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  1. 'Only you get to decide who you are'

    Artist and spoken word performer Kip Fulbeck, whose nationally acclaimed work explores concepts of identity and race, visited campus Jan. 15 as part of Elon University’s 2015 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Beloved Community Celebration.

  2. Elon Students Present Holiday Concert at Blakey Hall

    Students Alex Welgehausen, a first-year and flute student of Linda Cykert, and Nicole Hanrahan, a junior and clarinet student of Thomas Turanchik, presented a holiday concert on Sunday, Dec. 7 at Blakey Hall in Elon.

  3. Advisory about study abroad and Ebola

    Elon University has adjusted some study abroad programs and offers advice to students who have questions or may be considering travel to areas of Africa affected by the Ebola virus. Please read this note for details.

  4. Deli visionary dishes meaty tips for a healthy business

    Paul Saginaw, the co-founder of a critically acclaimed Michigan delicatessen whose combined company holdings now top $55 million in revenue each year, spoke Oct. 29, 2014, in the Koury Business Center on the ways students should respect their future customers, employees and communities.