nancy
Harris, Ward Keith
Harrison, Dale
Harrod, Paul
Hart, Thomas P.
Harvey, Barry Allen
Harvley-Felder, Irene
Harward, Charles N. Sr.
Harwood, Thomas P. Jr.
Hasan, Syed M.
Haskell, Rosemary
Hass, J. Ronald
Hassan, Ahmed
Hassell, Alfred S.
Hassell, Allene B.
Hassell, Ken
Hassey, Robert C.
Hatcher, Susan T.
Hawkes, Herbert
Haworth, Priscilla L.
Haworth, Richard Carlisle
Hayes, Emily
Hayes, Frank A.
Hayes, JoAnne R.
Haynes, Ina M.
Haynes, Robert E.
Hayward, Becky Jon
Headen, Dan
Heald, Kevin
Hearn, Bunn
Heckman, Sandra
Hedrick, Bobby
Hedrick, Bryan
Heindel, S.C.
Helberg, David T.
Helmstetler, Rebeca C.
Drawer 9. Hem-In.
137 Folders.
Hemmerly-Brown, Alexandra
Henderson, Ian
Hermondsson, Roger
Hendler, Edward R.
Hendricks, Jeff
Henricks, Judy S.
Henricks, Thomas S.
Hendrickson, Horace
Henry, Tal
Hensley, Dawn Smith
Hensley, Steven
Herbert, William N.P.
Herbin, Patricia S. (Patty)
Hereford, Marjorie
Herold, John C.
Hernandez, Ada
Hess, James and Mildred Hess
Hester, Oka T.
Hester, Raechel
Hester, Virginia
Heuhn, Edward R.
Heyer, Jeffrey Philip
Hibbard, David
Hickey, Kate Donnelly
Hicklin, Edward M.
Hickman, Sarah
Hicks, Keiko Takeda
Hicks, Melinda
Hicks, Tony L.
Hietbrink, Dinke
Higgs, Howard Rutter
Highsmith, Rebecca M.
Hightower, Vicki M.
Hightower, William Lee
Hilberry, Conrad
Hill, Martha
Hilliard, Anne T.
Hilliard, B. Bryan
Hilliard, William N.
Hinckley, Robert H.
Hinshaw, Mary Alice
Hintermeister, Hy (Painting)
Hirsch, Edward
Hirsch, Hans
Hirsch, Martha Southern
Hobson, W.I.
Hodgkiss, Rob
Hoffman, Victor H.
Hogan, Dave
Hogan, Judy
Holland, Kevin Bryant
Holland, Miriam C.
Holland, Shirley T.
Holleman, William Long
Holloway, Ruth S.
Holmes, Charles W.
Holmes, Gerald V.
Holmes, Howard B.
Holoman, Judy
Holt, Cheryl T.
Holt, Edwin Michael
Holt, Elsie Coble
Holt, Frank
Holt, Rachel V.
Holt, William Kirkpatrick
Holyfield, Robert
Hom, Richard A.
Honeycutt, Earl
Hood, Richard
Hood, Wesley D.
Hook, A.L.
Hook, Harvey
Hook, Jessie Dawson (Mrs. A.L. Hook)
Hook, Jessie T.
Hook, Minnie Edge
Hook, Sara Virginia
Hooper, Anneka
Hooper, Dewey
Hooper, Elroy
Hooper, Suzanne J.
Hoppe, Carol
Hopson-Bell, Valerie
Horman, Todd
Horner, William W.
Horney, Tom
Horton, Henry Edwin
Horton, Margaret L.
Horton, William H.
House, G. Robert
House, Herbert Williams
House, Neeley
House, Rebecca Olive
House, Steven
Houseworth, Monica
Howard, Judith
Howell, Charles C.
Howell, Hornsby Jr. (Mike)
Howell, James
Howell, Waitus W.
Howren, Harry L.
Hoza, David A.
Huber, Lynn
Hubert-Allen, Olivia
Hudgins, Terrell
Hudson, Michael Phemon Jr.
Huey, Josie Loy
Huey, Paul
Huffines Family of Burlington and Elon, NC
Hughes, Anderson Greene
Hughes, Gladys Owings
Hughes, Melene C.
Hughes, Robert
Humphrey, Martha Neese
Humphries, Robert G.
Hunt, Kristi
Hunt, Marvin
Hunt, Sam and Vicky
Hunter, J. Allen
Hunter, Marjorie
Hurd, Linwood
Hurst, Alfred
Hutcheson, Charles A.
Hutcherson, Steve
Hutson, Teresa
Hutto, Jefferson H.
Hutton, Sallie
Hydell, Richard P.
Hykes, Katherine O'Donnell
I'Anson, Lawrence W.
Icenhour, James O.
Iddings, Richard Todd
Inabnit, Mary Ann
Inge, Jerry Page Jr.
Ingle, I. Paul
Ingle, J.J.
Ingle, Jesse Carson Sr.
Ingle, Mary A.
Drawer 10. Ir-Kl.
140 Folders.
Irons, Charles
Irvin, S.J. "Jug"
Irvine, Pat
Irving, Robert Lee
Irwin, Clint
Irwin, William Howard
Iseley, Allen Alfred
Iseley, George Alfred
Iseley, Hazel Truitt
Isley, Nancy
Isley, S. Carlysle
Israel, Archie G.
Israel, Barbara.
Isreal, Chuck
Jackson, Charlie R.
Jackson, G. Smith
Jackson, Mary Frances
Jacobs, Michael
Jacobson, Barbara D.
James, Robert Mitchell "Bob"
Janelle, Christopher D.
Jaromin, Paul M.
Jayson, Judy
Jean, Scott
Jeffcoat, Sean
Jeffreys, Warren R. "Jeff"
Jeffries, Charles B.
