Inventory of the EUA043 Student Papers Research Collection, 1934 - ongoing EUA043

Inventory of the EUA043 Student Papers Research Collection, 1934 - ongoing

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Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University Students
Title: EUA043 Student Papers Research Collection, 1934 - ongoing
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library Archives and Special Collections at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: The Student Papers Research Collection was compiled from a variety of sources by the University Archives for use in reference and research. The collection consists primarily of Elon undergraduate student papers on topics concerning Elon University or the Town of Elon. Paper topics present in the collection include (but are not limited to): undergraduate curriculum; rules and regulations; Presidents of Elon; World Wars I and II; gender at Elon; and athletics. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the student's last name, first name. Please see the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more information about what is included.
Extent: 2 linear feet, 2 archival boxes

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Collection is open for research.

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The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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[Identification of item], EUA043 Student Papers Research Collection, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Processed by Jess McDonald, December, 2011

Encoded by Katie Nash, December, 2011

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The collection is arranged alphabetically by student's last name, first name.

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Academic writing.
English language -- Writing -- Study and teaching (Higher).
Report writing -- Study and teaching (Higher).
Elon University -- Archival resources.

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Related Material

There are no related materials to this collection at this time.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1. A-L.
144 Folders. circa 144 Items.
Adams, Caroline. The life of William Maness. 2009.
Anderson, Chelsea. The legacy of William Allen Harper. 2006.
Art and Politics Class. Dope. Winter 2012.
Art and Politics Class. Skin and Bones. Winter 2012.
Art and Politics Class. Unknown title. Winter 2012.
Austin, Harry. President William W. Staley. Undated.
Balavender, Jared. Bringing to life William Samuel Long. 2007.
Baumann, Abigail. Ferris E. Reynolds. 2008.
Baytos, Kelly. Untitled. (The Confederate Veteran). 2005.
Bell, Bria. Holt Chapel. 2014.
Bell, Sharwil. Isabella Cannon. 2009.
Belsole, Nicole. John Sommers Westmoreland (1922-1990). 2008.
Birdette, Terrance. Reverend John Seay Graves. 2008.
Black, Katherine. Finding my Great Grandfather: The success of a political prodigy - Thad Eure. 2009.
Black, Virginia Dare, Vera Gerringer, and Oma U. Johnson. History, value and aims, and methods of French in American schools and colleges. 1934.
Black, Zach. Dr. Marvin K. Moss. 2009.
Blank, Dexter. Whitley Auditorium. 2014.
Bonney, Joshua. Frank Haith. 2009.
Bossie, Whitney. Untitled. (Jesse Meredith). 2009.
Booth, Ellie. The Elon love story. 2009.
Bott, Tata. Untitled. (Civil War in American memory). 2005.
Bowline, Ryder. Beck Pool and Jordan Gymnasium. 2014.
Brant, Brandon. Church house to Light House: Elon's social change 1920s to 1992. 2009.
Bringing it all Together. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. 1995.
Britt, Daniel. Untitled. (Leon Edgar Smith). 2007.
