Inventory of the EUCH005 Church History Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000 EUCH005

Inventory of the EUCH005 Church History Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000

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Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Elon University
2550 Campus Box
Elon, North Carolina

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Elon University. Belk Library Archives and Special Collections
Creator: Elon University
Title: EUCH005 Church History Photograph Collection, 0000 - 0000
Language of Material: Material in English
Location: The collection is located in Belk Library Archives Satellite Shelving at Elon University. Please contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for further details about the location.
Abstract: This is a collection of photographs showing various people, events, places, and subjects related to the Belk Library Church History Special Collection (which includes information about the Christian Church, Congregational Church, Congregational Christian Church, and United Church of Christ). The majority of the photographs and the content represented are from the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection is arranged alphabetically by given name into two boxes. All the unidentified photographs are housed in box 3. All oversized photographs (including unidentified oversized photographs) are housed in box 4. Please refer to the section below titled "Detailed Description of the Collection" for more specific information about what is included.
Extent: 3 linear feet, 3 archival boxes

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Collection is open for research.

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Copyright Notice

The nature of the Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine despite reasonable efforts. The Archives and Special Collections of Belk Library claims only physical ownership of most materials. The materials from our collections are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to the U.S. Copyright Law. The user must assume full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used for academic research of otherwise should be fully credited with the source.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], EUCH005 Church History Photograph Collection, Belk Library Archives and Special Collections, Elon University, Elon, NC, USA.

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Gift or Purchase Note

Unknown. Materials collected and assembled over many years to form collection.

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Not applicable

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Processing Information

Processed by Katie Nash, January, 2012

Encoded by Katie Nash, January, 2012

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The collection is arranged alphabetically by given name into two boxes. All the unidentified photographs are housed in box 3. All oversized photographs (including unidentified oversized photographs) are housed in box 4.

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Online Catalog Headings

These and related materials may be found under the following headings in online catalogs.

Elon University -- Photographs.
Christian Church.
Christian Church (South) -- History.
Congregational Christian Churches -- History.
United Church of Christ -- History.
United Church of Christ. Southern Conference -- History.
Elon University -- Archival resources

