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Hal Vincent teaches strategic communications workshop at Chautauqua Institution

The School of Communications lecturer led a four-day course, examining effective communications on behalf of nonprofit organizations.

Hal Vincent

Hal Vincent, a lecturer in the School of Communications and faculty director of Live Oak Communications, proposed and was selected to lead a four-day workshop at the Chautauqua Institution, a nonprofit lifelong learning community located in southwestern New York State. Vincent’s workshop examined how to effectively communicate on behalf of a nonprofit organization for maximum impact.

The course, part of Chautauqua’s Special Studies program, was an elective workshop to help leaders and supporters of nonprofits better adapt to the changing nature of engagement, volunteerism, thought leadership, stakeholder relations and fundraising in the digital and social media age. Vincent proposed the course to support the institution’s theme for the third week of its summer programming, titled “Moral Leadership in Action.”

The Chautauqua Institution, founded in 1874, is where Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his famous “I Hate War” speech in 1936. Today, the Chautauqua Promise ensures the institution continues to “be engaged with important issues of our time” and to realize the possibility of “an inclusive community and interfaith cooperation.” For nine weeks each summer, the Chautauqua Institution offers themed weeks packed with diverse speakers, authors and thought leaders, alongside world-class symphony, opera, ballet and pop performances.

‚Äč“It was an honor to be selected and a pleasure to teach this workshop at the Chautauqua Institution,” said Vincent. He noted that helping others interested in global and community improvement through nonprofit organizations in this forum was probably more educational for him than his students, who lead many diverse efforts ranging from faith-based organizations to community health and global education initiatives.

Vincent added, “I was also happy to have the chance to share Elon’s commitment to inclusive community and global citizenship with the people I met.”

The featured speakers during Vincent’s week of instruction included:

  • Andrew Jackson Young Jr. - United States Ambassador to the United Nations, former Mayor of Atlanta, and member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.
  • Joyce Banda - First female president of the Republic of Malawi, voted Africa's most powerful woman by Forbes magazine for two years in a row.
  • Anna Maria Chávez - Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of the USA and former senior policy adviser to former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater; also held numerous posts in President Bill Clinton’s administration
  • Arthur C. Brooks - President of the American Enterprise Institute and previously the Louis A. Bantle Professor of Business and Government at Syracuse University, where he taught economics and social entrepreneurship. He is the author of 11 books and hundreds of articles on topics including the role of government, fairness, economic opportunity, happiness and the morality of free enterprise.

About Chautauqua Institution:

The Chautauqua Institution is a not-for-profit, 750-acre community on Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York State, where approximately 7,500 persons are in residence on any day during a nine-week season, and a total of over 100,000 attend scheduled public events.

Chautauqua is dedicated to the exploration of the best in human values and the enrichment of life through a program that explores the important religious, social and political issues of our times; stimulates provocative, thoughtful involvement of individuals and families in creative response to such issues; and promotes excellence and creativity in the appreciation, performance and teaching of the arts.

About Chautauqua Institution's Special Studies Classes:

Chautauqua’s Special Studies program continues to create distinct new learning opportunities for the 10,000 lifelong learners who enroll in courses each summer. More than 300 teachers, experienced in subjects they love, create a diverse assortment of courses for youth and adults offering a cross-generational learning experience. Special Studies offers subjects ranging from child and youth development, music, education, religion and philosophy, to fitness, health, and personal and professional development.

Tommy Kopetskie,
7/22/2016 9:25 AM