Inventory of the EUCH001 Church History Biography Files, 0000 - 0000 EUCH001

Inventory of the EUCH001 Church History Biography Files, 0000 - 0000

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Elon University

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Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Elon University
2550 Campus Box
Elon, North Carolina

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University
Title: Church History Biography Files, 0000 - 0000
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in Belk Library Archives Satellite Shelving at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: This is a collection of materials that relate to specific individuals associated with the Christian Church, the Congregational Church, the Congregational Christian Church, or the United Church of Christ. The majority of the people represented in this collection are from the Southeastern United States. The collection includes biographical information about individuals associated with Elon University, including some of the founders of the institution. Documents within each folder contain a variety of items, such as newspaper clippings, correspondences, essays and memoirs, and other types of printed materials. The specific date range of this collection is unknown, but the materials begin sometime during the 19th century and continue to the present day. The collection is arranged alphabetically by the individuals' last name and then first name. Please refer to the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more specific information about what is included in the collection.
Extent: 5 linear feet, 4 archival boxes

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Collection is open for research.

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Copyright Notice

The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Church History Biography Files, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Gift or Purchase Note

Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Not applicable

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Processing Information

Processed by Shaunta Alvarez, September, 2011

Encoded by Shaunta Alvarez, November, 2011

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This collection includes four boxes of materials that are arranged alphabetically by the individuals' last name then first name, which appears on each folder.

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Online Catalog Headings

These and related materials may be found under the following headings in online catalogs.

Christian Church
Christian Church South -- History
Christian education directors
Congregational Christian Churches -- History
United Church of Christ -- History
United Church of Christ. Southern Conference – History
Elon University -- Archival resources