Jennings, Burney
Jennings, Maurice
Jobe, Margaret
Johansson, Charity
Johnson, Carolyn
Johnson, Clayton Edward
Johnson, Clyde Carney
Johnson, Duane
Johnson, Georg A.H. and Emily Inez Clark
Johnson, George
Johnson, Irene - see Cooke, Irene Johnson
Johnson, J. Seward
Johnson, Janell
Johnson, Kemp B.
Johnson, Kimberly
Johnson, Kristi Marie
Johnson, Kyle
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Johnson, L. Eugene III (Gene)
Johnson, L.F.
Johnson, Leonard R.
Johnson, Luke
Johnson, Melissa
Johnson, Mildred B.
Johnson, Nancy N.
Johnson, Oma Utley
Johnson, R.P. (Raymond Pough)
Johnson, Rachelle K.
Johnson, Renny
Johnson, Ruth Bethea
Johnson, William L.
Johnson, William Ray
Johnston, Eugene W. III
Johnston, James William
Johnston, Lemuel Roy
Johnston, Leslie Carroll Jr.
Jolly, William Lee
Jones, Angela Lewellyn
Jones, Bobby L.
Jones, Carolyn M.
Jones, Charles Richard "Rick"
Jones, Christopher
Jones, Eric L.
Jones, Kimberly
Jones, Michael K.
Jones, Plummer Alston (Al)
Jones, Richard
Jones, Shane
Jones, Tesa
Jones, Tommy
Jordan, B. Everett
Jordan, John McClean Jr.
Jordan, John McClean Sr.
Jordan, LeVonn
Jordan, Meg D.
Joyce, David
Joyce, Michelle Gregoire
Joyce, Walter C. Jr.
Judy, Jayson
Julian, Ira and Ruth
Justice, Charlie (Choo-Choo)
Justus, Joel
Kaplan, Adam
Karty, Joel
Kass, Doug
Kasting, Gretchen A.
Kato, Toshio Sato
Kaz-Jepsen, Ivona
Kean, Donald K.
Keane, Thomas
Keck, George McCoy
Keeling, Arlen D.
Keith, William C.
Kellam, Philip Jefferson
Keller, Connie Louise Bain
Keller, George
Keller, Thomas M. "Tom"
Kelley, Dan M.
Kelly, Don
Kelly, Kathleen Ann
Kenan, Frank H.
Kenan, William R. Jr.
Kennedy, James F.
Kern, Susan H.
Kernodle, Esther Cole
Kernodle, James
Kernodle, John Robert
Kernodle, John R. Jr.
Kernodle, John T. and Virginia Beale Kernodle
Kernodle, Ruth Jones
Kernodle, Wallace
Kerns, Ralph William
Keys, Erin
Kilpatrick, Sandra
Kilroy, George J.
Kimball, Robert Morris
Kinard, Jeff S.
Kinard, Lee W.
King, Joseph Wallace
King, Katie
King, Martin Luther
King, Robert Burns
Kinney, Steven
Kirchen, Terri (Helen Smit)
Kircher, Cassie
Kirkman, Matthew
Kirkman, Steve
Kiser, Pamela
Kittenger, Eleanore
Kivette, Camille and Florence Olga
Kiwitt, Peter
Klapp, Maude
Klepcyk, Ronald A.
Klopman, Susan C.
Kluttz, Phyllis H.
Drawer 11. Kn-Lov.
131 Folders.
Knesel, Ernest A.
Kneubhl-Pelly, Ruth
Knight, Ted ("Too Close for Comfort" - TV)
Koenig, John L.
Koepke, Helen Chamblee
Koole, Willem
Koontz, David
Korlishin, Kenneth
Kornegay, Horace R.
Korzun, Taylor
Koury, Ernest
Koury, Maurice
Kovaleva, Veronika
Kraft, Edna Rendall
Kraig, Beth
Kucharski, Karen
Kupatadze, Ketevan "Katy"
Lackey, Julia A.
Lacoste, William E.
Lagos, David
Lai-Jackson, Kimberly Ann
Lamb, Melinda H.
Lambert, Guy
Lambert, Leo M.
Lambeth, Maedell
Lamphier, Vincent J.P.
Langdon, Lucas
Lankton, James
Lansen, Oscar E.
Lantzy, Rachael M.
Lanzoni, Remi Fournier
LaRocco, Sharon
LaRose, Robert E.
Lasater, Morgan
Lashley, Ann
Lasley, James H. "Jim"
Latham, C. Gilbert
Latham, Walter C.
Lattuada, Charles P.
Lawing, Barry Alan
Lawrance, Derek
Lawrence, Annie Graham
Lawrence, Kathryn Ada Roney
Lawrence, Walter Phalti
Lawrence, Walter Phalti, Jr.
Lawton, Mike
Layden, Natalie
Layne, Prudence
Lea, Deirdre
Leahy, Mary
Leath, Rena
Ledbetter, Hattie McKinney
Ledford, Stacie
Lee, Byung
Lee, Mattie Lee Smith
Lee, Millard
Lee, Robert E.
Lee, Todd
Lembo, Pete
Lemmons, Effie
Lentz, George R. Sr.
LePors, Teresa
Lesem, Joe M.
Lester, Fletcher Cummings
Lethco, Amanda Vick
Levan, Lila
Levesque, Maurice
Lewellyn-Jones, Angela
Lewis, Carolyn
Lewis, Edward William Warner and Julie
Lewis, James R.
Lewis, Mac
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"
Lewis, Michael "Mike"
Liggins, Rosie Lee
Lightbourne, A.W.
Lightbourne, E. Anderson
Lightbourne, James H. Jr.
Lightbourne, James H. Sr.
Lijiang, Han
Liles, Sadie Drummond
Lilley, Carol
Lincoln, Anne Haddon
Lincoln, Benjamin
Lind, Donald Phillip
Lindeman, Timothy H.
