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DPT students, faculty publish research

The paper looks to determine if using Kinesio Taping® as a therapeutic intervention decreases plantar pain and improve functional outcomes in individuals with plantar fasciitis.

Third-year DPT students Amanda Hoffmeyer and Ashley Pearsall, under the guidance of assistant professor Srikant Vallabhajosula and associate professor Daryl Lawson, published a paper on using Kinesio® Tex Tape on people with plantar fasciits.

The article, Kinesio® Tex Tape: Valuable Conservative Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis?, was published in September in the Journal of Novel Physiotherapies.

Read the article here.


Purpose: To determine if Kinesio Taping® as a therapeutic intervention will decrease plantar pain and improve functional outcomes in individuals with plantar fasciitis (PF).

Methods: 10 (7 F/3 M; mean age 40.3 years ) subjects reported for three sessions: baseline measurements, after 1 week of taping application, and after 3 weeks of taping application. At each session, the following data were collected: 1) Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK US) imaging of plantar fascia thickness via a long-axis scan at the insertion of the calcaneus; 2) Numerical Pain Rating Scale (NPRS); and 3) Foot and Ankle Ability Measure Scores (FAAM). At the initial session, patients were instructed on Kinesio Taping® protocol and supplied with enough product for daily re-application throughout the study. A 1-way ANOVA was used to compare the outcome measures from the three visits.

Results: There was a trend towards significant decrease in thickness between the baseline and final measures (P=0.063). This study also revealed a significant and clinically meaningful decrease in NPRS scores (MCID=2) from baseline measurement to week 3 (P=0.031). No significant changes in FAAM scores for the ADL (P=0.639) or Sports (P=0.107) subscales were revealed over the treatment period.

Conclusion: Kinesio Taping® may be considered an effective, conservative, and practical intervention in the treatment of plantar fasciitis for short-term pain relief when used with the exercise protocol. However a larger sample sized study with a control group is needed to warrant these results.

Keren Rivas,
11/23/2015 8:25 AM