Brogden, Kyra. The Civil War in American memory paper. 2005.
Campbell, Andre. The great fire. 2006.
Cantrell, Kim. Rushing for change. 2009.
Cauley, Henry. John Wesley Alexander. 2008.
Chuk, Jonathon. A biographical survey: Dr. Daniel J. Bowden. 2008.
Citty, Meredith. Luvene Holmes and Royall H. Spence, Jr. Pavilion. 2014.
Clingan, Evann. Dr. Robert W. Delp: Professor and historian. 2008.
Cochran, Andria. Standards of admissions: Intelligence through the years. 2009.
Collins, Clinton. Soccer: World's game, America's step-child. Undated.
Constantine, Adam. Dr. William Samuel Long. 2007.
Cook, Karolyn. Debbie Yow-Bowden. 2009.
Cooley, Nikki. Untitled. (Influence of church at Elon). 2009.
Cooper, Ryan. Dalton L. McMichael, Sr. Science Center. 2014.
Cox, Lana and Stacy Morin. Intercollegiate Athletics. 2001.
Crane, Devin. Changes in gender equality at Elon: Based on the student handbook. 2006.
Crossed Rivers. Undated.
Current Controversies in Feminism (WGS 300) class with Professor Stephen Bloch-Schulman. The Disruption. Spring 2012.
Darrah, Mackenzie. The History of Moseley Center. 2014.
Davis, Kelsey. President William Allen Harper of Elon College. 2007.
Davis, Taylor. Holland House. 2014.
Dawkins, Brian. Alumni Field House. 2014.
Day, Erin. Memory paper. 2005.
Deez Papers. College Writing class. Spring 1999.
DeFraine, Mark. Untitled. (Women at Elon). 2009.
Delaney, Kevin William. All men are created equal, or are they? How changes in the racial perception of Native Americans shaped policy. 2007.
Denham, Spencer (William). Exploring race within the bubble. 2006.
Deprey, Alexis. Traveling back in time: Study abroad in the 1970's compared to 1991. 2009.
Derreberry, Claire. The fire that gave Elon a push forward. 2006.
DeWitt, Timothy. Old Main Administration Building. 2014.
Different Faces, Different Thoughts. Fall 1998.
DiMarco, Andrew. Change for the better?. 2009.
Diver, Raychel. North Dorm (Alumni Building). 2014.
Diversity and Equality, Changes and Opportunities at Elon Through the Years: An Anthology. English 110 College Writing class with Dr. Prudence Layne. Spring 2011.
Donahue, Molly. The buildings of Elon: Long, Staley, Moffitt, Harper, Smith and McEwen. 2006.
Eddy, Luke. Jimmy Powell Tennis Center. 2014.
Eden, Jason. Untitled. (Civil War memory). 2005.
Eng, Grace. Lindner Hall. 2014.
Evans, Rich. The Elon College Charter. 2001.
Evans, Scott. Bowden letters from World War II Servicemen. 2001.
Evans, Tracey. Rules and regulations of Elon: Past and present. 2006.
Feldman, Matt. The History of Elon's Center for the Arts. 2014.
Fisher, Brian. Big trouble at little Elon. 2006.
Flinn, Thayer. Elon living. 2009.
Ford, Kendall. President Leo Lambert: In a league of his own. 2007.
Frederickson, Lauren. Lila Claire Newman. 2008.
The Garden of Elon. English 110 class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Undated.
Gerelus, Leanne. Rising from the ashes. 2006.
Gesimondo, Eric. Alumni Gymnasium. 2014.
Gillis, Shane. James Fred Young. Undated.
Gilmore, Brent. Dr. Horace H. Cunningham. 2008.
Glidden, Kirsten. John Greenfelder Sullivan. 2008.
Greene. Travis. Leo M. Lambert, President of Elon University. Undated.
Gutierrez, Ricky. William N.P. Herbert, M.D. 2009.
Hiarston, Christian. Johnston Hall. 2014.
Hale, Eric. Untitled. (Edwin Morris Betts). 2009.
Harrell, Takiyah and Michael Spencer. Big Man, Big Impact: The Life of Andrew Morgan 1900-1964. Spring 2012. Students who also contributed to research paper include: Isis Malone, Courtney Hill, Gabriella Harvie, Paige Jornlin, Spencer Kaplan, Morgan Kimbel, and Sandra Spengeman.
Harris, Matt. Young Ladies Cooperative Hall. 2014.