Lindgren, Alex
Lindley, Jack R.
Lindley, Susan
Lindsey, Bob
Ling, John
Lingenfelter, Scott
Link, Carol M.
Linton, Liz
Linton, Malynn E.
Lipe, Priscilla
Lippert, Pamela Young
Lisman, Maurice (Tex)
Liston, Luann
Little, Carolyn
Little, IkeyTarlton
Little, Mark R.
Lockett, Claristine
Logan, M. Douglas
Loftin, John D.
Loftlin, John
Long Family
Long Family Homestead
Long, Artelia Elizabeth Faucett
Long, Bessie Richardson
Long, Daniel Albright
Long, Deborah
Long, Fay Elizabeth
Long, Jacob
Long, Jacob Alson
Long, Jacob Elmer
Long, James Adolph
Long, Marjorie L.
Long, Pat
Long, William G.
Long, William Samuel Jr.
Long, William Samuel Sr.
Longest, Frances C.
Looney, June
Lopez, Modesto
Loucks, Ryan
Love, Charles E.
Love, Dorothy Beattie
Love, Martha
Love, Spencer
Love, W.E. Jr.
Drawer 12. Low-Mel.
138 Folders.
Lowe, Colleen M.
Lowe, Wilkes Estes Jr.
Lowry, Charles B.
Loy, Elizabeth Apple
Lubling, Yoram
Ludden, Mark
Luko, Valerie K.
Lumsden, Linda
Lundquist, Anne E.
Lunsford, Ernest
Lutz, Deirdre M.
Lutz, Stacee Elise
Lyday-Lee, Kathy
Lynam, Charles
Lynam, Sion Milton
Lynch, Edgar P.
Lynch, Hobart Massenbury
Lynch, Zebulon B. (Zeb)
Lynn, Geoffrey
Lyon, Frank R. III
Lysaught, Mary T.
Lytle, James
Macey, William Burton
Mackay, Helen
MacKinnon, Robert F.
Mackintosh, Mary Graham Lawrence
Mackintosh, T.H.
Maggio, Matthew "Matt"
Maggio, Ralph A.
Maher, Julianne
Main, James E.
Malasitt, Pramote
Male, Al
Malone, Joe Jr.
Maness, Betty J.
Maness, William Holt
Maness, W.L. and Beulah McNeill
Maney, Doris
Mann, Ronald J.
Mantz, Katherine
Marder, Stephen L.
Marion, Carolyn
Marker, Glenda M.
Marlette, Douglas
Marlette, Frances R.
Marlette, Wade E.
Marr, John Michael
Marsh, Candyce
Marshall, Jennifer
Marshall, Noble
Marshburn, Joan Gladden
Martin, Evelyn F.
Martin, Lauren
Martin, Leo D.
Martin, Scott
Martindale, Linda
Marvin, Mary Katherine "Molly"
Mason, Dorothy S.
Mason, Phil
Mason, Will
Massey, Donna N.
Massey, Eula Mae
Masten, Matthew
Matera, Kathryn
Materu, Mathias B.
Matheny, Matt
Mathis, G.L. "Doc"
Matias, Luz
Matlock, Jackie
Mattern, Joe
Matthews, Warren
Mattioli, Joe
Mattocks, Edward Cooper
Mattocks, Gary
Mayes, Tom
Maynard, Grace Moore
Maynard, James
Maynard, Reid
Mayo, Frank S.
Mays, Marjorie Claire
McAdams, Joseph Mark and Katie Vance
McBee, Robert D.
McBrayer, John Dean
McBride, Richard
McCall, Barbara
McCall, James
McCarther, Trevathan N.
McCarty, Mike
McCarthy, A. Justin
McCauley, J.E.
McCauley, Larry B. Jr.
McClellan, Robie
McClellan, Stephanie J.
McCollum, Stephen M.
McCoy, Christy
McCulloch, Warren
McCullough, Alice J.
McCullough, David
McDaniel, Eugene "Red"
McDaniel, Pamela K.
McDonald, Martha Dawson
McDonald, Pearl S.
McDowell, Ian K.
McDuff, Martha
McDuffie, Albert Glenn
McEwen, Iris Holt
McFadden, Tara
McFadyen, John S.
McFee, Michael
McGeorge, Richard E. (Rich)
McGhee, Nadine
McGill, James C.
McGrath, Eileen
McIntyre, Darryl
McIntyre, Will and Deni
McIver, C. Almon "Mon"
McKeon, John A. (Jack)
McKinnis, Ray A.
McKinnon, Della Marie
McKinnon, Robert E. "Bob"
McKnight, Terri L.
McLendon, Hubert Franklin "Mac"
McMerty, Jay
McMichael, Dalton
McMillan, Dorothy H.
McMillan, Nancy
McMurry, William D.
McNamee, Kathleen M.
McNeela, Catherine
McNeill, John David
McPherson, Elnor Dare
McQueen, Rebecca
Meador, Anna Marie
Meckal, Aaron
Meeler, David W.
Meibohm, Winfred H. "W.H."
Melillo, Mike
Melton, Buckner F.
Melvin, Mary Louise and Nina Boone
Drawer 13. Mer-Nel.
130 Folders.
Meredith, Jesse
Meredith, Jesse H.
Meredith, Joseph
Mertz, Mary M.
Merwarth, Lindsay`
Messick, Helen Margaret
Messick, John Decatur
Messick, Paul
Messinetti, Steven Pat
Messner, Michael A.
Metzger, Jon
Meyer, Philip
Meyers, Stefanie
Mianzo, Frank A.
Michael, Elizabeth
Michaels, Calvin A.
Michener, James A.
Midgette, Nancy S.
Migniuolo, William F.
Miles, Anita Carol
Miles, John W., Sr. "Skeeter"
Miles, William F.
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jerry
Miller, Leonard
Miller, William R.