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Related Material

There are no related materials to this collection at this time.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1.
160 Folders. circa 800 Items.
Ministers - Miscellaneous
Biographies - Miscellaneous
Aiken, Michael
Ainslie, Peter
Aitchenson, Arch
Aldrich, Leander Jefferson
Alexander, Will W.
Allcox, Elmo M.
Allen, Tim
Alley, George D.
Anderson, Albert Gallatin
Anderson, Leila W.
Anderson, Pamela J.
Andes, Alfred Wellons
Andes, Mark
Ansley, Rufus
Apple, Alfred
Apple, J. Frank
Apple, Solomon
Asbury, Francis
Austin, Lucy
Ayscue, C.E.
Ballentine, William Jones
Barney, Joseph
Barrett, David Palmer (Pallie)
Barrett, John Pressley
Barrett, Mills Burwell
Barstow, Robbins Wolcott
Bartholomen, Carroll
Batemen, William
Beale, Edwin Williams
Bell, Charles W.
Belle, Barbara
Benson, Clara
Bernard, Carol Woodson
Biederwolf, William Edward
Bigelow, John
Binderup, Richard
Binkley, Olin Trivette
Bishop, Emily K.
Bishop, Josiah G.
Black, Benjamin Franklin
Blair, Marion Robert
Blakney, Charles P.
Blankenhorn, Warren A.
Bliss, Daniel
Bloom, William Knighton
Boland, John A.
Bonds, Bobby
Boone, Annie Elizabeth Moring
Bowers, Daniel
Bowling, David
Bozarth, Howard P.
Bradford, Jennie Willis Atkinson
Brady, Gale
Brandon, Ralph A.
Bray, H. Winfred
Brett, Arthur
Brewer, Alvin
Brittle, R. E.
Brown, Arthur Mason
Brown, Avery
Brown, Danny
Brown, Wilmer
Brunk, Rev. W. W.
Bullock, Mrs. Fred E.
Burnett, Alice Edward Moreton
Burnett, John Franklin
Buschmeyer, Fred S.
Butler, Murdock Wellons
Butler, William J.
Butler, William Steven
Byerly, Chester
Cadle, Patricia
Camp, Bryant
Camp, Johnna
Camp, Steve
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, William
Carey, John
Carlton, Alford
Carnes, Harvey L.
Carter, E. M.
Carter-McCoy, Leticia
Cary, Alice E.
Cates, Phillip Keith
Chalmers, Dwight M.
Chamberlain, Charles
Chamberlain, Richard
Chang, Annabelle and Timothy
Cheeck, Richard
Cheek, J. Cecil
Christensen, Michael
Clapp, Bruce
Clapp, Kenneth
Clapp, Rosser L.
Clapp, William
Clark, Francis E.
Clark, James
Clarke, Fred
Clausen, L. A.
Clausen, Russell
Clements, William Gatson
Cline, Richard
Clymer, Ludwick N.
Coffin, F. G.
Coffin, Henry Sloane
Colbourn, Arthur Preston
Colclough, George D.
Coleman, Walter
Coletrane, Joe
Cooper, Ezekiel
Copeland, Mary F.
Cornelius, Conrad
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Lenneous Isaac
Craig, Austin
Crater, Jackie
Craven, Lewis
Crayen, Raymond
Cress, James
Crew, Angie
Crook, David
Crudup, Eddie
Crutchfield, Gaither C.
Crutchfield, Henry Ervin
Dahlberg, Edwin T.
Daniel, W. B.
Darden, J. M.
Davis, Donald Lee
Davis, Paul
Dawson, Thomas Braxton
Deanes, Daniel T. (Rev.)
Dearborn, Donald Curtis
DeBerry, Perfect Robert
Denison, Warren Hathaway
Dexter, Henry M.
Dipko, Tom
Disher, Stephen
Doan, Donna
Dodds, Robert C.
Dollar, C. Carl
Dollar, Jesse Holliday
Dollar, John
Dollar, Melvin
Douglass, Truman B.
Drew, William
Dunn, Arthur Shuble
Dyson, Carol
Earp, Ben Jo
Ebling, Debra
Edward, Judi
Elder, J. D.
Elder, Lucy Stoker
Eldredge, Hermon E.
Eldredge, Lucy Mandana
Ellis, Larry
Evans, Lee
Evans, Leowen
Evans, Shubal G.
Everett, Elisha
Box 2.
