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Anthony Weston comes out as Impresario

Anthony Weston's new article in College Teaching proposes a new model of the teacher as an "Impresario with a Scenario."


Professor Anthony Weston has published an article in the current issue of the journal College Teaching advancing a new model of the teacher in contrast to the "Sage on the Stage" and "Guide on the Side" models that dominate today's pedagogical discussion. The Impresario with a Scenario is a teacher who serves as class organizer, improviser, and energizer, staging dramatic, often unexpected, and self-unfolding learning challenges and adventures. Weston teaches in Elon's Philosophy and Environmental Studies Departments, as well as in General Studies and the Honors program, where he serves as co-impresario with Professor Tony Crider of the Physics Department in "Life in the Universe." His article can be found online at:  http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/87567555.2015.1014993#abstract.



Anthony Weston,
8/18/2015 12:30 PM