Milling, Ruth Kimball
Mills, Danielle
Minner, Martin V.
Minnis, Andrew L.
Misenheimer, Helen
Miskelly, Robert Rodgers
Mitcham, J.J.
Mitchell, H.F. (Hickey)
Mitchell, John
Mittelstaedt, Joel A.
Mociolek, Richard Anthony
Model, Robert
Moeser, Susan
Moffat, Pam
Moffett, Alexander S. "Sandy"
Moffett, Eleanor
Moffitt, Emmett Leonidas
Moncure, James A. and Jane Belk Moncure
Monroe, W.L.
Montgomery, Reid and Martha
Moody, Clarence LeGrande
Moon, Edward C.
Mooney, Isaac
Mooney, Mike
Moore, Brad D.
Moore, Doreen K.
Moore, Elizabeth Nelms
Moore, Elizabeth S.
Moore, Fletcher
Moore, Kelley
Moore, L. Bascom
Moore, Samuel Bascom
Moore, Tim
Moore, Wayne T.
Moore, William
Morgan, Andrew "Andy"
Morgan, Betty N.
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, Hattie Burton
Morgan, Jack
Morgan, Karen
Morgan, Kathy Streeter
Morgan, Marvin Louis and Wilhelminia Annette Brown Morgan
Morgan, Pat S.
Morgan, Ron
Morgan, Sallie B.
Morgan, Voight F.
Morningstar, Bill
Morphis, Robert
Morris, Bobby
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, James T. Jr.
Morris, James W. III
Morris, Morgan
Morrisey, Jerry L.
Morrison, Becca
Morrison, Dany
Morrison, Mary
Morrison-Shetlar, Alison
Morrow, R.M.
Morse, Patrick
Morton, David
Moseley, Furman Colin Jr.
Moseley, Lynn J.
Moser, Farrell Kirkpatrick "Kirk"
Moss, Marvin
Mould, Tom
Moury, Daniel N.
Mroz, Richard C. III
Mukherjee, Gautam
Mulford, Ed
Mulholland, Carl A.
Mulholland, Vester
Mullen, Kenneth M. "Ken"
Mullen, Whitney
Muller, Richard A.
Muldrow, Frances
Munn, Linda
Murphy, Jim
Murphy, John R. III "Jack"
Murphy, June
Murphy, Sarah
Murray, Marie
Myers, Charles F. Jr.
Myers, Clair F.
Myers, Janet
Myers, Jacqueline M.
Myers, Joyce Brown
Mynhardt, Lee
Nall, Romelle
Nance, Joel K.
Napoli, Lisa J.
Nash, John R. Jr.
Nash, Katie
Naylor, Manny
Neal, Chris
Neese, Duane
Neese, Leroy Harding
Negra, Diane
Nelson, Alfred W. "Tank"
Nelson, Carolyn
Nelson, Eric M.
Nelson, Jackie
Nelson, Scott
Drawer 14. Nes-Pe.
126 Folders.
Nestor, Ernie
Newberry, Brian
Newbold, Stephanie
Newlin, Algie
Newlin, Harvey R.
Newman, J.U. and Patty Long Newman
Newman, John Bridger
Newman, Joseph B.
Newman, Leon Stagg "Lee"
Newman, Lila Clare
Newman, N.G.
Newsome, Catherine
Newsome, Wilburn Earnest "Webb" and Jessie Cobb Newsome
Newton, Hiram
Newton, Justin
Newton, M. Louis Jr.
Nicassio, Susan V.
Nichols, Amerith
Nicholas, Ande
Nkang, Chad
Nocera, Mark E.
Noer, David M.
Noiles, Douglas G. and Edna Truitt
Norfleet, Mrs. John Albert-See Whittington, Annie Mae
Norman, J.R. Jr.
Northen, Lindsay
Norwood, Ralph
Norwood, Sallie Warren Foster
Novak, Cindy
Nowell, E. Allen
Nowell, William R. Jr. "Bob"
O'Connell, Mary L.
O'Connor, William J.
O'Keefe, Jason
O'Keefe, Lucy M.
O'Leary, Kelly
O'Neill, Sally Ann
O'Shea, Brian
Oakley, Carol
Obama, Barack
Oehler, Don
Olive-Taylor, Becky
Oliver, Donna Hill
Oliver, Eugene
Oliver, William C.
Olschner, Evelyn Lilly
Olsen, Alderman Robert
Olson, Lori Lanphear
Olson, Todd
Orbert, Annette
Ornstein, Marjon B.
Orzech, Charles D.
Osborne, C. Edward
Overcast, H. Edwin
Overton, James
Overton, Robert A.
Owens, Phillip L.
Owusu-Sarpong, Albert
Oxford, Gerry
Oxford, Julia Mae
Oyinade, Raphael B.
Pace, Carol Skinner
Pace, James Herrington
Pace, Kevin Joseph
Pace, Melissa Lynn
Padgett, George
Pagano, Monica
Page, Thomas
Palin, Sarah
Palmer, G. Melvin
Paolantonio, Edward J.
Pardue, David and Rebecca S.
Pardue, D. Earl
Parham, Tom and Margaret
Parham, William W.
Parker, Annie Ruth Webb
Parker, David B.
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Mary
Parker, Timothy
Parkerson, Elwood M.
Parks, Anne F.
Parks, J. Rankin
Parks, William R.
Parsons, Paul
Partin, William T.
Passarelli, Angela
Patillo, William Jr.
Patrick, Kevin J.
Patrick, Malcom Lacy "Pat"
Patterson, Daniel B.
Patterson, Jana Lynn
Patterson, John K.
Paul, Brenda
Paul, Ken
Pautz, Michelle
Payne, Benjamin R.
Payne, Ida May
Payne, J.T.
Payne, Jane E.
Payne, William C. Jr.
Peace, Robert J.
Peacock, William H.