171 Folders. circa 855 Items.
Fagley, Frederick Louis
Faison, Floyd F.
Farrell, Earl T.
Fatzinger, James
Feather, Nevin
Felton, Calvin J.
Fenimore, James
Fidler, George
Fields, Clyde L.
Finney, Charles Grandison
Fisher, Guy
Fitch, Lynne
Fleming, John H.
Fleming, Patrick Henry
Flick, Donald
Fonville, Jamie
Fonville, John Washington
Fonville, Wally
Foster, James Lee
Franklin, Minnie Wagoner
Fry, Earl C. and Susan Gullett
Fuller, Lola
Fuller, Walter Bennett
Fuson, Marcia
Fuson, Sam
Galt, Ralph
Gardner, Wayne Allan
Garren, Martin Thompson (Mark)
Garrett, Robert Glenn and Betty Field Garrett
Garrison, J. D.
Garrison, Winfred Ernest
Gay, George
Geiger, Richard
Gilbert, George
Godfrey, Robert
Golladay, Derrick Casper
Goode, Edward Ernest
Gordon, Marion Saunders
Goslin, Martin Leland
Graham, Walter Alexander
Granger, A. Lanson
Graves, Loucinda Alston
Graves, Suzanne
Green, Mrs. Z. B.
Greene, George
Gregory, Lillian
Griffin, Eric
Griffin, William Lawson
Griffiths, William
Grimes, Van Dolan
Grover, Elder Aaron
Grubb, June
Guirey, William
Gundlach, John
Guptill, Nathanael M.
Gustin, Ellen Grant
Hall, W. Walter
Hall, Margaret
Hall, W. Walter
Haller, Herman
Hamilton, Frank R.
Hamilton, Thomas R.
Hamlin, Ernest
Hammonds, Jeffery
Hardcastle, Howard Scott (Hardy)
Hardee, Brian
Hargrove, Raymond
Harrell, Stanley Claudius
Harris, Cleno
Harris, J. Monroe
Harward, William Daniel
Havens, Bruce
Hayes, Dahler
Hayes, Henry B.
Heckert, Paul
Hedrick, Aubrey
Helfenstein, David M.
Helfenstein, Roy C.
Helfenstein, S. O.
Helfferich, Reginald
Hedrick, David
Hendricks, A. Rudolph
Hensley, Dan
Herbster, Rev. Dr. Ben Mohr
Herndon, William Thomas
Hester, J. Michael
Hetzel, Hazel
High, G. Truett
Hill, Winston
Hillard, Henry
Hillyard, James Daniel
Hinton, J. Lynne
Hirano, David
Hobby, James I.
Hoffman, Joseph Henry
Hoffman, Robert
Holl, D. Houston
Holleman, Toby Jr.
Hollingsworth, Kenneth
Holloway, Edward
Holt, Jeremiah W.
Holt, John R.
Holt, Vitus Reid
Holt, William Kirkpatrick
Holtom, Harold
Hook, Archie Hine
Hooper, Frederic
Horne, Rex
Horton, Douglas and Mildred McAfee Horton
Hoskins, Fred
House, Robert Lee
Howsare, Athella
Howsare, McDaniel
Hubbard, Lynwood
Hulteen, Bill
Humphrey, James
Hunt, George D.
Hurley, Malcom L.
Hurst, Alfred Wesley
Hyslop, John W.
Iseley, Alfred A.
Iseley, Asa Franklin (Frank)
Jackson, James C.
Jackson, Richard Lewis
James, Brenda
Jamison, Alexander
Jenkins, Helen Charlotte
Jenkins, Zanda P.
Jessup, D. Lee
Johnson, Arnold
Johnson, Edward A.
Johnson, Isaac Walter and Sallie Ellenor
Johnson, John Lee
Johnson, John Lewis
Johnson, Pettaway
Johnston, Charles D. and Effie Ellington
Johnston, James
Jones, Abner
Jones, Charles
Jones, C. J.
Jones, D. F.
Jones, Daniel Webster, Jr.
Jones, David F.
Jones, W. Harold
Jones, Janet
Jones, Neal
Joyner, William T.
Kahal, Phillip F.
Kato, Tim
Kearney, Paulette
Kelly, David
Kelly, Shelia
Kennedy, Floyd
Kennett, Beth
Kernodle, Mrs. G. A.
Kernodle, John Robert, Jr.
Kernodle, Peter Jefferson
Kerr, Alva Martin
Kerr, Daniel W.
Key, Carl R.
Kilburn, S. Collins
Kimball, Robert Morris
King, James
Kinsland, John G.
Kitchen, J. T.
Klapp, Peter Thomas
Klapp, Sanders Boyd
Knowles, Robert A.
Korpik, James A.
