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Fox Business report features insights from Albright on media reach of conservative commentator

Jonathan Albright is an assistant professor of communications who focuses on media analytics. 

A screenshot of the Fox Business piece that includes comments from Elon's Jonathan Albright. 

A recent article by Fox Business looking at the fallout from recent comments by conservative commentator Tomi Lahren included insights from Jonathan Albright, an assistanty professor of communications who focuses on media analytics. 

The article looked at what might lie ahead following the apparent firing of Tomi Lahren, host of a show on TheBlaze, after she made comments on "The View" about her pro-choice views. Lahren was criticized widely on social media for her stance, and appears to have been fired by TheBlaze, a media network launched by Glenn Beck. 

Albright noted that Lahren had built a following on her Facebook page that could prove more useful than her show on TheBlaze. 

"Tomi's own Facebook is her primary channel, and I'd argue that she no longer needs TheBlaze," Albright said. "In fact, as has been shown quite clearly, her association with TheBlaze may in fact be limiting her audience reach."


Owen Covington,
3/30/2017 11:35 AM