Peedin, Junius
Peel, Robert Henry
Peeples, Tim
Peloquin, Lisa
Pelton, Woody
Pennington, Donald S.
Perito, Paul
Perkins, Emily
Perkins, Melvin C.
Perkins, Nan
Perkins, Theodore
Perrine, Wayne
Perrit, Hazel J.
Perry, Drew
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Eugene
Perry, L.J. "Hap"
Perry, Lillian S.
Perry, Marion Dwight
Perry, Richard "Rick"
Person, Raymond F. Jr.
Peters, Toddie
Peterson, Harriet
Peterson, Sara
Drawer 15. Pf-Rin.
140 Folders.
Pfifferling, James
Phares, Mary L.
Phillips, Dale R.
Phillips, Glenda
Phillips, James K. (Jim)
Phillips, John M.
Phillips, John W.
Phillips, Marvin
Phillips, Phyllis
Phillips, Susan
Pickens, Jim
Piepke, Susan L.
Piepke, Walter J.
Pierson, Amy
Pignatelli, M. Rita
Pilkington, Edward L.
Pilkington, Geoff
Pilkington, Jennifer
Pinnix, Clementine
Pinto, Peter A.
Piscatelli, William
Pittman, Troy
Pitts, Robert
Pitzer, Virginia Jay
Place, Mary Elizabeth (Betty)
Plese, Charles
Plese, Patricia
Plumblee, Barbara
Plybon, Paul C. and Margaret
Pocoski, Sarah
Poe, Eugene P.
Poe, Stefanie
Poindexter, Robert
Ponder, Anne
Poole, Herbert Leslie
Pope, Wes
Porterfield, Charlie
Post, April
Poteat, Ron
Poulson, Linda
Powell, Annabelle Council "Beth"
Powell, Caroline
Powell, Darren
Powell Family
Powell, James Bobbitt
Powell, John S.
Powell, Joseph E.
Powell, Rex G.
Powell, Sophia Maude Sharpe
Powell, T.E. Jr.
Powell, T.E. III
Powell, William C.
Pratt, Kevin
Pratt, Stuart
Prescott, John Benjamin
Pressberg, Jason
Pressley, Andrew James
Price, Agnes J.
Price, Bill
Price, Dominique
Price, Kenneth
Price, Jayme
Price, Ron
Prichard, Robb W.
Priestley, Gerard
Priestley, Mary Ellen Evans
Pritchard, I.W.
Pritchett Family (Clyde Estes, Virgil Clayton, Carl Blair, Maebelle Claire, Carl Turner, Mary Elizabeth, James Garrison, May Isabelle Milkins)
Proctor, Jeannie
Proctor, R. Lee
Proffitt, Brank
Prosser, Pamela
Proxmire, William
Pruden, Peter
Prymuszewski, Theresa V.
Puchyr, Richard
Pugh, Jeffrey C.
Pulley, Alice
Purtz, Lisa
Queen Noor
Radovich, Anthony
Raduenz, Patti
Ragland, Robert B.
Rainey, Elizabeth C.
Ramanchandran, Geetha
Ramsay, William R.
Rankin, Samuel Murray III.
Rao, R.D.
Rascoe, John Peter Jr.
Raskin, Seva
Rasmussen, George A.
Rawls, Japheth E. Jr.
Rawls, Japheth E. Sr.
Rawls, Marcella
Rawls, Walter C.
Ray, Bilijack
Ray, Susan
Reavis, Brenda
Reddish, Paul
Reese, Janie
Regan, Paul D.
Register, Fred
Register, Kenneth Davis
Rehreauer, Kristy
Reiber, Agnes Sykes
Reice, Teme
Reichard, Rosalind
Reid, H. and Virginia Ezell Reid
Reimers, Valerie
Reinhartsen, Steven C.
Remy, Charlie
Renck, Lauren
Renick, Johnnie Allen
Repsher, Brian V.
Revson, Diana and Charles
Reynolds, Ferris
Reynolds, Mary E.
Rhodes, J. Franklin
Rhodes, Warren G. "Dusty"
Rhyne, A. Leonard
Rhyne, Sarah
Riber, Agnes
Rice, David L.
Rich, Algier Lloyd.
Rich, Allene Patton.
Rich, Lela Faye
Rich, Leona
Rich, William G.
Rich, William Guy
Richardson, Howard
Richardson, Janice
Richardson, William Thomas
Richmond, L'Tanya
Richter, Pamela
Riddell, Timothy E.
Riddle, C.B.
Riddle, Scott
Riddick, Charles Patrick
Ringelberg, Kirstin
Drawer 16. Rip-She.
121 Folders.
Rippy, William D. and Helen Blalock
Ritt, Martin
Rittberger, Louis
Rivers, Jennifer
Robbins, Jill
Roberson, Erica Madden
Roberts, Charles
Robertson, Arnold F.
Robertson, Jeanne Swanner
Robertson, Richard
Robinson, Chester R.
Robinson, Michael J.
Robinson, Nancy P. (Nan)
Rodenbough, Jeannette G.
Rodgers, Michael
Rodriguez, Gerardo
Rogers, Evangeln T.
Rollins, Roy Eugene
Romano, Jennifer
Romer, Jane
Romich, Barbara B.
Roney Family
Ronk, Alan
Rose, Catherine Beatrice Zagrodnik
Roselle, Laura
Rosen, Robert
Roshelli, Louis Frank
Ross, Dennis
Ross, James L.
Ross, Steve
Roth, Steve
Roufail, Mary M.
Rountree, John Hinton and Clara Sharpe Rountree
Routh, Dick
Routh, Lloyd L.
Rowe, William H. "Reddie"
Rowell, Tyrone
Royster, Leigh-Anne
Royster, Vermont C.
Rozani, Lulama
Rozinski, Paula
Rubeck, Fred
Rudd, Clyde
Rudick, Karen L.