Kreps, Carl
Kuether, Ralph
Box 3.
183 Folders. circa 915 Items.
Lackey, John R.
Laine, William J.
Lake, W. M.
Lane, William A.
Langdon, Rena
Lankford, G. Otis
Larracey, Patrick W.
Laucks, Barbara
Lawrance, Marion
Lawson, James
Leathers, Mamie Holland
Ledbetter, Rev. C.S.
Ledbetter, J. A.
Lee, Herman
Leebrick, Bland
Leiper, Henry Smith
Leonard, Donald
Lester, Fletcher Cummings and Emily C. Lester
Levens, Joshua Leroy
Lewis, Carroll Wayne
Lewis, Dace Allison, Jr.
Lewis, Paul
Lewis, Ronald
Lightbourne, A. W.
Lightbourne, James H.
Lightbourne, James H., Jr.
Lightbourne, Victor
Limbert, Paul M.
Lintelman, Donald
Littiken, John
Liverman, Thomas F.
Lockingbill, Duane
Lohr, Dorcas
Long, Daniel Albright
Long, Denise
Loper, Vere V.
Love, Aubra
Loy, J. C.
Lucas, Stephen
Lynam, Sion Milton
McCauley, Joseph E. (Jerry)
McCulloch, Josiah
McDaniel, Rufus Henry
McDonald, Isaac L.
McEntire, Larry
McKinley, James Franklin
McLawhorn, Annell George
McLean, Ronald
McLean, Charles
McManus, J. Donald
McNeil, Glenn
Mabe, Zachary
Mackey, Sheldon E.
Madison, Levin Cary
Madren, Silas E. and Ruth Gilliam Madren
Madren, Thomas W.
Mann, Thomas
Manning, J. W.
Marks, Carl K.
Marr, Robert B.
Marshall, Bessie Hall
Martin, Charles Landon
Martin, Elder Meredith Benjamin
Mason, Benjamin J.
Mason, Randall Chaplain, Sr.
Meyers, Joyce B.
Meyers, Phillip
Miles, A. J.
Millar, Nelson
Millard, Elder David
Miller, Alan
Mills, Andrew C.
Milton, Ervin Eugene
Mishoe, J. Randall
Mooney, Isaac
Moore, Dwight W.
Moore, Jerry W.
Morgan, Marvin Louis
Moring, Franklin O'Kelly
Morrison, James W.
Morton, Richard K.
Moss, Robert V., Jr.
Muhammed, Benjamis Chaviz
Mullen, Lester
Murray, Joseph A.
Muse, Richard L.
Myers, DeWitt L.
Myers, G. Harold
Myers, Robert
Nagy, Frank
Neese, J. Everette
Neese, J. L.
Neff, Edwin
Nelson, Frederick
Nelson, Samuel D., Jr.
Nelson, Wayne
Nervik, Clairnel
Neville, Everett W.
Newell, Arthur H.
Newman, Charles Everette
Newman, J. U.
Newman, Nathaniel Gross, Sr.
Newman, William K.
Newton, Ruby Esten
Norfleet, Thelma
Norred, Jimmy
North, James B.
Norwood, Philip
Noteborn, Bernd
Noyce, Gaylord B.
Nutt, Samuel
O'Brien, Julia Myers
O'Kelly, James
O'Neill, Will B.
Oakley, Curtis
Oberry, John
Owens, Gary
Pajak, Melody
Paris, Patti Preston
Patnen, George
Patten, Water
Patterson, Jonnie
Peebles, Darryl R.
Peebles, Nancy
Peel, Claudius Caesar
Peele, Evoria
Peeler, Augustus C.
Peeler, James
Pendergraft, Thomas
Pendleton, Olin
Peoples, Julie
Person, Larry
Petersen, Richard M.
Petty, John T.
Phaup, Gary
Phillips, Ray E.
Pickler, Paul
Pinnix, J. W.
Pointer, John Foster
Pollard, Marvin Alexander
Polston, Misty
Poppo, Kristin
Porter, Bill
Powell, Odell J.
Powers, Edward A.
Poythress, Olive Daniel
Presnell, Lacy
Price, Earnest
Price, Forrest
Pugh, John Quincy
Pulley, Margaret R.
Pulling, Richard
Purviance, David
Rahe, Robert
Rainy, Charles
Ralph, Phillip Henry
Ralph, Robbins Eaton
Reece, Wayne
Reeves, Thomas
Register, Fred P.
Reigster, Kenneth D.
Reiber, Irene
Reid, John H.
Reitzel, Michael A.
Reynolds, Thomas
Rhyne, Jerry
Rhyne, Marion
Ricks, Robert Anthony
Rinker, Richard N.
Roberts, John
Robertson, George A., Jr.
Robinson, Henry Lee
Robinson, Henry E.