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Related Material

There are no related materials to this collection at this time.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1. A-K.
235 Folders.
Achtermann, Bob and Barbara.
Adams, Antoinette.
Aldrich, Brian.
Alley, George.
Alling, Barbara.
Alling, Guy.
Antioch UCC. Townsville, North Carolina
Amelia UCC. Clayton, North Carolina.
Andes, Alfred Wellons and Minie.
Apple, Alfred.
Apple's Chapel. Gibsonville, North Carolina.
Asheboro Congregational Christian Church. Asheboro, North Carolina.
Ashebow First Church.
Askew, Calvin.
Askew, R. Samuel III.
Atkinson, D.B.
Atwater, Koren.
Auburn Christian Church. Auburn, North Carolina.
Bagford, R.T.
Barrett, D.P.
Barrett, John Pressley.
Barrett, Stephen.
Barton, Bruce.
Bayside Congregational Christian Church. Bayside, Virginia.
Bay View UCC. Norfolk, Virginia.
Beasley, Yvonne.
Benton, Laddie.
Bethel Congregational Christian Church. New Hill, North Carolina.
Bethel Church.
Bethel Church. Virginia.
Berea Congregational Christian Church. Elon, North Carolina.
Berea UCC. Nansemond, Virginia.
Berham, Lucy.
Bethlehem Christian Church. Littleton, North Carolina.
Bethlehem Church.
Bethlehem Church.
Bethlehem Church. Nansemond, Virginia.
Bethlehem Church. Virginia.
Bethlehem Congregational Christian Church. Altamahaw, North Carolina.
Bethlehem UCC. Tenth Legion, Virginia.
Beulah Christian Church. Hartsville, North Carolina.
Beverly Hills UCC. Burlington, North Carolina.
Bishop, Josiah G.
Blackburn, Farrie.
Blakney, Charles.
Blosser, Philip.
Blowing Rock Assembly Grounds. Blowing Rock, North Carolina.
Bolick, Jack.
Bolick, Lawrence.
Bouser, Juanita.
Bray, Winfred H.
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Paula.
Brown, R.F.
Brown's Chapel Christian Church. Robbins, North Carolina.
Bullock, Fred (Mrs.).
Burnett, John Franklin.
Burt, Robert L.
Byrd, Louisa.
Calvary Church.
Canipe, Sandra.
Cannon, Ashleigh.
Cannon, Carole.
Caraleigh Christian Church. Raleigh, North Carolina.
Caris, Albert G.
Carleton, Alford.
Carleton, Alford (Mrs.).
Carr, Fanta.
Carrington, Gail.
Carroll, Sarah Elizabeth Turrentine.
Cary Christian Church. Cary, North Carolina.
Cashman, Robert.
Catawba Springs Congregational Church. Raleigh, North Carolina.
Cavalry Christian Church. Greensboro, North Carolina.
Catawba College. Salisbury, North Carolina.
Center Congregational Christian Church.
Central Congregational Christian Church. Norfolk, Virginia.
Chang, Annabelle and Timothy.
Cheek, Richard.
Christian Church. Santa Isabel.
Christian Sun Office.
Christian Temple. Norfolk, Virginia.
Church by the Sea. Florida.
Clark, Raymond G.
Clausen, L.A.
Clayton Christian Church. Clayton, North Carolina.
Clem, Russell.
Clinton, James R.
Coe, Albert Buckner.
Coffey, Edgar H.
Coffin, Frank G.
Coffman, Judith.
Concord Church.
Congregational Christian Church. Albemarle, North Carolina.
Congregational Christian Churches--Miscellaneous.
Congregational Christian Church. Sanford, North Carolina.
Congregational Church of Christ. Tryon, North Carolina.
Congregational Church of Manhasset. Manhasset, New York.
Conover, Ginny Bunn.
Consult V. Pilgrim Pines. Pilgrim Pines, California.
Corriher, J. Fred Jr.
Cosby, Mary.
Cranford, Elizabeth.
Creech, James E.
Crew, Angie.
Crook, David.
Crutchfield, Gaither C.
Cunningham, Ida M.
Cypress Chapel Christian Church. Cypress Chapel, Virginia.
Damascus Congregational Christian Church. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Damascus Congregational Christian Church. Sunbury, North Carolina.