Ruelle, Joan D.
Ruggiero, Warren
Russell, Blake
Russell, Elizabeth H.
Russell, L.D.
Russell, William Shawn
Ruth, Mary Coolidge
Ryals, George L.
Ryan, Carrie
Sadler, John M.
Saecker, Wellington M. Jr. and Marcella Rawls Saecker
Sahlmann, Fred
Sanders, Allen
Sanders, Shirley W.
Sanford, Bea
Sanford, Mike
Sanford, Susie Bullard
Santiago, Mary
Santucci, John A.
Sardiello, Robert
Sato, Toshio
Sauer, Mark Armstrong
Saunders, Annette
Savage, Betsey P.
Savage, Louise
Sawyer, Joseph Robert Jr.
Saylor, Laurie
Scales, Ruth Ann Richardson
Scarlett, Elaine M.
Schermerhorn, Mason
Schermerhorn, Sarah
Schilke, Renold Otto and Olga M.
Schmiederer, Jodean
Scholssnagle, Jim
Scholz, Herbert
Schroder, Nick
Schulman, Stephen
Scott, Gayle
Scott, Kathleen
Shultz, H.M.
Schwind, Jean
Scobey, Tiffany A.
Scoggins, Hovey D.
Scotford, John Eyland
Scott, David
Scott, Della Lee Cotton
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, JJ
Scott, Ralph Henderson
Scott, Robert Walter
Scott, Samuel Dalton
Scott, William T. Sr.
Scott, William Tate Jr.
Seabury, Ruth Isabel
Seagraves, Al
Sealey, James
Sechriest, Earl E.
Semans, Mary Duke Biddle Trent
Senter, Elic
Sgambati, Jackie
Shaak, Bernard Lee
Shackelford, George G.
Shannon, Edward A.
Sharpe, William E.
Shape, William G.
Shapiro, Gloria
Shearer, Andrew C.
Shearer, Faith
Shearer, John A.
Sheesley, Drue Ann
Shelton, Judy F.
Shephard, Gary E.
Shepherd, Gale
Shepherd, Gary W.
Shepherd, Hurley Sidney
Shepherd, N. Glenn
Drawer 17. Shi-Ste.
131 Folders.
Shipley, Suzanne Lee
Shipp, Bertha Paschall
Shirley, Richard H. Jr.
Showfety, Emo
Shoffner, Blanche Wagoner
Shoffner, Clive H.
Shoffner, Terrell
Shore, Roger S. Jr.
Shore, Stephanie M.
Shotzberger, Martin
Shreves, Melvin L.
Shytle, Kevin
Siddle, E. Vanessa
Sienerth, Karl
Sigmon, Robert L. (Bob)
Sikes, Sandy
Siler, Annie K.
Simmons, Barry
Simmons, James Kilby Jr.
Simpkins, Anne
Simons, Ed T.
Simon, Lawrence H.
Simons, Jean
Simpson, Annie
Simpson, Bland
Simpson, Henry Clay
Simpson, Paul (Hardrock) and Ruby Braxton Simpson
Simpson, Ruth C.
Sims, Slyvia E.
Singh, Yvonne W.
Singleton, Patrick
Sissom, W.D.
Sizemore, Carrie Lee
Skipper, La Verne Porterfield
Skogen, Sarah
Skrosky, Rich
Skube, Michael
Slattery, Margaret
Sleek, George Edgar Jr.
Sloan, William Wilson and Bessie Pickett Sloan
Smith, Adam
Smith, Angela Deanne
Smith, Anita Butler
Smith, Bradley D.
Smith, Carter
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Chris
Smith, Daniel Brook
Smith, Elizabeth Riddick
Smith, Ella Brunk
Smith, Gabie
Smith, Gerrit-See Male, Al
Smith, H. Shelton
Smith, Harrison and LaRue Brann Smith
Smith, Helen Barney
Smith, J. Harold
Smith, Jean G.
Smith, Jennifer
Smith, Jimmy
Smith, John E.
Smith, Katherine "Kathy"
Smith, Leon Edgar
Smith, Lillie
Smith, M. Douglas
Smith, Martha
Smith, Marvin B.
Smith, Muriel
Smith, Oscar Frommel
Smith, Peg Lightbourne
Smith, Phil
Smith, Samuel D.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Stephen E.
Smith, Stephen W.
Smith, Turner Elvert
Smith, William H. "Bill"
Smithwick, Robert
Smythe, Thomas W.
Snavely, Martha H.
Snow, Lanny
Snyder, Grayson Chad
Snyder, Walstein Welch "Wally" and Nell
Snyder, Wendy N.
Soliday, Joanne
Soormally, Mina Garcia
Souder, Dottie S.
Sowder, Raymond D.
Spangler, Brian William
Spangler, Kevin and Bryn
Spano, David B.
Sparks, Jimmy Louis
Sparks, John
Sparrow, Dixie L.
Speas, Joyce Elaine
Speckhard, Joel
Spelman, Kathleen
Spence, Dwight M.
Spence, Royall Sr.
Spence, Royall Jr.
Spencer, Cornelia Phillips
Spencer, Marilyn
Spigle, W. Edgar
Spikes, Lewis Everett
Splittberger-Rosen, Andrea
Sprague, Austin Denver
Spratt, Allison
Spray, Sharon
Stadermann, Beverly
Stadler, Leonard E.
Stadler, Virgil L.
Stafford, W.R. Jr.
Staley, William W.
Stasz, Bird
Stauffenberg, Robert "The Morea Mauler"
Steadman, Thomas E.
Stearns, Sandra H.
Steed, Bacil
Steele, John
Steelman, Ella
Steer, R. Gaines
Steible, Matt
Stein, Jeff
Stephenson, Charles Henry
Stephenson, Elizabeth W.