Harrison, Aliana. Dr. Walter P. Lawrence. 2008.
Harrison, David. Untitled. (President Staley). 2007.
Harrison, Jennie. President Staley: A man of God. 2007.
Helpingstine, Chase. Untitled. (Durward T. Stokes). 2008.
Henderson, Ian. Civil War and memory paper. 2005.
Hildebrand, Ryan. Memory paper (Civil War). 2005.
Hill, Jonathan. A comparative look at Elon's football past. 2009.
Holian, Ally. McEwen Dining Hall. 2014.
Holt, Jocelyn. Changing with the times (Residence life at Elon) 2009.
Holtje, Kirsten Jane. Race and Indian policy in the Jeffersonian era. 2007.
Howell, Clark. John Urquhart Newman: 1860-1942. 2008.
Huggins, Benjamin. Leon Edgar Smith. 2007.
Huggins, Benjamin. The war in Vietnam: Putting the Elon bubble on trial. 2006.
Hughes, Mollie. Safety and the transformation of Elon housing. 2009.
Hyland, Scott. Untitled. (Civil War memory). 2005.
Inklings. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Spring 1996.
Isenbarger, Jack. The Powerhouse: Old and New. 2014.
Jarrett, Monica. Dr. Frank Harris. 2008.
Jenkins, David. The Civil War in American memory. 2005.
Johnson, Curt. Malvin Artley. 2008.
Johnson, Eden. Influential legacies. 2006.
Johnston, Curt. Malvin Artley. 2008.
Johnston, Joe. The smoke's the thing! (Tobacco). 2009.
Jones, Kevin. Holt correspondence with professional baseball player. 2001.
Jorns, Jacquelyn. Evolution of Elon Library. 2006.
Kaleidoscope: A Look into Young Peoples Minds. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Fall 1996.
Keim, Alyse. The underage battle. 2009.
Keto, Erica. Untitled. (Dr. Donna Hill Oliver). 2009.
Kinney, Steven. Learning from the ashes. Undated.
Kirsch, Charlie. Back the attack!. 2001.
Knowles-Bagwell, John. Out of the ashes: The great fire of 1923. 2006.
Korzun, Taylor. The history of Elon's buildings. 2007.
Korzun, Taylor. President William Long. 2007.
Lafferty, Danielle. Alumni paper (Gerry Oxford). 2009.
Lataille, Bethany. The life of Fletcher Moore. 2003.
Leathers, Wil. Rhodes Stadium. 2014.
Leggett, Katie. Konstantinas Avizonis. 2008.
Legrand, Bryan. Civil War in American memory. 2005.
Lewis, Heidi. Boys and girls: The regulations of the generations passed. 2006.
Life Stories Class, Final Exam Reflections. General Studies 348 with Professor Richard McBride. Spring 2002.
Life Stories Class, Final Exam Reflections. General Studies 348 with Professor Richard McBride. Spring 2003.
Life Stories Class, Final Exam Reflections. General Studies 348 with Professor Richard McBride. Spring 2007.
Life Stories Class, Final Exam Reflections. General Studies 348 with Professor Richard McBride. Spring 2008.
Life Stories Class, Final Exam Reflections. General Studies 348 with Professor Richard McBride. Spring 2009.
Lilly, Justin. Douglas Clyde 'Peahead' Walker. 2008.
Lizarda, Nia. The evolution of fun at Elon: The social life, a comparison of the 1930's and 1990's. 2009.
Lloyd, DeLia. Jo Craven McGinty. 2009.
Long, Chris. Dr. Ned F. Brannock. 2008.
Lopresti, Anna. L.J. 'Hap' Perry. 2008.
Lowe, Matt. Dr. James Earl Danieley. 2007.
Lukens, Anne. Kerrii Brown Anderson. 2009.
Box 2. M-Z.
130 Folders. circa 130 Items.
MacCollum, Jason. Dr. William W. Sloan. 2008.
MacDonald, Heather. The evolution of Elon Student Newspapers. 2006.
MacLeod, David. World War II at Elon University. 2009.
Mackey, Brian. The effects of the flu epidemic of 1918. 2006.
Mann, Garret. Scott Plaza and Fonville Fountain. 2014.
Marsh, Gary. Sports hall of fame. 2000.
Mason, Ginna Claire. You've gotta have heart. 2009.
McDuff, Martha. Common School System in North Carolina. 1999.
McGuire. Women's sports over the years. 2006.
McGuire, Samuel. Untitled. (Civil War memories). Undated.