Defur, Clarence.
Delk, Yvonne V.
de Rivera, Dona Delfina Zayas.
Devore, E.A.
Dendron Congregational Christian Church. Dendron, Virginia.
Dickens, Ervin.
Dipko, Tom.
Dollar, John D.
Dry Run Church. Virginia.
Dunn, Arthur Shuble.
Dunn, Ella A. Prebble.
Dunn, Ruth.
Earpe, Ben Jo.
Ebenezer Christian Church. Leesville, North Carolina.
Edgewood UCC. Burlington, North Carolina.
Edmonds, Dale.
Eldridge, Hermon E.
Elk Spur Congregational Christian Church. Fancy Gap, Virginia.
Elliott, Robert.
Ellis, Lee.
Elm Avenue Christian Church. Portsmouth, Virginia.
Elon College Community Church. Elon, North Carolina.
Elon Homes for Children--Kennedy Campus. North Carolina.
Emanuel UCC.
Enders, George C.
Engstrom, Nan.
Ester, Ruby E.
Ether Congregational Christian Church. Ether, North Carolina.
Eure Christian Church. Eure, North Carolina.
Eutaw UCC. Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Everhart, William.
Fackre, Gabe.
Farmer, John Lovelace.
Fidler, George.
First Christian Church. Burlington, North Carolina.
First Christian Church. Winchester, Virginia.
First Church of New Canaan. New Canaan, Connecticut.
First Congregational Christian Church. Greensboro, North Carolina.
First Congregational Christian Church. Henderson, North Carolina.
First Congregational Christian Church. Hopewell, Virginia.
First Congregational Christian Church. Newport News, Virginia.
First Congregational Christian Church. Portsmouth, Virginia.
First Congregational Christian Church. Richmond, Virginia.
Fitch, Mamie.
Fleming, P.H.
Fletcher, W.P.
Flint Hill UCC. Sophia, North Carolina.
Floyd, Karen.
Fonville, Amie.
Franklin, Minnie Wagoner.
Franklin Christian Church.
Franklin Congregational Christian Church. Franklin, Virginia.
Franklinton Center at Bricks UCC. Whitakers, North Carolina.
Franklinton College.
Fuller Chapel UCC. Henderson, North Carolina.
Gallup, David.
Garren, Martin.
Garrett, Robert Glenn and Betty Field.
Gay, George.
General Secretary Office--Southern Convention.
Gordon, George Angier.
Gordon, Ray F. (Mrs.).
Gordon, Roy (Mrs.).
Grany, Stefanie.
Gray, Arthur D.
Great Bridge Congregational Christian Church. Chesapeake, Virginia.
Gregory Congregational UCC. Wilmington, North Carolina.
Grisson, Raymond.
Guptill, Nathanael M.
Hale, Cynthia L.
Hamilton, Frank R.
Hanson, A.M.
Hardcastle, Howard Scott.
Harlon, Douglas.
Harris, J. Monroe (Mrs.).
Harwood, Thomas.
Hathaway, Jim.
Hayes Chapel Congregational Christian. Garner, North Carolina.
Hebron Church.
Henderson, J.A.
Henderson, Lawrence.
Henderson Union Grove Church. Henderson, North Carolina.
Herman, Ken.
Herndon, William Thomas.
High, G. Truett.
Highland Park Congregational Church. Detroit, Michigan.
Hobbs, Shirley.
Holden, Margaret.
Holmes, Howard Braxton.
Holohoser (?), John.
Holt, Jeremiah.
Holy Neck UCC. Holland, Virginia.
Hood, Nicholas.
Horton, Douglas.
Horton, Mildred McAfee.
Hoskins, Fred.
House, Robert Lee.
Howell, Sue.
Howsare, Athella.
Howsare, McDaniel.
Hubbard, Lynwood.
Hudson, Will.
Hunterdale UCC. Franklin, Virginia.
Hyde, J. Ewen.
Jay, Lulu Snyder.
Jay, William Mason.
Jenkins, Helen Charlotte.
Johnson, Addie.
Johnson, Joel.
Johnson, Veola.
Johnson's Grove Christian Church. Sedley, Virginia.
Johnston, Charles D.
Jones, Abner.
Jones, C.J.
Jones, John Anderson.
Jones, Taft.
Kerr, Alva Martin.
Key, Carl R.
King, Pauline.
Kinkade, William.
Klapp, Saunders B.
Kluttz, Dakeita.
Kraft, James L.
Box 2. L-Z.
209 Folders.