Stephenson, Fred
Stephenson, Martha I.
Stevens, Edith Sayre
Stevens, Suzanne F.
Stevens, W. Millard
Stevenson, Scott
Drawer 18. Sto-Tri.
105 Folders.
Stocco, Matt
Stogsdill, Thomas M.
Stokes, Durward Turrentine
Stokes, Durward Turrentine - Elon College: Its History and Traditions
Stokes, Patrick
Stone, John Letcher III
Stone, Lucile
Stone, Marvin
Stone, Susan L.
Storch, Steven R.
Story, Samuel Wilbur Lee Jr.
Stowers, Dewey Marion Jr.
Stratton, Miriam
Strauch, Arnold C.
Streib, Victor
Strempek, Barth
Strickland, Michael
Strimple, Eric C.
Strohl, Jeremy
Strosnider, Nanciann
Strum, Theo
Stuart, Burton W. Jr.
Stuart, Heather
Sturm, Jerome
Suckow, Douglas
Sullivan, John G.
Sullivan, Patrick O'Neal
Sullivan, Timothy E.
Sumiyoshi, Hiromi
Summerbell, Martyn
Sumner, John
Sumner, Vince
Suppes, Patty
Sutton, Ben
Sutton, Crystal Lee (The Real Norma Rae)
Sutton, Roy
Sutton, Thomas Daniel
Swain, John Howard
Swan, Karen Ann
Swanson, Gary E.
Sweeney, Tim
Sykes, Cynthia Blanchard "Cindy"
Szonyi, Gyorgy and Malgorzata
Tadepalli, Raghu
Talley, Robert E.
Tanczo, Connie
Tanhauser, Susan
Tanner, Elizabeth Morgan
Tarleton, Ikey
Taylor, Bettie Birchie
Taylor, Ethel F.
Taylor, George
Taylor, Lee
Taylor, Michael A.
Taylor, Roby E.
Taylor, Susan B.
Taylor, Tessie Zimmerman
Taylor, William
Teague, Adeline Horner
Teal, David A.
Teer, Bill
Teeter, Jeremy
Ten Eyck, Stephen G.
Tendler, Mary
Tennant, Shannon
Terrell, Don
Terrell, William B.
Terry, David
Thatcher, Margaret
Thigpen, Rebecca Matlock
Thomas, C. Avery Jr.
Thomas, Cliff
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, William Raeford
Thompson, Azariah G. "Azzie"
Thompson, Demus
Thompson, Mike
Thompson, Richard L.
Thompson-Cannino, Jennifer
Thornton, Barbara H.
Tickle, Bonnie Dix
Tiemann, Thomas K.
Timmons, Andrew C.
Tims, Cam
Tobolski, Gregory A.
Toher, Thomas
Tolley, Brett
Tolley, Jerry
Toney, James T.
Tonkin, Dustin Michael "Dusty"
Tootoo, Ernie
Toshio - See also: Kato: Toshio Sato
Tossie, Whitney
Towns, Preston
Townsend, Eric
Toy, Michelle
Tracy, Brian
Tremblay, Samantha
Tremoulis, Kristin
Trent, Evelyn
Trethaway, Edward Joseph (1)
Trethaway, Edward Joseph (2)
Trimble, Jenny
Tripp, Megan
Trisciani, Tony
Drawer 19. Tro-We.
133 Folders.
Trogdon, Estelle
Trofimenki, Genrikh (Henry)
Troppoli, John
Troxler, George and Carole Troxler
Troy, Robert James
Truitt, Adelia Rebecca Jones
Truitt, Cora Annie Sharpe
Truitt, Delores
Truitt, Essie Mae
Truitt Family
Truitt, John G. Jr.
Truitt, John Golloway Sr.
Truitt, Reuben Ayers
Truitt, Robert "Bob"
Truman, Harry S.
Tucci, Jennifer
Tucker, George
Tumbleston, John
Turek, Jessica
Turner, Dennis
Turner, Ina M. Haynes
Turner, Lloyd Levi
Turner, Owens Richardson Jr. "Rik"
Turner-Rogers, Evangeln
Tyler, Marilyn P.
Tyroler, Barbara
Updyke, Leona
Updyke, Worden J. Jr.
Utley, Bennett J.
Utt, Kenneth Claude and Angie Henry Utt
Utz, Pat
Van Bodegraven, Donna
Van Cleve, A.R. and Jewel Truitt Van Cleve
Van Dam, Gary R.
Van Horn, Drew
Van Voorhis, Boyd
Vance, John and Martha (Martha Veazy)
Vance, Nancy Rose
Vandenbroucke, David A.
Vandermaas-Peeler, Maureen
Vanderwreff, Whitney Grove
Varney, Harry E. "Sid"
Vasami, Chris
Vaughan, Lillian Lee
Vaughn, Keith Leveski
Vecchione, Tom
Vellani, Larry
Veum, Jonathan R.
Vick, Robert
Vickers, Earl Wright Jr.
Vickers, Earl Wright Sr.
Vickers, Virginia Ann Joyce
Villa-Garcia, Kay A.
Vitou, Rebecca Dunn Harward
Vondy, Jane P.
Vore, Duane N.
Voss, Kelly Lynn
Waddell, Michael G.
Waggoner, James M.
Wagner, Jennifer Robin
Wagoner, W. Stephen
Wahl, Kirby
Wainscott, Pamela S.
Walker, Douglas Clyde (Peahead)
Walker, Paul Curtis
Walker, William T. "Bill"
Walker, Worth Galloway
Walker, Zac T. III
Wall, Brantley
Wallace, Beverly
Wallace-Casey, Katherine T.
Waller, Bruce and Mary
Walter-Fromson, Ann
Walters, C.M.
Walters, W T.
Walton, Helen
Walton, Thomas W.
Ward, Hunt (Mr. and Mrs.)