McHugh, Hannah. Investigating the cultural aspects at Elon's sororities. 2009.
McMackin, John James III. Jefferson and Race: American ideals and American reality. 2007.
McNamara, Lynsey. The Gerald L. Francis Center. 2014.
McQuilkin, Brett. Captain Eugene 'Red' Baker McDaniel. 2009.
Medley, Courtney. Eddie Bridges. 2009.
Merwarth, Lindsay. Elon's resilience: Is Elon prepared?. 2006.
Miller, Stephen. From Fighting to Phoenix. 2006.
Millian, Anna Vines. Untitled. (Thomas E. Powell). 2008.
Molloy, John. The Mooney Building. 2014.
Moore, Latasha. Gerard Priestley: His impact on Elon University. 2008.
Morris, Allie. Elon endorsement of extracurricular clubs. 2009.
Morris. Morgan. Getting outside the 'Elon Bubble': A comparison of Communism and Terrorism news coverage (not) at Elon University. 2006.
Mullin, Dani. Jim Morris. 2009.
Murphy, Michelle. Gender gap at Elon University. 2006.
Murphy, Sarah. Dr. Danieley versus Dr. Harper. 2006.
Newsome, Brandon. The Elon bubble meets the wars. 2006.
Nemec, Phillip. Dr. Donald Lee Allen. 2009.
Nicholson, Wiggie. Memory thorough The Veteran and Reunion. 2005.
Norden, Kevin. Presidential visitors on the campus. 2001.
Nwoko, Chinwe. Campaigns with the seventh Elon President: James Fred Young. 2007.
Nwoko, Chinwe. Rising up from the ashes: Fires in Elon's history. 2007.
O'Rourke, Luke. G. Thomas Holmes. 2009.
O'Shea, Erin. The life of Dr. John Decatur Messick. 2009.
Oak, Adrienne. The Civil War in American memory. 2005.
Olverd, Harrison. Diversity is more than mixing races. 2009.
Omniscient Tale. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Fall 1997.
Original Student Essays. English 110 class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Fall 1997.
Osborne, Matt. William Allen Harper: Savior of a college. 2007.
Palchinsky, Juliann. Campus life or campus strife. 2006.
Paone, D.J. Maynard Hall. 2014.
Parks, Ashley. School vandalism is not a joke, it's a crime. 2009.
Pedersen, Laura. Positive rebuilding of Elon College. 2005.
Perez, Jacob. Elon's alcohol tolerance. 2009. .
Piazzolla, Kaitlyn. Chad Nkang. 2009.
Pinnell, Megan. The presentation of the Messiah. 2001.
Persaud, Deven. Raymond Beck. 2009.
Podlewski, Oscar. Project on Luther Byrd. 2008.
Point, David. Dr. Emmett Leonidas Moffitt: Elon's third President, 1905-1911. 2007.
Powell, Anna. Janie Brown. 2008.
Powers, Derek. How America remembered the Civil War 1865-1900. 2005.
Random, Random, Random, Random, Random, Random: A Collection of Writings. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Spring 1998.
Rate, Ryan. (Civil War) memory paper. 2005.
Reichenbach, J.D. Comparing and contrasting Elon University baseball from five years ago, to what it is today. 2007.
Reichenbach, J.D. Emmett Leonidas Moffitt. 2007.
Renck, Lauren. Wear your maroon and gold!: The tradition of Homecoming at Elon University. 2009.
Rhodes, Jenifer. Colclough Hall. 2014.
Richter, Mark. Affirmative action in college admissions. 1999.
Rinderman, Sam. Dr. Alan White. 2008.
Robb, Hayley. The evolution of the Fighting Christians. 2009.
Robertson, Erin. Chandler Hall and Plaza. 2014.
Robinson, Kelly. Memory Paper (Civil War). 2005.
Robson, Greg. Elon College Chaplaincy: Past and Present. Winter 2001.
Roth, Steve. The changing times at Elon. 2009.
Ruffin, Lenaira. Koury Athletic Center. 2014.
Safine, Claire. R.N. Ellington Health Center. 2014.
Salzar, Rebecca. Jennings Berry. 2008.
Sankey, Wes. The cultural modernization of student privileges. 2009.
Saving the Best for Last. Undated.
Scattered Ideas To...College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Fall 1995.
Schabo, Kate. Untitled. (GST 234 Interview with Allen B. Sanders). 2001.