Lakeview Community Church. Burlington, North Carolina.
Laurel Hill UCC. Holland, Virginia.
Lawrance, Marion.
Layman's Fellowship--Southern Convention.
Leaksville Congregational Christian Church. Luray, Virginia.
Leathers, Mamie Holland.
Ledbetter, J.A.
Lee's Chapel. Moncure, North Carolina.
Legertow, Mac.
Leonard, Andy.
Lester, Emily Carleton.
Lester, Fletcher Cummings.
Lexington First Church.
Liberty Chapel UCC.
Liberty Spring Christian Church. Suffolk, Virginia.
Liberty Vance Christian Church. Epsom and Henderson, North Carolina.
Little, J.H.
Lyerly Memorial UCC. Rockwell, North Carolina.
Lynchburg Congregational Christian Church. Lynchburg, Virginia.
Lyon, Beth G.
Mason, Benjamin J.
Methodist Episcopal Church (South). Charlottesville, Virginia.
Meyer, Johannes.
Meyer, Sylvia.
Mills, Andrew C.
Milton, Erwin.
Minton, W.P.
Misenheimer, Heather.
Monticello UCC. Browns Summit, North Carolina.
Moone, David.
Mooney, Isaac.
Moore Union Christian Church. Sanford, North Carolina.
Morgan, Donald.
Morgan, J.F.
Morrison, James.
Morrisville UCC. Morrisville, North Carolina.
Mount Auburn Congregational Christian Church. Manson, North Carolina.
Mount Herman Christian Church. Auburn, North Carolina.
Mount Vernon Goodwin School. Raleigh, North Carolina.
Murdey, Clarence Lewis (Mrs.).
Myers, Joyce.
Myers, Phillip.
Neese, J. Everette.
Neville, Everett W.
New Hill Christian Church. New Hill, North Carolina.
New Hope Congregational Christian Church. Louisburg, North Carolina.
New Hope Congregational Christian Church Parsonage. Louisburg, North Carolina.
Newman, Joann.
Newman, Nathaniel Gross Sr.
Newman, Nathaniel Gross Jr.
Newman, William Kinkaid.
Newport Church. Virginia.
Noble, Flower.
Norfolk First Church. Virginia.
North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference. Session 1906.
Northview Community Church. Sanford, North Carolina.
O'Kelly Chapel. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
O'Neill, Will B.
Oakland Christian Church. Chuckatuck, Virginia.
Old Lebanon Christian Church. Surry, Virginia.
Paris, O.H. (Mrs.).
Patterson, S.J. Jr.
Peel, C.C.
Peel, R.H.
Peel, S.H.
Pembroke Manor UCC. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Peters, F.H.
Phillips, Ray E.
Piney Plain Christian Church. Cary, North Carolina.
Pittman, Greg.
Pleasant Cross Christian Church. Asheboro, North Carolina.
Pleasant Grove Christian Church Parsonage. Coleridge, North Carolina.
Pleasant Ridge UCC. Greensboro, North Carolina.
Plymouth Christian Church (Panther Branch Township). McCullers, North Carolina.
Ponce Church.
Poole, James.
Powell, Bernice.
Poythress, Olive Daniel.
Presnell, Larry.
Price, Ron.
Providence UCC. Graham, North Carolina.
Puritan Church. Dorchester, South Carolina.
Register, Keneth D.
Reitzel, Johnny.
Reynolds, Paul R.
Rhodes, M.Z.
Richardson, Donald W.
Richmond UCC. Richmond, Virginia.
Richmond, Ginna Dalton.
Rinker, Richard.
Robinson, Henry E.
Rocky Branch UCC. Kenly, North Carolina.
Rocky Ford Congregational Christian Church. Cana, Virginia.
Rogers-Witte, Cally.
Rohland, Edzard.
Rosell, Merv.
Rosemont Christian Church. Norfolk, Virginia.
Rountree, H.E.
Rowland, Birdie Graham.
Rowland, Charles H.
Russell, Betty.
Russell, Rolin.
Ryan, C.C.
Sadler, Paul H.
Saint Peter's UCC. Greensboro, North Carolina.
Saint Stephen UCC. Greensboro, North Carolina.
Salem Chapel Congregational Christian Church. Walnut Cove, North Carolina.
Sales, Nancy.
Sales, Richard.
Salinas Playa Chapel.
Sanford, David C.
Sargent, W.G.