Ward, Max
Ward, Sherri L.
Ward, Stacey
Warren, Dorothy M.
Warren, Randy
Warren, Wendy
Warren, William B.
Waterman, Gerry
Waters, Christopher
Waters, David "Muddy"
Waters, Rex
Watkins, Edward Nolan
Watkins, Louise
Watson, Budley Ray
Watson, Maude Lorraine Brubeck
Watson, Samuel M. Jr.
Watts, Daniel Thomas
Watts, Edwin
Watts, Fred
Waugh, Jay H. Jr.
Way, Nick
Weavil, Linda
Webb, Brian
Webb, William M.
Webber, Kenneth E.
Weber, Christian E.
Weinberg, Alan
Weinberger, Caspar
Weingarten, Jerry
Welch, Deborah S.
Wellborn, Sandra B.
Wellford, Jane
Wellman, Manly Wade
Wellons Family (in relation to J.W. Wellons)
Wellons, Lillian Alice
Welzant, Karen J.
Werr, Kim
West, Albert
West, Caleb Dwight
West, Floyd
West, Fred
West, Jesse F.
West, John (1)
West, John (2)
West, Joseph
West, Junius E.
West, Mark Douglas
Westafer, Walter
Westmoreland, Rachel B.
Westmorland, John
Weston, Anthony
Weston, Robert Wayne
Westphal, Britany
Westphal, Paulette
Drawer 20. Wh-Z.
152 Folders.
Whaley, Jonathan M.
Whatley, Emerson
Wheeler, John W.
Wheeler, Kate
Wheet, Kathryn I.
Whitaker, Patricia
White, A. Howard
White, Alan J.
White, Clyde Small
White, Craig
White, J. King
White, Jack O.
White, Jeremy
White, Jesse Joseph Jr.
White, Jon
White, M. Christopher
White, Maribeth Y.
White, Shane
White, Sherley
Whitelock, Charles Nottingham
Whitesell, John C.
Whitesell, Hurley E.
Whitley, George Robert
Whitley, Lloyd E.
Whitsett, Joseph Gordon
Whitten, Dolphus Jr.
Whittier, Carrie
Whittinghill, Maurice
Whittington, Annie Mae (Mrs. John Albert Norfleet)
Whittington, Gerald O.
Wicker, Annie L.
Wicker, Dan Bridger
Wicker, David C. Sr.
Wicker, Robert
Wicker, Ruth
Wicker, Walton Crump
Wicker, Walton Staley
Wicker, William R.
Widmer, Samantha
Wiggins, Marshall Winston "Twig"
Wilburn, Virginia Shipman
Wilburn, William C.
Wild, Rebecca "Becky" Smith
Wilkins, Frances Chandler
Wilkins, Java Cleveland
Wilkins, Levi Peel
Wilkins, Louis B.
Wilkinson, Bertie
Wilkinson, James Gilbert "Jay"
Willard, James
Williams, Benjamin F.
Williams, Benjamin M.
Williams, Catherine
Williams, Dorothy Mae
Williams, Douglas
Williams, Ellen B.
Williams, Frank
Williams, Jeanne Freeman
Williams, Jo Watts
Williams, John H.
Williams, Larry L.
Williams, Laura
Williams, Lee
Williams, Leon
Williams, Lisa A.
Williams, Michael
Williams, Nancy A. I.
Williams, Paul D. Jr.
Williams, Robert Beresford
Williams, Susan
Williams, Terry
Williams, Terry and Wendy Williams
Williams, W. L. Jr. "Bill"
Williams, Walter McAdoo
Williamson, Bennett
Willis, G. Dee
Willis, Kiki
Willis, Robert James
Wills, Terry
Willson, Lawrence G. B.
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Brenda
Wilson, Minnie Johnston
Wilson, Shirley S. (Red)
Wimsatt, Mary Ann
Windham, Scott
Wingfield, William
Wingo, Iris Marie Shepherd Fonville
Winkelsas, Joe
Wise, Mary
Wiseman, Eva Antoinette
Wisniewski, Sophie M.
Wisseman, Graham Rowland
Woeltjen, Deborah T.
Wolfe, Gene
Wolfe, Gerald
Wolfe, James E. "Jack"
Wolfe, Nan
Wolfe, Sally
Womack, Edith McCauley
Wood, Robert A.
Wood, William
Wood, William C. II
Woodley, James C.
Woods, C. Carl Jr.
Woodson, Samuel Thomas Jr.
Woolsey, Elizabeth (Mrs. Arch Aicheson)
Wooten, Ann
Wooten, George
Wooten, Melvin E. Jr.
Wordsworth, Richard
Worsley, Cora Elizabeth
Worsley, W. Cecil III
Worst, Christopher D.
Wortham, Carol
Wortham, Robert A.
Wrenn, Joseph Earl
Wyrick, Anne Ila
Wyrick, David L.
Wyrick, James Alvin
Wyrick, Melvin O. and Ruby Inez Huffines Wyrick
Yamaguchi, Kat
Yarborough, Barbara
Yarborough, Helen
Yasmin, Kausar
Yeager, Frances Council
Yeager, Jamane
Yeargin, Kimberly Rei
Yesulaitis, Mary C.
Yoder, E.M.
York, Brantley
Young, Douglas M.
Young, James Fred
Young, Judith T.
Young, Kate P.
Young, Phyllis Johnson
Young, Wilbert H.
Youngdahl, Scott
Yount, Joanne J.
Yow, Deborah A. "Debbie"
Yow, Kay
Yow, Susan
Yuskevich, Steve
Zaiser, Greg
Zalesak, Rudolph
Zapko, Lauren
Zarzar, Rudolf T.
Zeigler, Debbie
Ziegler, Allie
Zink, Alvin John III
Zink, Mary S.
Zinn, Carolyn
Zumwalt, Elmo Russell III