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Chad Awtrey and alumni publish math research paper

A.L. Hook Assistant Professor Chad Awtrey and alumni Brett Barkley '15, Nicole Miles '15, Chris Shill '14, and Erin Strosnider '14 published their paper, "Degree 12 2-adic fields with automorphism group of order 4", in the most recent issue of the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics.  

The full citation of the article is: "Degree 12 2-adic fields with automorphism group of order 4", Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol 45, No. 6, 1755-1764, (2016).

The paper describes the authors' new techniques to completely classify the Galois groups of a certain class of degree 12 polynomials with 2-adic coefficients.  Their work extends previous research in this area completed by Jones-Roberts (2004, 2006, 2008) and by Awtrey and his undergraduate researchers (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).  Recent research by Brown et al. (2015) relies on the methods laid out in this paper (and previous papers) published by the authors.

Barkley and Shill are currently in graduate school (at Maryland and Chapel Hill, respectively).  Miles works in the private sector, and Strosnider works for the federal government.


Chad Awtrey,
3/18/2016 1:10 PM