Schaffer, Annie. Clementine Pinnix: Mother of Elon. English 110 College Writing class with Dr. Prudence Layne. Spring 2012. Other students who contributed: Tim Sanford, Samantha Frawley, Jake Liles, Jack McCarthy, Shannon Madaio, Sarah Rickman, Iain Robbins, and Kaitlyn Stahl.
Schefer, Willie. Research report (Marjorie Hunter). 2009.
Schuett, Emily. Duke Science Building. 2014.
Schwemlein, Jamie. New patriotism, reconciliation, and the retention of Southern gender identity. 2005.
Senges, Jason. The Southern fight to shape history: How men of the South took steps to ensure that the Civil War be remembered with a Southern twist. 2005.
Seventeen Muses. English 110 class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Undated.
Shaw, Taylor. The admirable successes of Elon Alum: Dr. Kenneth Harrison Dudley. 2009.
Shelton, Hannah. Kenneth Utt. 2009.
Sherry, Michael. The rise and development of Elon's theatre program. 2006.
Shutt, Daniel. Allen B. Sanders: His life and times. 2008.
Siegel, Catherine. President W.A. Harper. 2006.
Sikking, Nicholas. Elon Women: Then and now. 2009.
Simms, Daniel. John W. Barney. 2008.
Slobodien, Robin M. John Decatur Messick. 2008.
Smith, Aaron Stephon Jr. The slow evolution of admissions at Elon University. 2009.
Smith, Amber. Dr. William Samuel Long Building. 2014.
Smith, Justin. The Civil War in American memory. 2005.
Smith, Marianne P. Elon's Commencement Activities Through the Ages. 2001.
Spencer, Kinsey. Furman Colin Moseley Jr. 2009.
Stauffer-MacDowell, Cody. Aiah Gbakima. 2009.
Steele, Drew. Through the years (Rules and regulations). 2009.
Stiles, Ken. The fire of 1923. 2001.
Stout, Blair. What made the 'Golden Girls' so golden. 2009.
Sullivan, Karlos. Alonzo Lohr Hook (1891-1983). 2008.
Swanson, Chelsea. Maynard House. 2014.
Tabor, Katie. Should the Kourys have more recognition?. Undated.
Talley, Amanda. Untitled. (Civil War memory). 2005.
Taylor, Jessica. The effects of the Great Depression on the budget of Elon College. 2006.
Tempus Fugit. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. May 1998.
Thurm, Jeffery. The Great Depression: Not actually depressing. 2006.
Turek, Jessica. Gender segregation: Elon College in the 1920's versus Elon University in the 1990's to today. 2009.
Usher, Zachery Warren. Holding the wolf by the ears: The negotiated balance between justice and national preservation. 2007.
Van Voorhis, Boyd. Elon College alumni interview. 2005.
Vining, Anna and Will Petty. Deans of Women at Elon College. 2001.
Voices for a New Millennium. College Writing class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Class of 2000.
Vonick, Jason. Caroline E. Powell Building. 2014.
Walker, Brittany. Dr. Frank A. Hayes. 2009.
Ward, Cynthia. Professor Paul S. Reddish. 2008.
Watts, Daniel. Horace 'Horse' Hendrickson. 2008.
Weathers, Courtney. Harold L. Barney, Class of 1928. 2009.
Weber, Patti. Maurice N. Jennings Sr.: Class of 1957 and former President of Biscuitville Incorporated. 2009.
Westendorf, Blythe. Oma Utley Johnson. 2008.
White, Matthew. President James Earl Danieley: Past, present and future. 2007.
Whitman, Danielle. Elon University's Environmental Studies Department: Loy Farm property. 2011.
Wilson, Lauren. Havilian Babcock: The teacher, the author, the outdoorsman. 2009.
Wizzard, Kristen. Faculty Publications. 2001.
Worthington, Arthur. Changing alcohol rules and their effects on student life. 2009.
Writers Cramps. English 110 class with Professor Ann S. Butler. Undated.
Wynn, Courtney Derrell. Elon University's Spectrum in perspective. 2006.
Wynn, Courtney. The gay male athlete 'out' sported. Undated.