Robinson, Leslie
Roehner, Roland
Rosser, James Lewis
Rowland, Charles H. and Birdie Graham
Russell, Rollin
Ryan, C. C.
Schoonmaker, Theodore
Scott, Donald
Scott, John A.
Scott, Phillips
Box 4.
161 Folders. circa 800 Items.
Sell, Jesse
Sell, Kenneth
Sellars, Lila Bailey
Sevetson, Don
Seville, Jack
Seymour, Collie
Sharp, H. Julius
Shepard, Banks
Shepherd, David W.
Sherrill, Dorothy
Sherry, Paul
Shoffner, Terrell
Sigler, Charles
Sine, Christy
Sink, Charles
Sipe, Elaine
Sladky-Hillman, Leslie
Sloan, William Wilson
Smallwood, Irwin
Smith, Charles
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Elias
Smith, Helen Huntington
Smith, Hilrie Shelton
Smith, J. Howard
Smith, Jack
Smith, Janet
Smith, Marion
Smith, Phillip W.
Smith, S. M.
Smith, William
Smoot, Lowell A.
Snowa, Diane
Snowa, Walter
Sparks, Abram W.
Sparrow, Richard O.
Spencer, Jennings
Sperry, Gordon
Spike, Robert W.
Spragg, Howard E.
Squires, Daniel J.
Stagg, Lilly N.
Stahl, Nancy Carol
Staley, William Wesley
Stanley, Joseph Taylor
Staunton, James Fred
Stegall, Ronald
Stein, James
Stephens, Pat
Stevens, W. Millard
Stevenson, Donald
Stock, Harry Thomas
Stone, Barton Warren
Stone, Gerald
Strowd, Thomas Wilson
Stowe, David M.
Stowe, George W.
Stroud, Thomas Wilson
Stumb, Clarence Linford
Sukeforth, Scott
Summerbell, C. V.
Summerbell, J. J.
Summerbell, N.
Summerbell, Martyn
Sutton, Thomas D.
Swaim, J. Carter
Sweet, Milo J.
Sweet, William E.
Swift, George A.
Snyder, Walstein Welch
Szucs, Zoltan
Talbert, Dolan Alexander
Tally, George M.
Tally, R. Eugene
Tapy, George Henry
Terrell, Charles Bedford
Thomas, Joseph - "The White Pilgrim"
Thompson, Charles L., Jr.
Thompson, Donald Richard
Thompson, Robert
Thurston, Robert
Timmons, Wofford Colquitt
Tinnin, Robert Graham
Tomer, W. G.
Torrence, Edgar
Townes, Bernice B.
Treat, Estelle Harper
Truitt, Adelia Rebecca Jones
Truitt, W. B.
Turner, James A.
Turner, Stephen
Turrentine, Sarah Elizabeth
Turrentine, W. H.
Tussey, Max
Twiddy, Clyde Baxter, Jr.
Tyndall, Allen
Utley, Littlejohn
Varner, J. C.
Varner, Samuel
Veasey, Guy Hartwell
Venable, Joseph
Vestal, Max Brown
Wagner, James E.
Walker, Eddie Arnold
Walker, George Garrison
Walker, John
Walker, William T.
Wallace, Carl
Wallace, George
Walters, William T.
Walton, Dr. Alfred Grant
Ward, Simeon
Warner, John H.
Warren, Allen William
Warren, Melvin
Watson, George S.
Watson, James
Watson, Jo
Waugh, Winston
Warren, Wayne
Webster, Ricky Lynn
Wehrli, Eugene S.
Welch, Max V.
Welker, George
Weller, Nelson
Wellons, James Willis (J. W.)
Wellons, William Brock
West, Junius E.
Whiten, Bennie E.
Whiten, Bennie
Whitley, J. T.
Whitner, Sterling
Whitsett, William Thorton
Whitten, Robert Armster
Wicker, Walton Crump
Wike, Melissa
Willett, Billy
Wilder, John
Wilkins, Lafayette Thomas, Jr.
Williams, Dannie
Williams, Donald Alvis
Williams, Dorthy Lee
Williams, J. O.
Williams, Larry
Williams, Olive Gordon
Williams, W. B.
Williamson, James (Rev.)
Wilson, Cozelle
Wilson, Minnie
Wisseman, Graham Rowland
Wisseman, William Emil
Wright, Andy (Senior)
Wright, J. H.
Wright, Keith C.
Wright, Thomas Freddie
Xenakis, Chris
Yara, Barbara Toomey
Yenches, John Lawrence
Young, Carolyn Laverne
Young, Herbert
Ziffler, Walter