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Students inspired to stop shopping and start stiching at the Sewing Rebellion event

The event was part of Frau Fiber’s international campaign to change the apparel industry one stitch at a time.

Needle-and-thread newcomers learned to alter, mend and make their own garments at the Maker Hub on Feb. 21, 2017. Artist Carole Frances Lung’s alter-ego, Frau Fiber, transformed the Maker Hub into a bustling fashion workshop.

Sewing Rebellion participants working on the sewing machine 

Inspired by Frau’s efforts to reduce mass production and consumption, Elon students were invited to refashion and mend their own salvaged items. Maker Hub hosted the event, and provided students with the necessary materials and tools to mend and make old items into new creations.​                                                            

Frau has traveled all over the world to share her passions for creative design and social activism and introduce an alternative way to update your wardrobe. She is the founder of the Sewing Rebellion, an international campaign that educates people on the benefits of repurposing existing materials and shopping wisely.

“Everyone was super excited to hear about her ideas and how she is promoting better practices through making," said Associate Professor of Art LM Wood, who invited Frau Fiber to campus. "It was great to have such an interesting intervention on campus where we could pull the Elon community together.”

Sewing Rebellion participants working on the sewing machine 

Faculty and students from all different areas of study joined the Sewing Rebellion with the goal to learn and create something new. Several participants brought clothing to repair, and many art students brought projects to work on. A handful of students had never sewed before, and hoped to gain new skills that could help them with simple repairs.

​When asked what the participants found most valuable about the Sewing Rebellion, Wood answered, “Some wanted to learn about Frau’s best practices, and some just wanted to create. A lot of students went to feel empowered by making or repairing something on their own.”

Moving forward, Wood hopes to to continue educating people about the benefits of upcycled clothing and accessories by making the Sewing Rebellion an annual event.                                                                         

Emmy Cone-Parnes '18,
4/19/2017 11:25 AM