School of Missions--Women of the Southern Conference.
Scott, Daniel.
Scott, William Tate Sr.
Sees, John V.
Sellars, Lila Bailey.
Sellers, W.W.
Shallow Ford UCC. Elon, North Carolina.
Sherry, Paul H.
Shoffner, Terrell.
Shrader, Ralph R. (Mrs.).
Siler City UCC. Siler City, North Carolina.
Silvia, Dona Leaonaida.
Simmons, Henry T.
Simmons, Lewis Bill.
Simmons, R. Wilbur and Nell.
Sims, H.E.
Sine, Christy.
Smith, Eithiel.
Smith, Faye.
Smith, Wade C.
Snyder, Walstein W.
Sontac, Grant.
Sophia UCC. Sophia, North Carolina.
South Norfolk UCC. South Norfolk, Virginia.
Southern (South) Portsmouth United Church.
Sparks, Abram W.
Spring Hill Congregational Christian Church. Waverly, Virginia.
Stacy, Martha.
Stanley, Joseph Taylor.
Stevens, Kathleen.
Stevens. W. Millard.
Stowe, David M.
Strickland, Bernard.
Stumb, Curly.
Suffolk Christian Church. Suffolk, Virginia.
Summerbell Case (Martyn Summerbell case).
Summerbell, Martyn.
Suther, Samuel.
Sweet, Milo J.
Sweet, Milo J. (Mrs.).
Tarble, Joanne.
Taylor, Kathryn.
Thomas, Joseph "The White Pilgrim".
Timber Ridge Christian Church. Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Tinnin, Robert Graham.
Tokugawa (Prince).
Tong, Walter.
Treat, Estelle Harper.
Trinity UCC.
Truitt, Adelia Rebecca Jones.
Union Grove Congregational Christian. Asheboro, North Carolina.
Union Ridge UCC. Burlington, North Carolina.
Union Ridge Church.
United Church. Raleigh, North Carolina.
United Church of Christ. Thomasville, North Carolina.
United Church Retirement Homes.
United Congregational Church. Addison, Michigan.
Varga, Paul.
Vestal, Max Brown.
Virgilina Church. Virginia.
Virginia Beach Civic Center. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Vore, Duane.
Wagstaff, Chester Leroy.
Wagstaff, Chester Leroy (Mrs.).
Wake Chapel Congregational Christian Church. Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.
Wake Chapel Congregational Christian Church Parsonage. Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.
Wake County, North Carolina (map).
Wallace, Rachel and Carl.
Walter, Isaac N.
Warwick UCC. Newport News, Virginia.
Watkins, E.A.
Weigle, Luther.
Wellons, William Brock.
Wentworth Christian Church. McCullers, North Carolina.
White, Leon.
White, T.E.
Whiteside, Hoyle.
Whittington, Sarah.
Wicker, J.D.
Wilkins, Lafayette Thomas Jr.
Williams, Dorothy Lee.
Williams, Julia Ann.
Williams, W.B. (Mrs.).
Williamson, R.L.
Winchester Church. Virginia.
Windsor Congregational Christian Church. Windsor, Virginia.
Wisseman, Graham Rowland.
Wisseman, William Emil.
Women's Conference of the Southern Convention.
Women's Fellowship of the Southern Convention.
Wood, Nicole.
Woods Chapel. Virginia.
Wurster, Stephen.
Yenches, John Lawrence.
Youmans, Marguerite.
Young, Curtis.
Zion Church.
Box 3. Unidentified.
13 Folders.
Unidentified Buildings and Places.
Unidentified Miscellaneous.
Unidentified People number 1.
Unidentified People number 2.
Unidentified People number 3.
Unidentified People number 4.
Unidentified People number 5.
Unidentified People number 6.
Unidentified People number 7.
Unidentified People number 8.
Unidentified People number 9.
Unidentified People (Camps).
Box 4. A-Z Oversize Flat.
7 Folders.
Atlanta Theological Seminary.
Elon Community Church.
Messiah Evangelical and Reformed Church of the Alameda. Baltimore, Maryland.
O'Kelly, James (original sketch by Lila Newman).
Thomas, Joseph "The White Pilgrim".
Unidentified People.
Union Ridge Congregational Christian Church. Burlington, North Carolina.